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Rhonda Jean.........AGAIN!

posted 3/31/2009 9:38:32 PM |
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While at work on Friday, my cell phone rang announcing it was 'Rhonda'. I thought at the time....well, at least I'm not terribly busy right now. I was in the middle of doing dishes. Normally, she would call at my busiest while I'm trying to get lunch made and put on the table for my client, which happens to be my seventy-five year old sister. My sister had already eaten her lunch and was taking a nap. I quickly dried my hands and ran to the cell phone. It's easy to distinguish my cell phone from my nephew's cell phone. Mine will announce the caller and then break into a rendition of "Crazy Train." Well suited for me........

Rhonda started out the conversation by saying, "Mom? I got stabbed." As I was saying, "What did you say?" knees were buckling from underneath me, and I was headed to the floor. She started yelling in my ear, "Mom, Mom, Mom.........I'm okay. I did it to myself!" All I could repeat was, "What?" in a frantic voice. She went on to tell me that she had just gotten home from the Emergency Room, and that everything was fine. I'm really getting dizzy trying to keep up to her trying to explain to me how this had all happened. To be quite truthful........I actually felt quite nauseous and was having a difficult time listening at all. She finally got me settled down enough to explain what had transpired.

Rhonda had what she called a fillet knife laying on the counter. She went to grab at it to cut something up, I'm not even sure what it was.......vegetables? meat? I really don't know. When she went to grab for it, she didn't have the grip on it that she needed. She knew it was dropping and tried to grab it before it ended up landing in her foot. In doing so, she made the blade land right in her stomach. The blade went in at a slant to between one and one and a half inches deep. She missed hitting anything vitally important.......thank GOD!

I have been keeping very close tabs on her over the entire weekend and again today. She's very sore, of course. She really is okay, though. She sent me photos of her booboo. It looks awful! The large bandage type thing the doctor had put over the wound made her skin break out in a burn or a rash. Her boyfriend, Eric, had to go out and buy her another type to cover the wound. Eric also put all the knives up.

Although I have never stabbed myself in the stomach or foot, or any other place for that matter, I did manage to almost sever the tip of my 'society finger' off once. It took over two years to get any feeling back into the tip of that finger. I was constantly getting sliced by knives in the dishwater. I've gotten wiser. I wash them one at a time.......when I remember to.

We were discussing some of the stupid moves we've made. I mean, stupid moves we've done to ourselves and gotten really hurt by or could have really gotten hurt by, but somehow avoided. Before hanging up with Rhonda tonight, she made the comment to me, "Mom........I am definitely your daughter."

Yes, Baby definitely are! I can't help but wonder if we don't have nine lives......

When we're together, which is not nearly often enough, this is just one of the groups we listen to. I hope you enjoy the song.

Thunderstruck - AC/DC

Have a splendid evening one and all!!!

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Mar 31 @ 10:18PM  
OMG! I'm glad she's okay!

I've never stabbed myself...or cut any digits severely for that matter, that I recall.

Any knives I've ever put in the dishwasher go blade side DOWN. But most of my knives (especially wooden handled ones) I was by hands & never fully immerse in dishwater.

BTW, thanks for the lesson. I've never heard it referred to as the "society finger" before.

Mar 31 @ 10:51PM  
Im sure happy shes ok...

Apr 1 @ 1:05AM  
Thank goodness that she is ok.

Apr 1 @ 7:33AM  
...goodness glad shes ok ,,! my son stabbed his hand with a Scout knife in my kitchen once,it was a nightmare

Apr 1 @ 11:10AM  
Glad she's alright...


Apr 2 @ 1:27AM  
Great story thank you for sharing and hold on to a few of those nine lives, you never know when might need them
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