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Women get screwed once again

posted 6/7/2009 9:31:44 AM |
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A new study shows that men who marry a women 7 years younger, they live 10% longer and 20% longer if she's 15/20 years younger.

On the flip side women who marry men 5 to 7 years younger die on avg 11% earlier.

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Jun 7 @ 9:43AM  
Thanks for the info Ed.. .I'm lowering the age requirements for women now...

Jun 7 @ 9:44AM  
I remember reading in egypt.....they use to bury servents and wifes with those men who they could have them in the after life......something to think about...huh..... ....cookie

Jun 7 @ 9:46AM  
Well since women outlive their mates by ten years at least according to statistics, I'll take my chances lol. And considering I'm already kinda old, I'll take the risk It's well worth the benefits lol. Take care Lost

Jun 7 @ 10:38AM  
Lots of studies have (supposedly) proven single men do not live as long as married men. I don't remember them putting ages down...just that men didn't take very good care of themselves when alone. Maybe those women die sooner (according to your study) because they spend so much time taking care of their men and not enough on themselves.

Another thought, perhaps those men lived longer because their women being so much younger had more strength and stamina to take care of the men longer.... just a thought.

Jun 7 @ 11:07AM  
Could be Raven, my mother is ten years younger than my dad and so far she's outlived him by 20 years now. My sister has outlived her husband by the same and she was married to a younger man also. So according to genetics the odds are good for me I'm guessing I might have a 20 year range here lol. My brother married a woman 20 years older than him and she is still alive. My sister married a man 20 years older and they are both married and doing well. I'm not sure about this study. I married a man only one year older and he died in 2003, he he had diabetes, I think it's in the luck of the draw and how you take care of yourself and family history of illness, cancer and so forth. Take care Lost

Jun 7 @ 11:10AM  
..Most men marry or have a partner ,,5 yrs cycles go on in a natural way...for both genders.then

Jun 7 @ 11:25AM  
My brother married a woman 18 yrs. younger then him and trust me in this case it is true. I have been single for a veerry long time & I am doing great.

Jun 7 @ 11:26AM  
They die happy though I'm sure!

Jun 7 @ 11:28AM  
The title sounds fitting here...

Jun 7 @ 11:35AM  
RavinLunatic said:
Another thought, perhaps those men lived longer because their women being so much younger had more strength and stamina to take care of the men longer...

Take care of in what respect? Cooking, cleaning, looking after or... taking care of in bed?

I'm finding women my age or near it are loosing interest in sex. Some have completely lost interest. They may 'say' they are looking for a romantic relationship... short of sex. But, that's material for a different blog.

I'm surprised this blog doesn't have any kudos. Let's change that.


Jun 7 @ 12:14PM  
cool, if it makes you live longer to add to the tax pool i am all for it

however you might die poorer when you dumps you for a younger model.

PS remember we were young once too, and those old farts arent around anymore, but i must admit it was nice while it lasted...

Jun 7 @ 12:15PM  


however you might die poorer when she dumps you for a younger model.

Jun 7 @ 1:47PM  
It caused a great deal of gossip in our family and freinds circle when my mother left my father for a guy 18 years younger than herself.

Theyve been together for 34 years this year.

Jun 7 @ 2:21PM  
Ouuu, don't like that one bit, my bf is 17 years younger than me.

Jun 7 @ 3:44PM  
11% chance I'll die earlier? Those are still favorable odds as far as I'm concerned.

Jun 7 @ 5:28PM  
A man who can court, satisfy, and marry a woman 20 years younger is a very strong, tenacious, and optomistic fellow. Such men do live longer.
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