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A God fearing man...

posted 6/20/2009 11:05:05 AM |
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Probably 80% of the profiles I read, women are looking for a "God fearing man"
What happened to men who love God? If you're 'doing the right things' in life, there shouldn't be any need to 'fear your God' Just my opinion.
Unless someone knows differently, I don't follow that concept.

I suppose you could love and fear someone at the same time...
Battered women do this. They love their man, but fear him as well.

I don't think one should fear God.

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Jun 20 @ 11:07AM  
Thank you. I never understood that either, but I always assumed that was because I didn't believe in god.

Jun 20 @ 11:08AM  
Good post - good thought.

Jun 20 @ 11:16AM  
If i were christian still, I would fear him. If you dont do what the demiurge says, you go to Hell. Look at the horrors he allows to befall children and those that are innocent. Yet people still cling to him like a sock on pants from a dryer. If something good happens, its the demiurge or m'shiha. Not because they have worked hard for what they have. If something goes wrong its Satans doing. Not because you made a bad choice or were being stupid. People dont understand cause and effect of their actions. Sometimes they are instant and sometimes it takes years for the repercussions to catch up to you.

Just my thoughts


Jun 20 @ 11:16AM  
Well, it's kinda like you follow the rules of the road on the highway, not just because it's the right thing to do, but because you fear if you don't you might crash and kill yourself or someone else, is how I kinda look at it. Like don't drive on the wrong side of the street for fear of killing yourself or someone else. You don't want to bring someone else down either by your deeds or actions. So the fear of doing so might make you do the right thing in life, it might not be the right word but close enough. Take care Lost

Jun 20 @ 11:57AM  
I usually post on my profile I do NOT want God fearing men. I automatically mark them as spam. MOST spammers put that in their emails or profile.

Jun 20 @ 12:28PM  
Maybe saying God fearing man is just another way of saying a man that loves God.

Jun 20 @ 12:35PM  
That's always puzzled me, too. Whenever I get an e-mail from someone who says that in their profile, or in their mail to me, the first thing I do when I respond is ask "Why do you fear your God?" I'm agnostic, and I do respect other peoples' religions, but for the life of me, I just don't understand why anyone would want to be afraid of God. Whatever religion you are. Love Him/Her, respect, maybe even challenge, but why fear?

Jun 20 @ 12:43PM  
I'm Christian and it makes no sense to me either.
Ive never feared God.

Jun 20 @ 12:45PM  
oh my ex-boyfriend said he was god fearing then why was he such a lyin ass

Jun 20 @ 12:58PM  
Christians have always been afraid, so immediately anything becomes blasphemy -- anything. They cannot take anything humorously, and if you cannot take anything humorously, if you cannot laugh at yourself, at your god, then you are ill, you are not at home, and your god is something to be feared.
A God-fearing person can never be religious, because if you fear God you cannot love him. Love and fear cannot exist together. With fear, hate can exist, love cannot; with fear, anger can exist, love cannot; with fear you can bow down but you cannot surrender; with fear there can be a relationship between a slave and a master but there cannot be a love relationship.


Jun 20 @ 1:04PM  
geez i have men sending me messages looking for a "God fearing women", i just delete the message. i dont get it either.!!


Jun 20 @ 1:07PM  
Yes, there is a difference between when" you "laugh and when a religious man laughs. The difference is that "you "laugh always about others -- the religious man laughs at himself, or at the whole ridiculousness of man's being.

Religion cannot be anything other than a celebration of life. And the serious person becomes handicapped: he creates barriers. He cannot dance, he cannot sing, he cannot celebrate. The very dimension of celebration disappears from his life. He becomes desert-like. And if you are a desert, you can go on thinking and pretending that you are religious but you are not.
Only laughter can be the real prayer, gratitude.

Jun 20 @ 1:23PM  
Would you like an answer to your question?

It is simple, the word 'fear' in this context, means 'to reverence'.
Women want a man who has a reverence for God.

People who don't understand this are not true believers.

Jun 20 @ 3:01PM  

Jun 20 @ 3:15PM  
I was always hoping that I'd meet the right woman, learn she was 'God Fearin', tell her I was God...and then tell her ta git nekkid. I figgered...if I did it right...I might git some.

Isn't it often the case that people, when you share with them that belief is not your eggs and bacon (I tire of cup of tea) they ask.."aren't you afraid of what will happen to you when you die?" I don't know of others, but I've heard that many many times. So I just share wid em..."I want to come back as eggs and bacon."

Not a very substantive answer for many I find...but I don't know exactly how to fear bein dead, so I think of...breakfast.

Jun 20 @ 3:46PM  
whoever don't fear God better start...for he is a jealous God who can come like a thief in the night!

Jun 20 @ 7:38PM  
I love God but would fear him if I was living an intentional sinners life. I think "Reverence" is a good way of explaining the type of fear God loving people should have for their Lord. People that don't believe wouldn't know to fear God.

Jun 20 @ 10:28PM  
Believe nothing ,no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

In Siam alot of people are ghost fearing it's true
alot of people are sin fearing

When I live here in this land I know God loves everybody and he loves me too.
But we don't need to say we fear god while we believe God loves us .

God fearing in my opinion I assume they claim themself as regular people who sometimes possibly can do right or wrong ,maybe just thinking they try to tell people that they are god fearing ...why! because they don't value themself too high( I mean honest people) ...lI'd say it's kind of self-conciousness.

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