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"Foolish Pride"

posted 7/1/2009 12:14:23 PM |
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Foolish Pride has to be one of the most destructive powers, that have ruin so many relationships! I'm not talkin about someone who you meet and bump heads with, I'm talkin about someone who you Love! Someone who has managed to work their way so deep in your heart you just cant forget them....

Usually when Foolish Pride has reared its ugly head its not even because of something big... Oh No! No! its usually over something silly or meaningless, truth be told, half the time ya cant even remember what even started it, or if you looking back it was over something so silly, yet had so much weight at the time, the relationship ended, not because the crime was unforgivable, but Foolish Pride stood in the way!

Neither one would break their stance...How Sad!

Of course no one hear has ever experienced this or been guilty...

Neither one really wanted to say Good Bye! but Foolish Pride got in the way.... For What? Now you look back and say to your self....If I could turn back the hands of time...I would do allot of things different. Well atleast one thing for sure...If I would have known then, what my heart would still feel today I would have told he/she "I'm in Love with You" and don't want anything to come between us and the life we could have together! No one has ever got to me the way you did, you made it easy to love you, and feel love in ways I never knew...

But it doesnt happen that way.....this thing called Foolish Pride, gets in the way! and two people walk away from each other and in many cases, a Love that seem so perfect......the kind of love that ya read about or the kind of love that we dream about! And when its gone..... You know that he/she was....."The One" the one who could reach you and read you like no other, the one who made your heart melt everytime they walked in the room, holding them close to you was like holding your dreams, only it was was like Magic!

You understood each other so well, that it was never about the big things... problem

Trust.........of course

Respect.....absolutely no other both seen it touched it and felt it, no doubt

Committment.....came easy

Everything seemed so right....maybe to right? was it fear it wouldnt last or being to comfortable in well doing? but life goes on...and ya meet new people, even some who see in you what he/she did...and some even say how could he/she ever have walked away from you? ya say to your self I have asked myself that same question it seems a thousand times.... and a thousand times it still doesnt make any sense

Sometimes people get a read on how you feel....and ask that Question......Would you ever go back to them? your first response is No!!!!!! is that Foolish pride yet again rearing it's head?

But down in your heart ya know you miss them especially that kind of love, So are ya being honest? Well ya think you are, cuz ya know they would never pick up the phone or knock at your door and say....I'm still in love with you and I dont want to go thru life without you! Its that Foolish Pride that gets in the way!

What a Shame.....Its like a stand off.....ya both know your crazy about each other and have shared feelings and a love like no other! even when time has passed ya still think Did I leave your mind and heart while I was gone? the truth be told...No neither one of us did......But "Foolish Pride" keeps us apart!

Beware of "Foolish Pride" it can be a very distructive force, as many of us may have experienced once, or maybe twice.. Not that I would know anything about this personally...

A stubborn minute can have a life time effect, even when the tears stop falling from the outside, its still maybe raining on the inside....

From the Chronicles of Popo...

psssssssssssssst....No this is not a current situation, I always get sympathy mail when I post something about relationships.. I just like talking about the Do's and Don'ts of Relationships, and getting feed back, after all this is a dating site first and foremost.I always learn from others thoughts and opinions.

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Jul 1 @ 12:42PM  
Your blog reminds me of a book I read. The title was Disposal People. I believe that is how our society is becoming. We don't have the courage to stand up and say what we really think and feel to the other person. We let the relationship end and then feel awful about how it came to end. I am guilty also and yes, I still think about that person.

Good blog..


Jul 1 @ 1:04PM  
I've never read or heard of the book, but I completely understand what your saying.. I think if the truth be told many of us have been guilty of this before.. I know I have..

Thanx for your thoughts

Jul 1 @ 1:26PM  
I guess people dont concern themselves with their foolish pride cos something tells them it could be much greener on the other side. On discovery that this isnt the case many go back... but by then it is too late, especially if its after that magical 6 month period.... its just too late.

good blog tho, lets hope some learn. not me... i dont need to learn this cos i am perfect as you know.


Jul 1 @ 1:34PM  
Lil Ms.Perfection,
you are the object of my affection... That's right I'm throwing away all my foolish pride, and now on bended knee asking can you ever forgive me and take me back.....I know now you were perfect, and I was wrong..

The 6 month period has yet to expire.... besides you know you wanna..

Jul 1 @ 1:39PM  

Jul 1 @ 1:42PM  
is that a yes....

Jul 1 @ 2:03PM  
I totally agree.. People are human.. they make mistakes.. Foolish pride should not keep one from trying at least one more time.. if the same mistake should happen again.. then I would say.. last chance..

Jul 1 @ 5:29PM  
Hi Timber...

I'm glad we agree... your right we all are human and subject to make mistakes, far to often love is judged harder then it should be. It takes allot more to to bring it to the point of Love..yet so often it's thrown away with less effort then it took to make it.

Most people don't really realize how good it was when they have it, until they loose it, and begin the process of trying to find it again, I think that's when the appreciation of it actually hits them.

Thanx for your thoughts

Jul 1 @ 5:54PM  
Most people don't really realize how good it was when they have it, until they loose it, and begin the process of trying to find it again,
Thats where sometimes the foolish pride comes in... WHY?? Do some let foolish pride come in.. and NOT let the one that was perfect for them have one more chance?? Why search so hard for something that is right in front of you??

Jul 1 @ 6:17PM  
Hi Timber...right back atcha..

Most people don't really realize how good it was when they have it, until they loose it, and begin the process of trying to find it again,

Thats where sometimes the foolish pride comes in... WHY?? Do some let foolish pride come in.. and NOT let the one that was perfect for them have one more chance?? Why search so hard for something that is right in front of you??

Awwww yes the million dollar question...Here's my best guess, Once were in love with someone and we know they feel the same way, We forget how hard it was to find it, and take it for granite, also often times think everyone else will treat us as good, being in love is a confidence builder, that's why it's said so many want someone who is in love. it's like getting weary in well doing, once we have it, we think it's as easy as ABC to keep it or find it again. Until we loose it..

To those of us seasoned veterans of love, whom have our battle scares and issues to prove it...I'm kidding.. know all to well, the tell signs of what not to do should love ever find it's way to our door step again. Sometimes people are always chasing that ever illusive perfect love rather then finding happiness with the perfect person for them.

just my dos centavos


Jul 2 @ 1:50AM  
Popo.. this is your blog.. would you let foolish pride stop you from going back?? I can say.. I have given each I have been with .. more than enough chances..

Jul 2 @ 2:01AM  
Great Blog

Jul 2 @ 9:16AM  

Jul 2 @ 9:40AM  
Popo.. this is your blog.. would you let foolish pride stop you from going back??

Absolutely not.... I will not let "Foolish Pride" stand in the way of being in love, If I'm still in love with someone and it's something we both want to do, I would accept 50% of the blame even If I did nothing wrong. I would want to make sure we both understand what happen, not who did what first, Make sure were both on the same page and be mindful in the future, to insure history doesn't repeat it's self.

I can say.. I have given each I have been with .. more than enough chances

I understand what your saying here, in a relationship neither one are perfect people, both can and will make mistakes, I think as long as no crimes are commited against the relationship vows, meaning abuse, abandonment or cheating, then chances can be given, as we all can use a little understanding and forgiveness.Of course it has to be a two way street, not just a one way highway.

Thanx again for your thought, I always appreciate and learn from a woman's point of view...


Jul 10 @ 7:37PM  
Pride stems from the ego.Vanity, egotism, and pride – they all hide a subtle unhappiness, a cleverly disguised animosity. All hatred is self-hatred – and this lies hidden underneath their actions. And that is why they belittle others.
-shrug off the black seeds of ego, hate, jealousy, anger, possessiveness, dominance from the heart and possess white flowers of love, peace, compassion, service, sincerity, sensitivity and awareness .Then, there is peace.
And what is the method to be free? It is awareness. Simply watch your state of mind when you are angry or full of pride. This is not expression of anger, nor it is repression. It transcends both. Simply be aware and you will not even need to consciously let go of these feelings – they will drop away of their own accord.
As anger and pride are caused by the ego, so also the ego is caused by unawareness.
We will not make progress by dealing with the symptoms – we have to tackle the root cause. And the root cause of the ego, of anger and pride and all our sufferings is lack of awareness.
Mental stability and control is the need of the hour in times of "anger" to let tolerance imply its way through.Each individual has a different belief but don’t let it be an ego trip. The prejudice eye is blind, the heart full of conclusions is dead and let there be feelings but not hatred. Tame the temperaments.

Jul 10 @ 7:55PM  
First of all Thank you for reading this post and for your comments...

I understand the psychology of what your saying, and you make some very valid points, But here's where we part ways of thought...Foolish Pride isn't always anger or a deep rooted animosity of life, self or towards another.Sometimes it can merely be an error of Judgement. Your point of awareness is duly accepted and that was my point in this post, be aware of it's distructive powers that can result in the loss of a good relationship. That really was my main point to be Aware of it...

Thanx again for your thoughts..

Jul 10 @ 8:43PM  
-error of Judgement?Never judge anybody by their action – but that is the only thing available to you. So the first thing to understand is that you can look only at the behaviour and the behaviour does not mean much. All that is really significant is the person behind. And you don’t know. Your judgements are going to be wrong. And you know it – because when people judge you by your acts, you always feel that they have judged you wrongly.You don’t judge yourself by your acts, you judge yourself by your being.
So what to do? Judge ye not. By and by become more and more aware of the privacy of being. Every being inside his own soul is so private there is no way to penetrate it. Even when you love, something at the deepest core remains private. That is man’s dignity. That is the meaning when we say man has a soul. Soul means that which can never become public.
Your judgement shows something about you, nothing about the person you have judged – because his history remains unavailable to you, his being remains unavailable to you. All contexts are lost, there is just a momentary flash – and your interpretation will be your interpretation. It will show something about you. Seeing this, judging disappears.

That really was OUR main point to be Aware of it


Jul 11 @ 8:03AM  
I'm sorry for not being more perspicuous in my wording, What I meant was the error of judgement in our own perceptions of the situation, Here's we we may see things a bit differently, I do judge myself based on two things, my thoughts and my deeds, not that of another. I don't pretend to know the motivations or the soul of another.

Thanks again for your thoughts..

Dec 8 @ 7:47AM  
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