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MD camping trips, and why I'll never go to one

posted 7/6/2009 5:29:05 AM |
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tagged: camping, horror, joke

It's nothing against you people. At least, for the most part. But just the thought of camping with you people makes me think of those B horror movies where 90% of the cast is killed off. And right at the end you find out that one of the campers is the killer. And it's never the guy you'd expect.

Yeah, I'd have to be one of the guys killed off too. Because let's face it, I'm too obvious a choice to be the killer. And that's usually the first guy who gets it. Not only that, but it's usually the ones who wouldn't hurt a fly who wind up being the killer. You know, the harmless "Angel" types.

Well fvck that. I ain't going out like that. I'm not getting done in by a crazy chick with a hatchet in the middle of a forest full of deer shit. I have every intention of making it to a few more birthdays, thank you very much. Pick another asshole to be your first victim.

Laughing in the face of danger is one thing. Knowingly creating it for yourself is another thing entirely. So have fun hatchet lady, because I'm on to you. And to the rest of you, when you wake up with your head on backwards, don't come crying to me.

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Jul 6 @ 5:33AM  
Dammit and we had the plot all planned out .. we were going to switch your head with your kats that way you really would be a katneck

Jul 6 @ 8:06AM  
Hey, if shes good looking, I wont even run from a chick with a hatchet. If the first to go is the most obvious, I think I would give you a run for your money on that one Kjac.

Now I want to go to an MD camping trip. I have such high hopes.


Jul 6 @ 8:48AM  
I'd get lynched.

No thanks. LOL

Jul 6 @ 9:03AM  
I'm sure that I'd be chosen to be taken out the John Wayne Bobbit method.

Jul 6 @ 9:13AM  
I'd enjoy it...Sounds like fun...You make it sound so appealing...

Jul 6 @ 10:51AM  

Jul 6 @ 11:25AM  
I was acquited of all charges, ALL charges.

Jul 6 @ 1:10PM  
I wouldn't go on an MD camping trip, but, I would agree to meet you, Fender, and a select few others for coffee or something - if it were possible.

Jul 6 @ 1:59PM  
You could go to the event if you understand that the "Hatchet Lady" just needs to be understood and loved. When she attacks, just tell her you love her and really care about her and everything will be fine.

Jul 6 @ 5:39PM  
*tosses hatchet in dumpster

There go my plans for next summer.

Jul 6 @ 6:04PM  
Hey I went to two camping trips, one in Oklahoma and one in Tennessee. The one in OK was on a lake and we camped in cabins, went fishing, and had huge bonfires. The other in Tennessee we took our horses and camped out on a mustang ranch and everyone rode horses over 55 acres. We had a blast over Halloween carving punkins and are still friends with many today. So even tho ya might have bad thoughts about it, I'd suggest it, we all had so much fun and I've made lifelong friends to this day. Take care Lost

Jul 6 @ 6:15PM  
I went to the second matchdoctor camp out.....and it was great......had a really good time as well......thought i was part of something special......and i guess i the time....till a week later ...when i was trashed in the camp out ill never go back to another one.....unless its in a diffent state....with diffrent people..... .....cookie

Jul 7 @ 12:34PM  
Pick another asshole to be your first victim.

We cant...your were the only asshole in the bunch....

Wow....doesn this man know himself or what!!! least hes honest!


Jul 27 @ 10:26AM  
Hmmm, sounds interesting....I'm thinking of going

Come on kjac...I'll protect you

Jul 27 @ 2:15PM  
Hmm, another camping trip......*rubs hands together*........where's my hatchet?

Jul 27 @ 4:55PM  
it's the bearcoons that'll get ya.
Right when you're exfoliating


Jul 30 @ 10:32AM  
Kjac, you have to find a way to make yourself indispensable. Which is why I travel to such events with a grinding wheel! Hatchets, axes, machetes and carving knives sharpened while you wait!

Jul 31 @ 2:08PM  
I think these gatherings are more geared toward the older crowd on this site. What about us thirty somethings? Most of those attending these are 50 somethings. Let's create a 21-40 age md gathering kjac.

Jul 31 @ 5:13PM  
I went to one in Arizona. it was at Lake Roper.. (I think)
Most stayed in log cabins, there was all the facilities there.. and long picnic tables we sat around and chatted.
Someone built a fire and we all sat round it laughing and drinking.. someone left their JD behind the next day.. nice gift for the next campers lol.

Me being not the camping type, stayed in a near by hotel.. I like the company.. just not the camping out bit lol
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