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Why black men are the best in bed!!!

posted 9/1/2009 12:12:31 PM |
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tagged: cheating, married, infidelity, trust

I truly believe black men are the best in bed. Listen ladies, I am a black man and I don't think it has anything to do with his "thang". We all know the myth of how very well endowed black men are. However, not every black man is "hung", so let's dispel that myth right now. What I am trying to say is, we have a unique way of transmitting information to the female gender . From the way we talk, walk, and move. When we come into an establishment we have a supreme sense of confidence! You women may not always say it, but you like a man who can take control. Someone who is not afraid to say what's on his mind. A man that can communicate with you, and keep your mental passages open. At the same time he can please you physically.

Let's face it, we just have more verbal tactics than men of other races. They can't stimulate a woman on the same level as we can. I am not just saying from a bias position, I actually have first hand experience. I once had sex with a white woman in college who had never had sex with a black man before. She was from a very small town in some "hick" place in Montana. Because she had never been exposed to black people, when she got to college and got a taste of the black culture, she literally lost her mind. When we had sex I made her climax over 30 times. I asked her what was the difference between a black man and a white man in bed?

She told me that I had a very unique rhythmic motion. Just like I was dancing inside of her. She also said that black men are extremely confident and not afraid to approach a woman. This was an ultimate turn-on for her. I guess to sum it all up, ONCE YOU GO BLACK YOU NEVER GO BACK!!!!

What do you think.......

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Why black men are the best in bed!!!


Sep 1 @ 12:22PM  
When you grow up, you will realize there is no such thing as being "best" in bed except maybe for your wife. Then, we'll have to talk about where your wife has been! However, it's always good to see yourself as good. Just be careful of that woman who comes along and chops that ego down to earth.

Sep 1 @ 12:29PM  
In all fairness, you are talking about "one white woman from a small hick town" It doesn't seem as if she was a very experienced woman" . All in fun !

Sep 1 @ 12:40PM  
Once you go black

Im sorry, I saw the title and had to put this up.

Foamy is Lord and Master


Sep 1 @ 12:40PM  
It's not a black or white thing. Some of us men know how to make a woman feel sensual & erotic. It's all about the passion and the hot desires,the soft touches & kisses and the caressing of two bodies close together. The long periods of foreplay and the long hot wet french kisses. Sharing the passion & hot desires for each other is what works.



Sep 1 @ 12:44PM  
So ive read a load of bad blogs. Some were my own and some were other peoples.
I have read blogs about menopause, food, politics and some other crap that i still have no idea what the person was talking about.

This is a really ridiculous notion. I find most black men that hit on me to be weird and perverted.
Which can simply be defended by this blog of yours.

Some women like sleazy men.

For us ladies with dignity and class, no thanks.


Sep 1 @ 1:17PM  
I thinik my bf must be black lol.

Sep 1 @ 1:21PM  
What do I think?

I think "Hick" is a very derogatory statement..........That is what I think.

Sep 1 @ 1:40PM  
Are you bragging or complaining for you sure have one hell of an EGO problem. You do know whant an EGO is.

Study your history and you will find where the myth of black men in bed comes from.

During slavery black women and men were both bought by rich plantation owners. The men for the field work and women to take care of the men;however, there were certain women bought for the pure sexual pleasure of the white men.
The proof of this is all the different shades of color found in the black race and the black colleges.
Not to be out done was the woman of the house of the plantation. she bought men and women to run the house. Again there were exceptions, some men were purchased by the size if their dicks (lets say it like it is). During tose days there were no adult stores or many toys--a small salamie maybe.
So while the man was out in the slave quarters raping 10 to 16 year old black women, the woman of the house was having adult parties with her selected purchased black men. Of course they got horney and just had to have some.

The problem here was when she was knocked up or caught--it was rape and of course the black slave was hanged or shot.

They said a white man would screw anything if some one held it's head, so if cross breading between man and animal was possible we would see cows with men bodies or heads--the smae for pigs

But to think that to go black you never go back is a myth--it is just poor degenerate white women (usually fat and ugly) that cannot find a degenerate Red Neck.

So, get a grip on it.

For you white people who hate blacks and don't know why--well this was the reason--white women and their adult parties.

Sep 1 @ 2:22PM  
She fed you a line dude!!

Sep 1 @ 2:24PM  
Just be careful of that woman who comes along and chops that ego down to earth.
Lorena Bobbitt style???

Sep 1 @ 3:11PM  
how stupid

Sep 1 @ 4:00PM  
it is just poor degenerate white women (usually fat and ugly) that cannot find a degenerate Red Neck.

For you white people who hate blacks and don't know why--well this was the reason--white women and their adult parties.

Two of the most unpolitically correct sentances I have heard in quite some time. (and I live in Arkansas)

Sep 1 @ 4:39PM  
Tag line should read: myth, fantasy, ego, racist


Sep 1 @ 4:42PM  
My ex is Black Angolan, and I cant say that he left me with a lasting impression!

I think Missions comment was brilliant....

Sep 1 @ 4:49PM  
More verbal tactics?

I recall a few years ago...I was driving an Atlas Van Lines truck, and pulled up to a light. My co-worker, who was black, noticed an attractive woman in the car beside him.

His pick up line?.........

Gimme some of that p----y girl, I know you got it with you.


Sep 1 @ 5:26PM  
It's not about sex. If it is about sex then she'll play with anyone and lie to them as well as you. What it's about for every quality woman I ever knew was feelings. And you'll never understand that. Also, bigots come in all colors.

Sep 1 @ 6:39PM  
give me some of the same stuff he is taking.

Sep 1 @ 6:55PM  
Well don't really think its a black thing either, Latin men are very good in bed, and so are white men, I find its about the chemistry, and ones own passion, some men are very passionate about love making and strive to please the other partner at all cost, and when 2 people click the sex is great.

Sep 2 @ 2:34AM  
Is this for real? Thanks for the laugh pal...

Sep 2 @ 8:46PM  
My friend I talked to that woman to went to bed with.. She said afterwards you went and took a shower and that little ego package you carry around had some serious shrinkage....

Now as for unique rhythmic motion.... Dude are you serious... . You must be riding on the Obama train....

Also you made her climax over thirty times.. Then you woke up from the dream you were having and discovered a serious load all over your bed from that wet dream you just had..

Dude I can make a woman climax without even touching her....How's that one.. And it's not that hard to do...

Sep 2 @ 10:53PM  
The ladies love to go black. Right.

That must be, why so many black guys go down lowor is it go low down, with other guys

Sep 2 @ 11:33PM  
Gimme some of that pu..y girl.....i know you got it with you..... ...thats got to be the funnyest thing ive read on here in awhile.....i wonder if that line works on women?...... ....cookie

Sep 2 @ 11:55PM  
Dude I can make a woman climax without even touching her

Hey, I can make a woman climax while I'm under my bus, with a wrench in my hand and she is up on Mt. McKinley sittin on a pick axe talkin to me on my cell phone, asking for Pizza with Canadian bacon and extra cheese to be delivered on the back of a live moose and next to her is her mother who is putting on bright red lipstick getting ready to push the grand kids over the cliff. It's really not that hard. You just need a little more experience.

Sep 3 @ 12:46AM  
Hmmmm, if you say you are black here, why in your profile do you claim to be hispanic/latin? Just curious.

Sep 3 @ 10:39AM  
You're only as good as your partner thinks you are.

Color has nothing to do with it. It's about a connection, experience, and the way two people fit together.


Sep 3 @ 5:53PM  
Dude that thing you were tapping is like wondering around in the grand canyon..

It doesn't take much motion to get a crack whore off....

Dude I just saw that cllimax whore and asked her..How you were in bed, and she said.. ..she can't remember a darn thing...All she could remember is riding a snail alnight and felt sick afterwards..

Sep 4 @ 3:31AM  
Whatever happened to DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE. We black guys are just like any other guys with the usual variety from the hyper nerdy to the hyper cool. Can't we all just get along?... with some sexy white babes??? Just kidding... look at me.. I'm a fat black guy with a relatively small penis. I am no good at basketball.. not at all the oversized(except in my belly) mandingo violent madman type that seems to clean up at every seedy nightclub or trailer park. Instead.. I'm just the fat idiot in line at the supermarket buying cookies and chips. So... just so everyone knows.. not ALL of us buy into the whole sexual superman or "you KNOW you white ladies want this!" trip... we know that our reputation as black men is pretty low anywhere in the world and we just feel fortunate to find a woman at all. By the way... RightWingRepublican is CRAZY HOT.. and I hope I don't come off as too perverted or weird in saying that.

But nevermind about her... I can't sell her on universal health care OR a date at the Dairy Queen. Instead... CHECK OUT whatagal with the new pic on her profile. If this woman gets any fresher faced or sexier... Texas is going to HAVE to secede from the union and Galveston will have to be renamed Island of Gorgeous Women!!!

Sep 4 @ 11:39AM  
Let's face it, we just have more verbal tactics than men of other races. They can't stimulate a woman on the same level as we can.

You don't think you are generalizing a bit do you?
Statements like these are very racially divisive and perpetuate a "us better than them" mentality.


Sep 4 @ 10:48PM  
Why don't you watch CNN ( OK, maybe even Fox News) so you might possibly find more to talk about than rocking your own little world?

Sep 5 @ 10:10AM  
First of all...I think we can assume that the women o this site have slept with a few more men than you have Kappone.

Don't you think WE would be the better judge as to who has it going on in the sack?

Just sayin...

Sep 5 @ 3:45PM  
Once you go black.... you get stabbed!

Sep 9 @ 10:12PM  
hmmmm...i will have to test this theory.


Sep 9 @ 10:43PM  
Did you ever go in bed with a black man?
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