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Third Islamic Terrorist Attack Since Obama Became President

posted 12/27/2009 7:45:18 PM |
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There have now been three attacks on Americans by Islamic terrorists within US borders in less than one year since President Obama took office. The deadly shooting attack by Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad on a military recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas in May 2009 that killed a US soldier and injured another, the terrorist massacre shooting attack by Nidal Malik Hasan in Fort Hood, Texas in November 2009 that murdered 13 and injured scores of others, and now the Christmas day terrorist attack on a US airliner bound for Detroit by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

If not for luck, the most recent attack would have claimed the lives of at least 300 people, not to mention those who might have died on the ground. Each of these three attacks has come closer together and been more deadly than the last.

Apparently, President Obama's gestures -- announcing the closing down of the Guantanamo Bay detention center that houses more terrorists, engaging the terrorists in dialog, and telling the terrorists the date that we will surrender in Afghanistan so they won't be so angry at us -- has not achieved the desired effect.

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Ukulele Boy


Dec 27 @ 7:52PM  
The day may come when it turns real hard ball.

Dec 27 @ 10:08PM  
Sadly, a sign of the changing times.

I'm afraid words out that the USA is no longer a world power and the gates are open for any two bit nickle and dime terrorist to have a go at us.

Dec 27 @ 11:00PM  
oh but we are supposed to give them every chance to suddenly turn into american loving peoples. and do more to help africa, and run the american workers out of jobs so people over seas can have them and on and on and on.

the one thing he hasn't done YET, is cut the miltary back, ala blowjob clinton. but he is about to make a debacle bigger than clintons in somalia. ya know where all the pirates are now based.

and give no appologies for my disdain of the democratic party, or bleeding heart liberals. as it is this multi trillion dollar health care reform will only do the big health care and insurance companies any good.

and i gave years of my life for this? it wasn't worth it in the end.

Dec 27 @ 11:11PM  
Oh, and apparently affording the 9/11 terrorists who were housed at Gitmo the same judicial privileges as American citizens and trying them in a civilian court instead of a military court so that the Islamic world won't view us as "unfair," isn't paying off so well either.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration arrested our own soldiers for punching an enemy soldier in the stomach during combat and they are not even getting the same "fair" treatment as the 9/11 terrorists. No, they will be tried by a military court.

Dec 27 @ 11:26PM  
Meanwhile, the Obama administration arrested our own soldiers for punching an enemy soldier in the stomach during combat and they are not even getting the same "fair" treatment as the 9/11 terrorists.
What is that s--t all about?

Dec 27 @ 11:55PM  

Obama is prosecuting 4 Navy Seal HEROS for allegedly punching a terrorist in the stomach.

But they are not getting the benefit of a civilian court like the 9/11 terrorists.

Dec 28 @ 12:02AM  
Thanks DR...that just aint right.
Wisconsin Senator Feingolds going to be hearing from me tomorrow.

Dec 28 @ 12:18AM  
It angers me so much Jankia that I can barely even write about it.

I spoke on the phone to my US Congressmen about it, a great guy. He said there is not much he can do, that it is up to Obama, but he has already written to Obama and asked to speak to him about it.

Dec 28 @ 12:48AM  
and i gave years of my life for this? it wasn't worth it in the end.

I had a feeling that your generation would feel trampled on...mine too..

Its disgusting what is happening to our country..and the failed leadership...

Im going to start showcasing some individual show how corrupt most at the top are..and how they are all in bed now with globalists..and are not paying attention...nor do they care help the American people.

We need a new government..both parties are responsible for this happening.

Dec 28 @ 12:55AM  
This from DR's link...

In late November, these Navy Seals and one other should have become heroes. They captured Ahmed Hashim Abed, one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq — the suspected mastermind of the brutal killing and mutilation of three American Blackwater security guards in 2004. These Seals made Iraq and America a safer place. During the capture of this suspected murderer and known terrorist, at least one of these Navy Seals allegedly punched Ahmed Abed in either the lip or the gut. These men were not lauded as heroes; they instead were investigated and are being court-marshaled, charged with punching the detainee in the midsection, dereliction of duty and impeding an investigation.

The Bible said that in the end times...Wrong would be right.....and Right would be wrong..

Perhaps were farther along than we thought..

I too will be contacting my representative on these soldiers behalf...this is disgusting..

Obama is a member of Rev. Wrights church...NOT a Christian church...but a Black Nationalist church..the church of Louis Farrakhan...Nation of ISLAM

this has always been Obama roots..

I still cant believe the American people were tricked so easily by this election...Its as if people were brainwashed into being the 'Stepford Citizens"

Obama seems to be Muslim...he pays homage to them..humbles himself to them...its pretty obvious..

GGEEESSHHH what the hell have we done to our country!


Dec 28 @ 10:29AM  
According to Obama we don't have anymore terroist attacks,they are merely "Man made Disasters" just because a rough insane person boarded a plane with a bomb and tried to blow it up and had ties to Al Quaeda in Yeman and one lone rough Muslim solider in the army killed 13 well 14 if we count the unborn baby that many (on the left) say is not really a baby until it's born and the other gunman who shot soliders at a recruiting station all in the name of Allah, doesn't really make them terroist, their acting alone, because Obama has healed the world. sure the recent bomber was on the terroist watch list, his father turned him in before boarding any plane, he was allowed to board with his bomb, because people were simply profiling and being racist bigots who should be ashamed of them selves, because he didn't commit any crime yet, he was being targetted by haters and bigots. I think they were Christians who hate Muslims

Come on now, we all know Islam is a peaceful religion, and they only kill the innocent evil Christians and non believers of Islam. We must see the light of Allah and Obama, and know how wrong we've been. Bush did it.... Bush allowed and made the bomber get on the plane coz he doesn't support Obama's policies

Were hanging out our own Military, putting them on trial in Military courts, and giving Terroist civilian trails with full citizen rights. Biden called it right when he said we would get hit by terrorist soon after Obama was elected, it's happen three times already in his first year, but were to trust his response even though we wouldn't like it.Of course the left says we just haven't given Obama a chance Lemme see he's buried us in debt, latest poll just came out and said each American is now 186,000 dollars in debt based on our debt this congress and Obama have put us in, three attacks on American soil since he stepped into office took over the banking, the car industry, now tells wall street and industry how mush they can make, trying to pass Global Hoax, for even more taxs, taking over health care to control us from the craddle to the grave, increased the spending budgett by trillion, working on another stimulas bill printing money we can't back up, borrowing this country deep into debt, a school safe czar who is a member of Nimbla, an organization that promotes homo practices with men on little boys, who teachs little kids fisting and boys palying with each other is good and normal behavior thats encouraged.

Has promised and sign papers to eliminate our Military might, travels the world bowing to Muslims and Communist, meanwhile bashing our history and berating America, while enjoys all the fruits of his office and perks, telling us to cut back and pay more taxs, and says we are our brothers keeper, yet won't help his own family members out, not the people who put him in office, attacks business, grows government, and doesn't use the stimulas money to gardner jobs, unemployment is out the roof, while he sits on future campaign funds to secure his next election, won't investigate ACORN who helped put him in office by deciet, yet want's full investigations on our Military, calls citizens hater racist and bigots clinging to our guns and religion, calls cops racist without knowing any facts and calls terrorist tied to radical Islam isolated cases that we shouldn't jump to conclusions over.Now is bringing terrorist here to be tried as citizens who were caught on the battle field killing Americans.

This is why I say I want Obama to fail, If his policies and changes succeed America fails.. This is the worst President this country has ever had, and the biggest Liar this nation has ever seen behind a pulpit/telepromter

Dec 28 @ 12:13PM  
Yeah.....and now President Obama has directed the United States Postal Service to REMEMBER and HONOR the EID MUSLIM holiday season with a new commemorative First Class Holiday Postage Stamp! Look it up........

I won't be putting a Muslim postage stamp on ANY of my mail, thank you very much............

Dec 29 @ 3:28PM  
Obamas only major acheivement as a state senator was the pasing of the Hala food act.. A bill to protect his muslim brotherhood...

He claims to be a constitutional expert but nevver argued a single constituional case... Some expert you can say...

Obama is only an expert in one area..Bullshitting his way around with a teleprompter..

Dec 29 @ 4:13PM  
where are the obama apologists in this thread?
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