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Mod Challenge: Fireworks

posted 1/23/2010 11:03:28 AM |
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The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match. Each one of you is a fuse. -- Edward Koch

My blog will not be only about the fireworks I enjoy the most.. pyrotechnics... that is a given.. I am usually right up front watching those beauties as the crew lights them and sets them into orbit...but about the above quote I found interesting. Funny, isn't it though how one word, just one can hold such a variable amount of meaning; can be used to paint a picture or motivate or comfort.

When it comes to fireworks displays I want to sit front and center. I don't want to miss even one "Pop!", "Bang", "Whistle" or "Ka-Boom!" And I want to take in every sparkle and colorful explosion. With my eyes wide open and my heart wildly beating, I exclaim, "Bring it on!"

Not everyone shares this love of mine though. I've seen children bury their frightened faces in parents' protective arms, and observed their little hands fly to cover shocked ears.

Sometimes I feel bad about those not prepared to enjoy the brilliant show in the sky. I remember my first pyrotechnic display. Yes, the noise shocked me. Yes, the incredible brilliance blinded my eyes. But I had been prepared and forewarned about the sound and light show - and now, I am always ready to watch!

When I scan the crowds at fireworks displays and see the fearful eyes of those caught off-guard, I am reminded of another heavenly display that will cause great fear for those who aren't prepared.

I remember my first experience with the fireworks that light up the darkened skies .. I believe I was about 3 from my earliest recollection. Sitting on the porch of the farmhouse, I was curled close to my Baba's bosom watching as my dad left the porch with some rather large canisters in tote and long matchsticks.

My dad was a logger and money was tight, but this was a special occasion as my Granddad and my dad had just finished putting our first indoor bathroom onto the 13-room house my granddad built himself. Up to this point, our only bathroom was a tiny little room with no tub, no wash sink, only a makeshift wooden seat on an outdoor commode which was housed in a tiny little shack-like building with the very appropo slice of the moon decorating it.

Dad walked down into the field and I saw the strike of the match and then what happened next both scared me a tiny bit, but made my heart beat so loud and fast and the rush from the beauty of the colors that adorned the evening sky caused butterflies to fly around in my heart.

I have been hooked on fireworks since I was 3 .. seemed to be a magical year for me as that was also the year I stumbled into the work horse barn and looked into the liquid brown eyes of the most beautiful creature that ever lived in my 3 year long world. Nell, (the Belgian Draft horse) was laying and turned to look at me walk into the stall... she immediately knew I was a tiny thing and she should be very careful with me .. again those butterflies started in my heart and again, the fireworks went off in my mind.

I remember the first time I was kissed by a boy.. being much of an ugly duckling and not at all outgoing, at 5 years of age, sitting on a wall sipping my then ambrosia (chocolate milk) I wasn't even aware that Bob Sever (names have been changed to protect the innocent.. LOL) sneaked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder... when I turned to see who it was, a little startled, he grabbed my face and planted this very tender (must admit that for an awkward beginning it was still tender) kiss on my lips...Again, fireworks... and then came the obligatory.. phewww, phewww (spitting words are hard to find) along with the "ewww... gross, now I am gonna get cooties" .. (but secretly, I felt special) thing.

The fireworks that I have been lucky enough to enjoy in my lifetime still provide me with those butterflies in my heart and I realize that I am the fuse to many of them... I choose how I will burst into color, I choose the height of my exuberance to joy, I choose the ooohss and the ahhhsss I will utter.

Life is so short, so damn easy to piss away in the wind.. I challenge each of you that will actually take the time to read this shite.. go out .. find your fireworks, be the fuse and see what beautiful sounds and colors will be bursting out...

And a short sweet one for gramps: Catholic Shampoo

One nun said to the other, "Wouldn't a nice cold beer or two taste wonderful on a hot summer's evening?" The second nun answered, "Indeed it would Sister, but I wouldn't feel comfortable buying beer as I am certain that it would
cause a scene at the check-out counter."

"I can handle that without a problem," she replied as she picked up a six-pack and headed for the check-out. The cashier had a surprised look on his face when the two nuns arrived with a six-pack of beer. "We use beer for washing our hair,"the nun said, "A shampoo, of sorts, if you will."

Without blinking an eye, the cashier reached under the counter, pulled out a package of pretzel sticks and placed them in the bag with the beer. He then looked the nun straight in the eye, smiled and said, "The curlers are on the house."

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Jan 23 @ 11:28AM  
I get a BANG out of your Jokes and you light this man's fuse with your insight into what life is all about and most of all your sweetness. ~*~

Jan 23 @ 11:29AM  
I realize that I am the fuse


Jan 23 @ 11:36AM  
This was a beautiful and deep, thought-provoking blog!!

You write in a way that makes one FEEL..and nod their heads to the end....


Jan 24 @ 9:05AM  
Excellent, excellent & very enjoyable blog!
find your fireworks, be the fuse and see what beautiful sounds and colors will be bursting out...
I love that!!

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