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Signs A Man Really Loves You

posted 2/16/2011 8:09:32 AM |
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Give me the comma of imperfect striving, thus to find zest in the immediate living. Ever the reaching but never the gaining, ever the climbing but never the attaining of the mountain top.
Winston Graham

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly
Sam Keen quotes
However I didn't have good day of love on the 14 Feb and I didn't deserve hapiness with the imperfect I chose to have relationship with recently ...he's much older thaN ME .man from another site. men are men!..that's it
I'm a tough cookie
Full stop! .

I'll not have relationship with any other man again without marriage and strong commitment .MUST WORK HARD ON THE PRESENT ONE,if I can see through all the best in him and he can see mine. fist time I'm very patient with offline relationship.
See another post as comments below...then you'll understand my point of posting this blog

I think it's good to post this to be the big reminder

Women are always wondering if their man really loves them. Women strive to find out by asking friends and making constant judgments about how their man feels. Much energy and time is spent
wondering that many of these women have trouble enjoying their relationship. I have come up with some tips on how you can identify the signs that a man really loves you

He has eyes only for you. You can tell if your man really loves you when many beautiful and sexy women surround you but he doesn't take a second to even stare at any of them. He gives you his full attention by showing eye contact and facing his body towards you.

He calls you frequently. You know if a man is interested when he calls you every other day or even everyday. He wants to find out how you are doing and what is going on with you. He engages you in these lengthy deep conversations. You may find yourself spending hours on the phone talking and giggling about life.

He wants to see you. He wouldn't love you if he wanted to see you all the time. When he is asking to go out a couple times a week or more than is an excellent sign.

He wants to go places and do things. The relationship is not all about sex. He wants to explore the world with you and do fun activities. For example, going to the movies, out to dinner, to a concert or amusement park.

He spends money on you. He invests not only emotionally but also financially. You are a special and serious person in his life. Money means no object when it comes to you. His mission is not only for a role in the hay but to make you feel happy.

He shows good manners. He wants to impress you and win your heart just as you have won his heart. Some examples of good manners are opening the car door for you, pulling your chair out at a restaurant and offering his coat when it's cold.

He wants to date only you. You know he is serious about you when he has verbally asked if dating each other can be exclusive. You are number one to him and all the other women in the world mean nothing.

aNY MAN WHO HAS THOSE THINGS ,,he 'd better let his special woman know..time and tide wait for noone.
but remember only Fool rush in

Good luck to all who seek love
and thank you for reading

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Feb 16 @ 8:49AM  
...All very good tips but, how about the woman? what does she do...

Feb 16 @ 8:50AM  
Believe me,,,It's not love ,,love not easy come or easy go..
I'm not crying
it's just chemical reaction in the brain.

love song really relax me,guess! ,there's no such a sweet love in real but the song

Feb 17 @ 7:49AM  
Without strings are still men..most of them..
I can't explain in my own words I have copy this from one's what I want I want to say about M E N
If we think like men then some women maybe able to save relationship for long term but if we think like real women..then we have troubles..

[QUOTE]Scientists say there is increase levels of hormones neutrophins and dopamine...see details.
What is LOVE, actually?

The be-all and end-all for so many people turns out to be something quite mundane, really

Sex chemistry 'lasts two years'

Couples should not worry when the first flush of passion dims - scientists have identified the hormone changes which cause the switch from lust to cuddles.

3 Feb 2006
BBC Online

A team from the University of Pisa in Italy found the bodily chemistry which makes people sexually attractive to new partners lasts, at most, two years.

When couples move into a "stable relationship" phase, other hormones take over, Chemistry World reports.

But one psychologist warned the hormone shift is wrongly seen as negative.

Dr Petra Boynton, of the British Psychological Society, said there was a danger people might feel they should take hormone supplements to make them feel the initial rush of lust once more.

'Not ever-lasting'

The Italian researchers tested the levels of the hormones called neutrophins in the blood of volunteers who were rated on a passionate love scale.

Levels of these chemical messengers were much higher in those who were in the early stages of romance.

Testosterone was also found to increase in love-struck women, but to reduce in men when they are in love.

But in people who had been with their partners for between one and two years these so-called "love molecules" had gone, even though the relationship had survived.

The scientists found that the lust molecule was replaced by the so-called "cuddle hormone" - oxytocin - in couples who had been together for several years.

Oxytocin, is a chemical that induces labour and milk-production in new and pregnant mothers.

Donatella Marazziti, who led the research team, said: "If lovers swear their feelings to be ever-lasting, the hormones tell a different story."

Similar research conducted by Enzo Emanuele at the University of Pavia found that levels of a chemical messenger called nerve growth factor (NGF) increased with romantic intensity.

After one to two years, NGF levels had reduced to normal.

'Real Cupid's arrows'

The researchers said: "Whether more nerve growth is needed in the early stage of romance because of all the new experiences that are engraved into the brain, or whether it has a second, as yet unknown function in the chemistry of love, remains to be explored."

Michael Gross, a bio-chemist and science writer who has studied the latest findings, said: "It shows that different hormones are present in the blood when people are acutely in love while there is no evidence of the same hormones in people who have been in a stable relationship for many years.

"In fact the love molecules can disappear as early as 12 months after a relationship has started to be replaced by another chemical glue that keeps couples together."

He added: "To any romantically inclined chemist, it should be deeply satisfying to be able to prove that chemical messengers communicate romantic feeling between humans."

"It may be the only thing that science can offer as a real-world analogy to Cupid's arrows."

But Dr Boynton said: "This feeds into a 1970s view that when you meet it's all sparky, and then it's a downward trajectory to cuddles - which is seen as a negative.

"It is suggesting that what happens first is the best bit - and that isn't true."

She added: "I'm concerned that, having identified these hormones, there will be some move to suggest replacements to recreate the early passion."

Romantic love 'lasts just a year'

Some couples may disagree, but romantic love lasts little more than a year, Italian scientists believe.

BBC Online
Nov 05

The University of Pavia found a brain chemical was likely to be responsible for the first flush of love.

Researchers said raised levels of a protein was linked to feelings of euphoria and dependence experienced at the start of a relationship.

But after studying people in long and short relationships and single people, they found the levels receded in time.

The team analysed alterations in proteins known as neurotrophins in the bloodstreams of men and women aged 18 to 31, the Psychoneuroendocrinology journal reported.

The love became more stable. Romantic love seemed to have ended
Piergluigi Politi

They looked at 58 people who had recently started a relationship and compared the protein levels in the same number of people in long-term relationships and single people.

In those who had just started a relationship, levels of a protein called nerve growth factors, which causes tell-tale signs such as sweaty palms and the butterflies, were significantly higher.

Of the 39 people who were still in the same new relationship after a year, the levels of NGF had been reduced to normal levels.

Report co-author Piergluigi Politi said the findings did not mean people were no longer in love, just that it was not such an "acute love".


"The love became more stable. Romantic love seemed to have ended."

And he added the report suggested the change in love was down to NGF.

"Our current knowledge of the neurobiology of romantic love remains scanty.

"But it seems from this study biochemical mechanisms could be involved in the mood changes that occur from the early stage of love to when the relationship becomes more established."

However, he said further research was needed.

Dr Lance Workman, head of psychology at Bath Spa University, said: "Research has suggested that romantic love fades after a few years and becomes companionate love and it seems certain biological factors play a role.

"But while we are a pair-bonding species, there is some doubt over whether this is within monogamous relationships or not.

"Different societies have different practices and trends."

Love 'as addictive as cocaine'

Source: Ananova
Monday 24th November 2003

Love could be as addictive as cocaine or speed, scientists have said.

According to Dr John Marsden, head of the National Addiction Centre at the Maudsley Hospital

Feb 17 @ 7:51AM  
[QUOTE]Original source:

How the brain reacts to romance

Source: BBC News

Dopamine is a brain chemical which produces feelings of satisfaction and pleasure.

Elevated levels are linked to increased energy, motivation to win a reward and feeling elated.

The researchers also found activity in other areas of the brain changed - including one that another study showed was active when people ate chocolate.

The more romantic someone said they were feeling, the more activity there was in these regions.

But there were differences between the genders.

Most of the women showed more activity in the body of the caudate, the septum and the posterior parietal cortex, which are areas linked to reward, emotion and attention.

Most of the men in this study showed more activity in visual processing areas, including one associated with sexual arousal.

Courtship patterns

Dr Helen Fisher, of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, who led the research, said: "We believe romantic love is a developed form of one of
three primary brain networks that evolved to direct mammalian reproduction.

"The sex drive evolved to motivate individuals to seek sex with any appropriate partner.

"Attraction, the mammalian precursor of romantic love, evolved to enable individuals to pursue preferred mating partners, thereby conserving courtship time and energy.

"The brain circuitry for male-female attachment evolved to enable individuals to remain with a mate long enough to complete species-specific parenting duties."

The researchers plan to carry out another study where they will take brain scans of men and women who have recently been rejected by partners, interpreting and responding to social signals.


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Answer from newuser17457489 1 of 1 people found this helpful Quite a few.
The 3 stages of love

Helen Fisher of Rutgers University in the States has proposed 3 stages of love – lust, attraction and attachment. Each stage might be driven by different hormones and chemicals.

Stage 1: Lust

This is the first stage of love and is driven by the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen – in both men and women.

Stage 2: Attraction

This is the amazing time when you are truly love-struck and can think of little else. Scientists think that three main neurotransmitters are involved in this stage; adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin.


The initial stages of falling for someone activates your stress response, increasing your blood levels of adrenalin and cortisol. This has the charming effect that when you unexpectedly bump into your new love, you start to sweat, your heart races and your mouth goes dry.


Helen Fisher asked newly ‘love struck’ couples to have their brains examined and discovered they have high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine. This chemical stimulates ‘desire and reward’ by triggering an intense rush of pleasure. It has the same effect on the brain as taking cocaine!

Fisher suggests “couples often show the signs of surging dopamine: increased energy, less need for sleep or food, focused attention and exquisite delight in smallest details of this novel relationship” .


And finally, serotonin. One of love's most important chemicals that may explain why when you’re falling in love, your new lover keeps popping into your thoughts.

Does love change the way you think?
A landmark experiment in Pisa, Italy showed that early love (the attraction phase) really changes the way you think.

Dr Donatella Marazziti, a psychiatrist at the University of Pisa advertised for twenty couples who'd been madly in love for less than six months. She wanted to see if the brain mechanisms that cause you to constantly think about your lover, were related to the brain mechanisms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

By analysing blood samples from the lovers, Dr Marazitti discovered that serotonin levels of new lovers were equivalent to the low serotonin levels of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder patients.

Love needs to be blind

Newly smitten lovers often idealise their partner, magnifying their virtues and explaining away their flaws says Ellen Berscheid, a leading researcher on the psychology of love.

New couples also exalt the relationship itself. “It's very common to think they have a relationship that's closer and more special than anyone else's”. Psychologists think we need this rose-tinted view. It makes us want to stay together to enter the next stage of love – attachment.

Stage 3: Attachment

Attachment is the bond that keeps couples together long enough for them to have and raise children. Scientists think there might be two major hormones involved in this feeling of attachment; oxytocin and vasopressin.

Oxytocin - The cuddle hormone

Oxytocin is a powerful hormone released by men and women during orgasm.

It probably deepens the feelings of attachment and makes couples feel much closer to one another after they have had sex. The theory goes that the more sex a couple has, the deeper their bond becomes.

Oxytocin also seems to help cement the strong bond between mum and baby and is released during childbirth. It is also responsible for a mum’s breast automatically releasing milk at the mere sight or sound of her young baby.

Diane Witt, assistant professor of psychology from New York has showed that if you block the natural release of oxytocin in sheep and rats, they reject their own young.

Conversely, injecting oxytocin into female rats who’ve never had sex, caused them to fawn over another female’s young, nuzzling the pups and protecting them as if they were their own.

Vasopressin is another important hormone in the long-term commitment stage and is released after sex.


Feb 17 @ 7:52AM  
Vasopressin is another important hormone in the long-term commitment stage and is released after sex.

Vasopressin (also called anti-diuretic hormone) works with your kidneys to control thirst. Its potential role in long-term relationships was discovered when scientists looked at the prairie vole.

Prairie voles indulge in far more sex than is strictly necessary for the purposes of reproduction. They also – like humans - form fairly stable pair-bonds.

When male prairie voles were given a drug that suppresses the effect of vasopressin, the bond with their partner deteriorated immediately as they lost their devotion and failed to protect their partner from new suitors.


Feb 18 @ 8:48PM  
Blam it on the drug that I had just few days before that/

Some of backace medicine..not suret he shot too...made my mood changed for quite awhile..i read it later it clearly says that

Feb 26 @ 4:59AM  

Feb 26 @ 8:31AM  
.kindness .is one of the best things a man and woman can offer each other..[not sure what drug that comes under:)]
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