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....FBI.,shuts down online poker sites

posted 4/16/2011 5:35:33 PM |
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the big three poker sites have been shut down by the FBI.,any American that
played there is subject to 5 years in prison and $250,000 fine..

your freedom is gone too people,in case you didn't know that the police state is here...

i understand most people will say GOOD, that these sites are now shut down.

the sites did not use the banks that drug dealers use to launder money.,so they are now charged with bank fraud.,federal reserve strikes again..

oh i no you all think freedom is bad.,well it's gone.,i hope you feel better now

the internet is being censored in many areas here in USA

most of you think that YOUR government is doing a GREAT fvking job

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thrown under the bus
can't believe not one person noticed
....FBI.,shuts down online poker sites
government stays open::::::breaking news
California rainwater,,radiation 181 times above drinking water standards
Japan radioactivity found in UK


Apr 16 @ 5:44PM  
Well...I am not one of the *most*

Apr 16 @ 5:54PM  
Muppet, hon, I don't believe we can fight this..though of course I agree that we should continue to try. You're attempting to make people aware of what's going on and that's a great thing.

Unfortunately though, the NWO is in control and the slide will soon become apparent to even the most naive among us.

Apr 16 @ 5:54PM

looking for AMERICA,,,great song

Apr 16 @ 6:16PM  
Some are naive & some want the nanny state for reasons we know of.

Apr 16 @ 6:24PM  
I read somewhere that a few of those poker sites are fixed to the point of you can never all for freedom of i choose not to play to begin with.....cookie

Apr 16 @ 6:32PM  
freedom of choice

that is the main point i think

Apr 16 @ 6:55PM  
most of you think that YOUR government is doing a GREAT fvking job

(in his best Joe Pesci voice) Are you sure 'bout dat last statement... I mean are you REALLY sure 'bout dat last statement?
There's no one dat I know who 'dinks' da government is doing a great job, maybe you have friends who dink da government is doing a great job, but lemme tell all of ya's... I don't know no fu√ľkin' body who dinks da government is doing a great job.

Are you sure 'bout dat last statement... ?


Apr 16 @ 7:03PM  
(in his best Joe Pesci voice) Are you sure 'bout dat last statement... I mean are you REALLY sure 'bout dat last statement?

I can just about "hear" Joe Pesci saying that!

I may not use those sites, but I think it's wrong to shut them down. If people want to blow their money on sites like that, I say let them.

Government doing a great job? Since when?


Apr 16 @ 7:51PM  
Your civil liberties were taken away when you elected all these Republicans and Tee-Party people.
Arizona is a typical example. They want you to carry a red, white and blue card to prove citicenship. Now they want all your birthcertificate information published if you run for a government position.

well lets clean up Arizona.
1. Require all elected officials to have a Random DRUG test every month.
2. make the elected officials be the first to show their red, white and blue cards
3.Make the elected officials show who they got money from and whom it was--Like the Koch Brothers
4. make the elected official admit and list all the Maifa people they have a do associate with.
5. Stop the import of Russian (eastern Block ) prositutes. give the local gals some business.
6. Make all elected official admit if they or gay or not. (AC/DC)

Wisc. Stop the Republican party from taking your right to have some one negoiate your wages and working conditions--stop Child Labor

Ohio--the same
Stop the media from right out LYING on the Air ways and mis leading the people.
Oklahoma, Florida, and Indiana the same.

make the sale of whisky, tobacco, pot and certain drugs legal everywhere. Why should we care if these idiots want to kill them self and put them away for life if they kill or hurt some one while under the influence of such things.
A man should be able to smoke anything any where, take what drugs he wants to,and drink what he wants to.
Gambling--the Lotto's are gambling and most Casino's have a 95% win ratio. 95% them.

Apr 16 @ 8:01PM  
Has anyone actually read the indictment?? It tells you all about how their "chips did fall". LOL.

Apr 16 @ 8:55PM  
Scanning it now Angel.

... an internet poker company founded in or about 2001 with headquarters in the Isle of Mann.

The Isle of Mann... Didn't Jimi Hendrix do a gig there?

Apr 16 @ 9:15PM  
Don't know'd have to ask the Scheinbergs; they would know, they gots the $2 Billion.

Apr 16 @ 9:48PM  
The government that you elected (ha, ha) I only say that because you think your vote counts. Any case, that very government is not only patrolling the internet (parents didn't like their babysitter so the government did it) but the push is to make you pay for what lane you drive in. Want to drive in the fast lane, gotta pay for it. Not only the toll but the equipment to get you on the road.
Feel better?
Obama wants a button so he can shut it down like has happened in other countries.
No, I'm not talking about the internet story of the elderly woman who accidentally cut off a big bite of celebrity.
He wants a button. Are you gonna hand it to him?


Apr 16 @ 10:08PM  
both parties are run by the same people,..,rothschilds and rockeffelers

this left-right thing is to divide people.,and place blame on either party

these people in DC are can not be that stupid

Apr 16 @ 10:11PM  
Obama already has the kill button.,he got it at the same time he was giving Mubarak of Egypt hell for shutting down the internet,.

****while everyone was distracted*****

Apr 16 @ 11:01PM  
Even employers look on the net first before they hire you, if you are on sites like Facebook, beware, employers will find you. What you post can either get you a job or put you out of the running for that job.

I can't believe they have shut down a gaming site online. Heck, next they will be shutting down the poker tables in Vegas, what next???

Apr 17 @ 2:30AM  
Obama already has the kill button

Calm down, Muppet. Take a few breaths. As is usual, it's not as bad as the propaganda-machine makes it out to be.

It simply requires that, in the event of a massive cyber attack, the government coordinate with service providers to prevent the internet from being broken.

The facts

Basically, the service providers (e.g., in my case, Comcast) are required to have emergency plans in place. Which, if they were smart, they'd do anyway. The government has no authority to tell them what emergency plan to use (i.e., the service providers can make their own plans). The government can just examine the plans and order more security if the plans are too weak.

The idea being, if an attack happens, the economy doesn't take a massive hit.

So it's not a kill switch. Honest. (At least, not one that wasn't put in place by the Republicans--i.e., the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act gave Bush the powers that the Republicans are claiming Obama was after...)

Apr 17 @ 8:52AM  
Amazing, when you and the respondants to your blog..concurr..that their freedoms are
now "Taken Away" the FBI... Ahhh, you're a bit out of touch with relality....In the
blog its mentioned that they banks that do money laundering are not totally a
inept concept if the real world. Initially, drug dealers, et al..don't use banks..they have a dozen different venues to "Launder" their monies. Poker is certainly one of them as
no records are kept, except maybe by the IRS..Where you'all miss the boat..its NOT
the FBI..that institutes the procedures....its "finCEN" up on them they have the pipeline to DEA, FBI, CIA, Nat'l Intell etc...and they are the ones that pull the plug
because....ITS THEIR JOB !!!!...its not just the Politicians that are outright crooks..theres a few in the scamming business.

Apr 17 @ 9:55AM  
most of you think that YOUR government is doing a GREAT fvking job


I see America taking the free out of freedom. When I look around at my own country and it's people, I swallow my pride and often put my tail between my legs in shame as I'm guilty and to blame too. Half the time I rather hide my head in the sand.

There isn't any real rebels anymore. Wonder how it would have turned out if the south won? How worse would it be?

Apr 17 @ 10:37AM  
Aside from all the politics, I was sad to see the poker business shut down. I had a Canadian friend who made a living playing Texas Holdem. It's a good game. 75 percent skill 25 percent luck. The best time to play was on Fri and Sat night. Lots of stupid drunk players. I was getting pretty good at the game when they shut it down. Not making a living and not even winning overall but, I could play a month or two on 50 bucks. It was cheap entertainment. It's a game of discipline if you want to win. It's a sad state of affairs when a government takes away yet another freedom.

Apr 17 @ 10:47AM  
Mission_Impossible139 said:
It's a sad state of affairs when a government takes away yet another freedom.

I didn't realize that illegal offshore gambling was one of our freedoms...

Apr 17 @ 11:03AM  

It's only the loss of freedom,,, when it's something you want to do.
When it's something someone else wants to do,,, then we are getting a dangerous element under control.

Perhaps,,, MI would like to tax the rich some more to pay for the game addiction withdraw treatments all the former players are going to face.

They'll be in back ally poker shops,,, if we don't get corporations and wall street types to pay for their treatments.

Maybe, since MI is experienced, he can get a block grant and open a poker addiction half way house to help the poor unfortunates who are going to suffer so much at the hands of the government.

Many of these sites were started when Bush was in office,,, so it was his fault anyway.


Apr 17 @ 11:16AM  
It's really not that big of a deal. The only reason it was "an illegal offshore gambling business" is because the US government made it so. Before that time, it was legal. I don't think spending 25 bucks every few months would be considered an addiction. It was cheap entertainment in my opinion but it's not something I'd argue about or continue to post facts or non-facts. It was fun while it lasted.

Apr 17 @ 11:18AM  
Stirred up a little hornets nest, did we?

Apr 17 @ 11:33AM  
Mission_Impossible139 said:
It's really not that big of a deal.

Mission_Impossible... we're talking about millions of dollars here. Pure TAXABLE profit... yes?

I'm OK with taxing the rich.
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