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Exxon Mobil Profit Per Gallon Of Gas = 2 cents Government Profit = **48 cents**

posted 4/28/2011 7:21:40 PM |
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In the latest quarter, Exxon Mobil made just over 2 cents per gallon in profit for a gallon of gas it sold. But the federal and state governments, which tack HUGE taxes on every gallon of gas you buy made a whopping 48 cents per gallon. And that's just an average. In some states, like California government took a whopping 66 cents for every gallon consumers bought.

But that doesn't even count the "hidden" taxes that the government imposes on each gallon such as the so called " corporate taxes." The government imposes HUGE taxes on companies like Exxon Mobil. But oil companies don't actually pay any taxes any more than any other companies do. They build those taxes into the price of the product they sell passing them along to the consumer. Which means YOU pay the taxes. The money goes to the government, but it isn't called taxes. And that's ON TOP OF AND IN ADDITION TO the 48 cents you are already paying for every gallon you buy.

And unlike Exxon Mobil, which only makes money if you buy their brand, the government doesn't care which brand you buy. THEY GET THEIR CUT ON EVERY SINGLE BRAND. It's a racket that would make the Mob blush.

Gas stations used to post the taxes on every gas pump so people could know how much they are paying in taxes when they fill up. But the left lobbied to pass a law to prevent that and political pressure forced them to stop posting that information. THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE STEALING FROM YOU.

Meanwhile, you hear one speech after another from Obama, the Democrats and the left demonizing the oil companies, demanding that they be punished for their outrageous greed and calling for EVEN MORE taxes to be imposed on them THAT YOU WILL END UP PAYING.

The federal government alone is borrowing ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS **EVERY HOUR** to fund its out of control spending habit. $188,000,000 EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY IN BORROWING. And still, that isn't enough for Obama and the Democrats. What is their answer to the government spending death spiral we we are in? .... SPEND MORE ... TAX MORE ... BORROW MORE.

Obama states that nothing can be done about oil prices. Oh really? How about CUTTING OUT THE DAMN TAXES? How come he didn't mention any of this in any of his speeches?

Obama and the Democrats keep telling us "We know you don't want to pay more taxes, but we all need to sacrifice to help the economy." I don't know about you, but I think we sacrifice enough for the damn government. HOW ABOUT THE DAMN GOVERNMENT SACRIFICE FOR US FOR A CHANGE?

Gasoline Taxes Vs. Exxon Profit, Per Gallon

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Apr 28 @ 7:29PM  
I'm glad your on my side. Run for anything, I'll vote for you

Apr 28 @ 7:31PM  
I use my feet a lot, my bike and my Honda gas required.

If we all stopped buying gas....then what? I know....some can't afford not to ....but who can afford "to"?

It's crazy.....there are so many other options yet we continue to guzzle the gas.

At this point I don't think anything can "help" the economy. Are we to far gone?

Apr 28 @ 10:39PM  
You know a gallon of milk is around the same price as a gallon of gas in many places. And there is a whole lot more investment and costs involved in producing a gallon of gas than a gallon of milk.

Yet I don't see Obama calling for more taxes on cows or government investigations of dairy farms.

Why? Because demonizing cows and dairy farmers doesn't fit his agenda. But demonizing oil and oil companies does.

Let me ask you something:

If I place a bet that a team will score 1,000 points in a basketball game does that mean they will score more points? They will score as many points as they can. They don't care what I bet, it is irrelevant.

Well blaming Wall Street "speculators" for the price of oil is about as stupid as blaming people who bet on sporting events for the scores in the games. It's exactly the same principle.

BTW: Federal and state taxes in Hawaii are over 64 cents per gallon. At $4 a gallon that's a 16% tax. But when Obama took office, gas was about $1.80 a gallon. The taxes were the same 64 cents. That means taxes were over 36% of the cost of gas.

And as I pointed out. That only includes the part that was called "tax." Who knows how much more of what you pay goes to the government in hidden taxes passed through to you in the price to cover the cost of all the government fees, regulation compliance costs and corporate taxes they slam the oil companies with?

The oil companies aren't the problem, the "speculators" aren't the problem. The government is the problem.

Apr 29 @ 12:03AM  
The tax is high to help pay for the 4 billion dollars in subsidies Exxon gets from the government. The taxes also help maintain the poor conditions of the interstate highways..

The Commodity traders and our demand vs refinery issues are what really drive the prices up. Some states gouge the buyer just as bad as the feds..

I've also seen the same chart and similar article dated yesterday by the same guy saying 7 cents vs 42 cents.. So it sounds like the data being shared is not so accurate..


Apr 29 @ 12:15AM  
Speaking of $4 billion.

Shell Oil spent $4 billion looking for oil in Alaska and discovered a shitload of it.

But Obama's EPA denied them a permit to drill for it.

Apr 29 @ 11:43AM  
Just a point of order,,,, if I may.

Profit, is what you have left over after you pay your bills.

Now, considering the debt our country has,,,
and considering all the the gasoline sold in the country,, not just Exxon Mobil,,,,

The amount added to each gallon of gas to pay the debt in one year is....
$100 per gallon. A freaking C-note for every single gallon of gasoline purchased.

Now that does not sound too bad,,,

It means you could fill up a Honda for about $1600 dollars.

Now,,, you tell me,,, is this a taxation problem, or a spending problem.

Apr 29 @ 4:59PM  
Let me ask a question for the liberals reading this.

Communists/socialists/progressives/liberals/America haters claim to care about the interests of the "little guy."

But yet they try to destroy the oil industry, an industry owned by millions of little guys.

Take Exxon Mobil, for example. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans own Exxon: directly, through their pension plans, through mutual funds, through insurance plans or because they are one of the nearly 100,000 people that Exxon employs and they belong to the company's stock ownership plan. These are moms and pops, grandmas and grandpas, the couple next door, the middle class, the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.

Now tell me this. Exxon and its owners have to put their money at risk to spend billions looking for new sources of oil so they you can run your car, heat your home, have a roof over your head and food on your table often getting nothing for their effort because either there was no oil where they explored, or because the government refused to let them drill where they found the oil, or a hundred other possible reasons. Then they have to construct the drilling rigs, install them in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, spend months and sometimes years drilling for the oil, transport the oil around the globe on ships and trucks and through pipelines (that they have to purchase and build ... btw creating millions of more jobs), refine the oil into gas, transport it to a network of gas stations by trucks, maintain the network of gas stations, and then sell the gas to consumers.

For this they make a profit of a little over 2 cents per gallon.

The government on average makes at least 48 cents a gallon on the gas that Exxon sells. And its real profit is probably at least twice that as I explained previously. What exactly does the government do to earn that money?

You say you are for the little guy and the middle class. Why then do you begrudge the little guy his 2 cents for all of the risk, work and effort he has to expend to provide such a vital product that everyone -- including the middle class -- needs and demands yet you have no problem with the giant juggernaut of government coming in with its heavy hand and adding 50 times that amount to the price of every gallon SOLD TO THE LITTLE GUY while contributing absolutely nothing to the process?
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