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*** BREAKING NEWS *** Picture Of Bin Laden's Burial At Sea Released

posted 5/4/2011 12:30:08 PM |
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As stated by the Pentagon, Osama Bin Laden was given an appropriately respectful burial at sea as proven by this photo of the burial.

America Releases Photo Of Bin Laden's Burial At Sea

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*** BREAKING NEWS *** Picture Of Bin Laden's Burial At Sea Released
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May 4 @ 12:35PM  
They dumped the wrong guy..No left eye bullet hole

May 4 @ 12:39PM  
The dotted his eye?

Hey I love this one...

The government reported his body was gently eased into the sea.

That also turns out to be true.

But it was gently eased from THIRTY FEET OFF THE WATER off the side of an aircraft carrier.

May 4 @ 12:44PM  
They are still deciding whether or not to release the photo.

May 4 @ 1:33PM  
That is in poor taste (even though I like bacon). However, I must admit that I got a grin and giggle out of it.

May 4 @ 1:39PM  
They are still deciding whether or not to release the photo.

As much as we (myself included) would like to see it with the mentality of gawking at a bad car wreck, releasing pics does put Americans more at risk from a backlash. I actually worry more about this backlash happening in Indonesia or the Philippines targeting US citizens.

May 4 @ 1:47PM  
I don't think releasing the pictures makes any difference.

Anyone who has a problem with our killing Bin Laden is our enemy anyway. I'm going to worry about pissing off our enemies? I want to kill them, but I am worried about pissing them off? I don't think so.

Any friend of Bin Laden's is already doing everything in their power to kill us. I'm not afraid of doing whatever we want to do and we can't allow them to intimidate us into making decisions the way they want us to make them. They don't like it? They're pissed off? Well tough luck, that's our freedom of speech and freedom to defend ourselves. Just keep your stinking violence to yourself or you'll be next.

And as far as convincing people he is dead? How is a photo going to help in the age of photoshop. Non-believers will still not believe it even after it is released.

BTW: Hamas issued a statement condemning America for killing Bin Laden, just in case you were wondering whose side they are on.

May 4 @ 2:14PM  
AP just reported Obama is not going to release any photos.

May 4 @ 5:38PM  
It's just as well. Like you mentioned, in the age of photoshop, it is almost pointless anyway.

Why throw gasoline on a smoldering fire?

Lets just turn that whole area into black glass, whatdayasay?

May 4 @ 10:02PM  
Oh no, not bacon. You know they can't touch pork.

May 4 @ 10:36PM  
~giggle~ love the pic!!!

I don't think releasing the pic of his body would do any good except to increase the number of potential recruits to al qaeda.

May 4 @ 11:04PM  

May 5 @ 12:28AM  
Considering I just saw an ad on this very site for T-shirts with OBL on it, I think showing pics and having them merchandised would be a VERY bad idea at this point in time.

May 5 @ 1:06AM  
Here are some pictures from the raid. Note in picture number five what appears to be some pot plants (obviously not sensimilla)

May 5 @ 1:09AM  
That number 8 looks like he's got a nasty hangover. Been there.

May 6 @ 1:56PM  

Btw, Obama shot Osama, and WE get the 72 versions!

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