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Pakistan...Kiss My Ass!

posted 5/5/2011 12:04:55 PM |
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Anyone that reads my "words of wisdom" know me as a man that really doesn't like Obama. Actually, that's pretty much of an understatement. I disagree completely with his policies, and I have often wondered if the truth has ever come from his mouth. I apologize for being blunt, but I am being as honest as possible about this. Some of you will insist that I am a racist...or a bigot...but anyone that knows me will tell you I am not. Don't worry, I don't think a few of you will believe that...but I take no exception to your opinion.

I have said many times before that I didn't like GW's policies either, because he was also trying to grow the government much too big for what it was designed to be. I am a mystery there. Am I conspiracy theorisist? All I can say about that is...I try not to be. I'm sure it happens to all of us from time to time. Even the ones of you who say it doesn't...did you believe the issues of GW's service record in the National Guard? Come honest with yourself. If it was on the news...a lot of people believed it.

Do I believe Barak gave us an actual birth certificate? Honestly, no...because there are too many inconsistancies in it. I don't need to go into this...because some of you will only try to argue or try to dispute what I say.

Do I believe he is eligible to be the President of the United States? Again...the answer is no. Even if he was born here...his father was not an American citizen. You can disagree with me...but the Constitution is clear on this.

Do I believe he is a good President? has NOTHING do do with race, or has EVERYTHING to do with POLICIES.

If Osama bin Laden was removed from this world in a firefight with our Navy Seals, then Barak Obama has my sincere thanks and gratitude. Since the Navy Seals have finished their debriefing, I wish the commander of that group would hit the airwaves and tell us what really happened. Unfortunately, the story from the White House has changed so many usual it's hard to believe our administration.

I was in the Navy and retired from the military. If ANY member of that Seal team will say to our nation that bin Laden is dead...I will trust him and believe him completely. These are men of pride, integrity, and honesty. The sad thing is...I can't say the same for any member of this administration or any members in Congress. (Yes, that includes both sides).

So, hate me or love me...we all have our opinions. I disagree with some of you and agree with others. No matter whether we disagree or not...we are all Americans, and I wish no harm to any of you.

One last thing...Pakistan issued the United States a warning...can you believe that? They hide this terrorist for 10 years and hve the nerve to tell us not to make any more raids in their country. Pakistan...with all due respect...Kiss My Ass!

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May 5 @ 12:18PM  
What gets me are the billions of our money that have been gave to Pakistan..I think that needs to now !

May 5 @ 12:26PM  
Again....the answer to the problem is to carpet bomb the entire middle east.....bring our people home.....problem solved.......cookie

May 5 @ 12:46PM  
They can turn that whole part of the world into a melted sand puddle with no loss that's for sure.

But comon, you STILL are a "Birther"? LMFAOAY..

May 5 @ 1:07PM  
You can disagree with me...but the Constitution is clear on this.

This is bull. The Constitution says nothing of the kind. What the Constitution says is this:

"No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President."

And while the Constitution does not lay down any further criteria, the 1790 Naturalization Act did provide some clarification and defined natural born citizen as anyone being born here or a person born abroad to American citizens, such as John McCain.

Furthermore, the Constitution requires the individual, not his/her parents be natural born citizens. If that were the case, Thomas Jefferson (mother born in England), James Buchanan (father born in Ireland), Chester Arthur (father born in Ireland), Woodrow Wilson (mother born in England), and Herbert Hoover (mother born in Canada). Andrew Jackson is the only US president born to two immigrants, both parents being born in Ireland. Also, there have been many candidates for the highest elected office in the land, who had one or more parents born abroad. These include Charles Evans Hughes, the governor of New York, Supreme Court Justice and resident of the cemetery where I work.

May 5 @ 1:28PM  
If ANY member of that Seal team will say to our nation that bin Laden is dead...I will trust him and believe him completely.

As a Navy vet, or not, You should be aware that ALL BLACK OPS PERSONNEL's identitities are necessarily kept secret ..And are sworn to secrecy way above most vet's paygrades
I can't even get to my records because they're buried in a vault at Fort Bragg..
And mine go back to about 50 years ago.

May 5 @ 1:48PM  
All that money in aid to Pakistan, them supposedly being an "ally" of ours in the war on terror, and yet, every time the U.S. wanted to go into Pakistan to search for Bin Laden and Sheik Omar (the one eyed sheik of the Taliban), Pakistan's government always said "no". Not very ally like at all is it? And now, proof that Bin Laden has been living in Pakistan....I'd say the U.S. really needs to re evaluate their "relationship" with Pakistan.

Oh..and Pakistan being "mad" about this? They can kiss themselves where the sun don't shine.

May 5 @ 2:11PM  
Bin Laden entered America without authority and killed, You entered Pakistan without authority and killed. You are like your adversaries, believe you are above International Law. They usually say that enemies see similarities in each other, but to me you have not shown you have demonstrated you have the moral high-ground, two wrongs will never make a right. One day, you will be carpet bombed I'm sure, it will be someone just like you who does it.

May 5 @ 2:13PM  
I would not like to be a member of that seal team.

There is only one sure way to seal their lips.


May 5 @ 4:40PM  
Pakistan said that it was cold blooded what we did, but....did they forget about 911 and what Osama did? They definitely have a selective memory.

May 5 @ 6:49PM  
It is one situation for The USA with Mexico and Canada as our bordering neighbors, and no Jihadist groups on our continent, and another situation for Pakistan, with the Taliban and El Quaeda as neighbors, or even inside their borders, and with strongly antiAmerican countries close by.

When they see the results of the American "liberation" of Iraq and Afghanistan, they may not want to get too cosy with us.

And, diplomacy is doing the worst kind of actions, in the nicest kind of way. You have to take what they say with a very large grain of salt.

May 5 @ 7:01PM  
Again....the answer to the problem is to carpet bomb the entire middle east.....bring our people home.....problem solved.......cookie

And in so doing would that not bring the US down to their level? not every citizen in the Middle East is as are their governments it would be like lighting a candle from both ends and hoping the wax in the center does not melt. It is also to my understanding that Pakistan is nuclear capable if the US were to as was stated
carpet bomb what would pause them from retaliation? My husband said most likely
any missiles would apparently be on mobile launchers and be able to escape danger.
The world has enough countries nuclear weapons waiting for a reason to use them be it a valid reason or not I for one do not want to think of clouds of nuclear ash floating down upon the Philippines or the US for that matter as Ibrahim said laying the Mid East to waste would be as if playing Russian Roulette with all the chambers filled.

May 5 @ 7:28PM  
It's a shame that we have to support Pakistan, a country full of people who hate us, when their enemy next door -- India -- would be such a better choice as a friend. The Indian people like us (except for the fact that we support their enemy Pakistan), their values are a lot closer to ours, and they are emerging powerhouse in the world... while Pakistan is already a cesspool and going downwards from there.

The unfortunate reality is that sometimes you need to do business with the devil to keep an even worse devil from getting you. I think that is the case with Pakistan.

I too would like to tell them where to stick it... and work more closely with India instead.

May 5 @ 7:50PM  
John McCain wasn't born in this country?


where are the kooky liberals who are insisting he is not a citizen? have we seen his birth certificate?????

what is the hypocrisy here? why ask one presidential candidate to prove he is a citizen based on his place of birth and not another????

what is the difference? huh?? what??? oh!!!! he is white!!!!!!

you mean that's the only difference? well ,,isn' that racist just by it's very nature?

then how can people who only insist on seeing the half black mans one and giving the lilly white guy a free pass not consider themselves racist?

maybe they don't know what the word means..or more likely,,maybe they are in denial and there racism is so deep seeded even they don't realize it,,,

remember,,when you say something like "i have many BLACK friends" you are qualifying them as a separate group thus confirming you are a racist..

the proper thing that a non racist would say,,is .....

i have lots of friends of all races and persuasions.......

see the difference or is that silly looking hood with the tiny eye cutouts to hard to see out of?

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