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For those who either love God,,, or not,,,

posted 8/20/2011 12:08:14 AM |
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Please pray,, or not.

Tithe,, or not.

Face east,,, or not.

Hail Mary,,, or not.

Fvck and slaughter virgins on the summer soltice,,, or not.

Do what ever the heck you want to do in the name of your religion,,, or not.

Just Shut The Fvck Up,,, please. No matter what your damn thoughts and beliefs,,, pro or con,,, please,,, just STFU.

You are converting no one on this site,,, one way or the other. All you ever do,,, is deficate your trash in what ever spot you choose to spill it,,, what ever that trash may be.

You had a whole damn forum,,, you fvcked that up.
So you moved to a differenet forum,,, and you fvcked that up as well.

Now here you are,,, in blog land,,, and guess what? It's just a matter of time,,, before you fvck this up as well.


And before you start with the finger pointing and the he said,,, she said,,, understand,,, the way all of you fvcked it up,,, is your inability to listen to others without getting your panties in a wad,,, and then post after post after post of your passive aggressive bullshit designed more to hurt someone else, or stir a pot,,,, than to make a damn intelligent point.

For those of you on one side,,, good job! You have managed to demonstrate the exact thing your moldy oldy tome of love is trying to teach you not to do. GOOD JOB.

For those of you on the other side,,,, why the fvck do you even care? When I see someone holding a turd on a stick and praying to it,,, I don't feel compelled to engage them in battle,,, I just laugh and move on. Why do you let these few here turn your screws,,, unless you are somehow trying to justify how you don't measure up to the turd on a stick.

For all of you.... what have you accomplished other than fvcking up the venues by shitting on the floors?

Please,,, just STFU,,, and by all means,,, quit emailing the mods about who shit on the floor,,, while you are squatting in the other corner.

Now,, if you will excuse me,,, I'm taking a leave. This place is starting to smell like s.h.i.t.,,, again.

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I have to confess....


Aug 20 @ 12:24AM  
Amen brother..... ....cookie

Aug 20 @ 12:34AM  
where you leaving to? Can I come?

Aug 20 @ 1:01AM  
howzabout I write a blog about the idiot 15 yr old here in Tville that tried to jump a train last week?.. still shaking my head over that one

Aug 20 @ 1:37AM  
This is basically a recap of a comment I posted on another blog on a similar subject:

Subjects that inspire others to radiate an aura of “love, romance, & passion” seem more appropriate for an on-line dating site . . . perhaps even advice on how to express “cheerfulness, good humor, empathy, & kindness.”

Aug 20 @ 1:53AM  
I would be in much greater kindness and good cheer if I could lovingly shove a road flare in their eye, and push it out of the back of their head.


Aug 20 @ 2:11AM  

Aug 20 @ 2:41AM  
ah chit, I had anudder Kudo

Did you know these things are free?

Aug 20 @ 8:18AM  
Pissed off much???
Great blog after my own heart

Aug 20 @ 8:20AM  

Aug 20 @ 8:42AM  
I'm gonna pray

that some day

all of this will go away

Thaz all I gotta say !!

Except.................................................................. great blog Bard !!

Aug 20 @ 10:10AM  

Great Blog!!!

Aug 20 @ 11:24AM  

This blog just made my day!

You could not have expressed it better if you tried...and a bazillion kudos to you if I had them...

Aug 20 @ 11:30AM  
Have I told you how much I love Bacon Spam?

Oh, and you are right. ( don't let it go to your head)


Aug 20 @ 11:41AM  

Aug 20 @ 11:45AM  
You are converting no one on this site,

I know-right?

Aug 20 @ 12:09PM  

Great blog!

Aug 20 @ 1:01PM  
Common sense says to avoid the topics of religion or politics unless you are specifically looking to cause chaos. Your beliefs in politics or religion should be yours alone to share with whom you chose but not out in public.

MOST of us don't want to hear it.

The guy I'm seeing cracks me up, he talks politics to me all the time, I don't respond, hell I don't even pay attention. He still hasn't even figured out that I'm a different political party than he is. He is just so dead set in his ways. I guess he isn't aware we have never even had a political discussion in over the year I've been seeing him. It's all his side but he is so opinionated I won't get involved in a discussion and he is fricking clueless.

It keeps from striking a spark on a couple of levels.

Aug 20 @ 1:02PM  
Look at how many kudos this blog got!

Does that tell you folks we don't want to hear about politics or religion.


Aug 20 @ 1:26PM gonna start using that means so much and its so easy to use.....cookie

Aug 20 @ 1:51PM  
Well said !

Mine makes 20 kudos

I believe I'll start dropping STFUs here and there.

On second thought, I'll set an example and STFU myself..

Aug 20 @ 4:16PM  
This blog is so good, I tried to give it MORE kudos!!!!!!!!!!!


Aug 20 @ 6:07PM  
gawd... I love you

Aug 20 @ 7:51PM  
Let me say,,, for those who don't know me,,,

I LOVE A GOOD DEBATE. On any topic. Religous,,, political,,, crackers in bed,,, sex with animals,,, sex like animals,,, you name it.

The point is,,, when we start the counter blogs,,, the jabbing at one personally instead of just making our points,,, gets out of hand very quickly.

When you have to involve the moderators in a debate about any topic,,, it's no longer a debate.

I know there are many here who can debate without making the attacks personal. Trouble is,,, most here can not. Therefore,,,, wait,,,,

I'll just STFU about it.


(((( ps... Fender once told me,,, if I waited over a day,,, I could read a blog again and give it another Kudo. ))))

Aug 21 @ 7:53AM  

Looking through your blog list I see you've been doing some squatting of your own. Well, mayhap I should not have mentioned that.

Aug 21 @ 9:13AM  
So in about another hour, I can give you another KUDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I'll be back..............

Aug 21 @ 9:22AM  
OMG, Lois you're right! I just added a Kudo just to see if I could.

Time to make the rounds.

Aug 21 @ 10:16AM  

It really works......................Kudos, Bard!!

Love ya, Dill...........

Aug 21 @ 11:59AM  

Aug 21 @ 11:59AM  

Aug 21 @ 4:33PM  

NO... you should mention it. Despite my debates on politics,,, religion,,, etc.,,, go check out the "abuse" thread in the forums. Do you see me either constantly running to mods,,, or being the subject of repeated complaints to the mods?

No. Why?

Because debate does not involve personal attacks and other bull shit. So for me,,, the mods resorting to banning politics and religion in the forums,,, is a down grade. All because,,, some dumb asses can't learn to play nice.

And now,,, here they are starting the same shit in blog land.

Time to stop playing mamby pamby with the same handfull of assholes who keep cropping up and starting the same old shit.


Aug 22 @ 11:26PM  
asses will always be asses. nothing is going to change

Aug 23 @ 6:14PM  
slip over to the general talk forums,, and look for the locked threads,,,,

decide for yourself.


Aug 29 @ 8:24PM  
Trust me, I've been praying a lot the past few days.

Aug 29 @ 8:46PM  


Aug 29 @ 9:11PM  
More kudos............................

Sep 8 @ 10:23PM  
Okay so I missed this mainly because I herd blogland was a warzone again and well it gets old yanno?? so here I is FINALLY giving you a kudo and a and hell I break this out since I haven't used it in a while you gets a <(*V*)> my highest honor you so freaking rock!!!!!!

Sep 8 @ 10:33PM  
I just can't stop................

I love this blog............AND.......

More kudos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 8 @ 10:48PM  
When I saw the Kudo count I had to stop in just to leave another little green guy.

Sep 11 @ 6:26PM  

Sep 11 @ 6:36PM  
The only thing banning the political and religious threads accomplished was turning the crazies loose in other threads and blogland. At least there they were contained into their own little world of hatred.

Now the nuts are so crazed at having their spewing forums removed that they spill their nonsense everywhere else.


Sep 11 @ 6:46PM  
I just dropped by to leave another kudo.

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