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From the other side of La Lune.

posted 8/23/2011 9:35:12 PM |
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And from the other side of the town, across the expanse, La Lune turns and the reflected light shines not to illuminate the darkness, but only to deepen the shadows across the deep facial lines and scars on a bent man’s soul. A constant reminder of the nightmares that now live within, which were born on the blood soaked ground between the keeps of two sides long forgotten by history.

The nightmares, pinned to his sleep with the nine swords, occupy his day with the fear of the inevitable slipping into the dream state where the nightmares have free rein. Always hanging over him, he is stuck there on the bridge between the world of dreams, and the world of reality. Each aware of the other, taking full advantage to do as much damage as possible, but unable to complete that final victory. It is a stalemate of despair, misery, and malice that can only lead to isolation, imprisonment, institutionalization, or death by his own hand.

He lurks the night, and the hidden places. Seen but not seen. For in his full view, the terror of his dreams attaches to the souls of the innocent, and leaches the life force from them. And to save those around him from his vile brew, he long ago smashed the 10 cups of the innocent, and now he searches the ground for any shards of pottery left by other wayward souls. With shaking hands, he places them together, twisting them, turning them, and sealing them with dirt and his own blood, hoping to mend the pieces, to make a single cup, a start, a beginning, to wet his perpetual thirst and to start him on a new journey.

Only through his faith in his own abilities, and his calculated inaction, has he survived this long while others have fallen. And he plods forward, oblivious to the dangers of man, and accepting of the dangers within his own heart. He holds a rose,, on his never ending quest,,, this vagabond, this jester, this fool,,, this Bard.

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Aug 23 @ 9:40PM  

Aug 23 @ 9:44PM  
* SIGH *
I had to read your post twice for it to sink in properly . . . And I'm going to have to read it again; again, & again.

Aug 23 @ 9:46PM  
Please,, read JO Snow's blog first,,, then this one makes more sense.

I so marvel at the lady's talent,,,
and I'll be forever in her debt.

But that's another story.

Aug 23 @ 9:51PM  

Aug 23 @ 9:58PM  
I went to read the first "La Lune", then read this one..and like the first one, I'm leaving a kudo.

Aug 23 @ 10:48PM  
Nice write, nice read. Thank you.

Aug 23 @ 10:56PM  

Aug 23 @ 11:00PM  
Holy-Hay-zoose, Bard...put this with the other...and it blows my mind...

Aug 24 @ 12:17AM  

Aug 24 @ 12:50AM  
He holds a rose,, on his never ending quest,,, this vagabond, this jester, this fool,,, this Bard.

Oh my!

Now I hope the two of you can come up with a happier ending.

The moon casts mysterious shadows.....and in the shadows meet.

Great write from you, too, Bard!

Aug 24 @ 1:18AM  
wonderful writing..

Aug 24 @ 7:18AM  

Now I hope the two of you can come up with a happier ending.

Aug 24 @ 8:46AM  
Please,, read JO Snow's blog first,,, then this one makes more sense.

Thank you for pointing that out. I went and read Jo's blog, was blown out of the water, then came back and read this again and got blown out of the water again.

Getting blown out of the water twice before finishing my first cup of coffee is a remarkable way to start this day.


Now I'm going to try and calm down all my goose bumps

Aug 24 @ 11:28AM  
I really, really like it when you blog.

Aug 24 @ 2:51PM  
Good writing! Thank you for sharing (and for accepting choos' challenge)

Aug 24 @ 4:00PM  
Thank you all....

Aug 29 @ 11:09AM  

Aug 29 @ 9:34PM  

Aug 29 @ 9:41PM  
I find something new each time I read it.

Something that makes me catch my breath..............
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