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Repost: I am not Liberal, nor am I Conservative

posted 8/25/2011 9:10:23 PM |
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What I am, is American. I wake up in the morning to an alarm clock, I get up, I let my dogs out, I turn on my coffee pot, head to the bathroom, I make my bed, I let my dogs back in, have breakfast, take a shower, go to work, do my job, come home, let my dogs out, change out of my work clothes and into my leisure clothes, let my dogs in, make myself something for dinner, or, on the rare occasion I feel lazy and have a couple extra bucks, I'll go up to McDonald's or Burger King and get "dinner". I watch the evening news, and afterwards, maybe a movie or two. I'll get online check email, stop in here or over on the other site.

I am American. I respect others their religious beliefs, whether I may agree with them or not. I'm thankful I live in a country where we are FREE to make our own choice in regards to this. I'm thankful to live in a country where I can speak my mind, and not lose my life over it (for the most part..I mean seriously...some people out there have a trigger happy temper). My late fiance had pagan beliefs, my mother has Christian beliefs, my father doesn't believe, so I guess that would make him Atheist if one wants to label it. My best friend, who is like a sister to me, is Catholic. Myself, I think of as being Spiritual in my beliefs. And in this country, that is my right.

I am American. I love it that I live in a country where I can choose who I want to vote for in elections. I'm not pinned down to just one party, I can pick and choose. I'm a registered voter, but I do not have to "declare" a party to be registered. I'm happy to live in a country where if I want to write my representative, I can. And sometimes I get lucky and they respond. (Yes, I know, most often it's one of their staff using a form letter) I'm thankful I can participate in elections. Not just Presidential, but state and local. They are just as important as national.

I am also (but you all thought I was going to say American again ) proud of this country where it's voluntary to serve in the military, that we are not required to enlist...that we can choose to do so. I also like that I can make my own decisions regarding my life. I don't want nor need government making life decisions for me. I will make my own. I will also pay my own bills, I do not want nor need a "handout". I will buy and maintain my own home, my own vehicle, my own body/health. I don't want nor need government doing that for me. Times are tough...I know it. I struggle every month to make sure my bills are paid, that I have gas in my van, that I have food in my cupboards and fridge for myself and for my pets. My house at one time was in foreclosure..I got it out of foreclosure on my own, I did not look for a handout, I found my own way out. When my credit cards got out of hand due to my own carelessness...I had to file for Chp 7. My one else did it to me.

I live in the best country there's not perfect, but, it's still the best.

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Aug 25 @ 9:33PM  
Now we are talking. I like to see patriotism .

You get a kudo

Aug 25 @ 9:43PM  
Good blog, Blue....................

Aug 25 @ 10:40PM  
Way to go Bluewind !!

Aug 25 @ 11:26PM  

Aug 25 @ 11:40PM  
ehhhh ... some people make too much out of rejecting the labels "liberal" and "conservative." Declaring that you are neither does not establish you as an “independent” thinker.

It's not about the labels, it's about the ideologies.

Sure, virtually all conservatives and I suppose a handful of liberals are proud to be "Americans." But there is a vast difference in what kind of America they are proud of. And that difference has real consequences in people’s lives.

So declaring that you are more enlightened than those Neanderthal thinkers who support one of those ideologies really doesn’t do anything to advance any cause that helps make this an America that you are proud of. It’s really just a cop out.

Aug 26 @ 12:03AM  
I see a whole lot of this blog that fits me as well. I can kudo this.

Aug 26 @ 2:25AM  
Well said Blue and I must agree, we are most fortunate to live in the United States of America,, I would wave a flag now if I could.

Aug 26 @ 9:35AM  
Most excellent my friend Kudos for a well written blog

Aug 27 @ 3:10AM  
Wave a flag if you could?

Is there some one keeping you from it?
Some mysterious force or being?

I show 3 large flags on both my Suburban and my 3/4 ton pickup.

They are old Chevys and made by real Americans.

Aug 27 @ 6:08AM  
Wave a flag if you could?

Is there some one keeping you from it?
Some mysterious force or being?

I do believe she meant "virtually/online." As in, "post an emoticon that shows a flag being waved."

If I am true in my assumption, that means that the force/being keeping her from doing so is two-fold: (1) she's not a gold member, so can't post off-site animated gifs; or (2) if she IS a gold member, she may not know where to find such an animated gif.

Aug 27 @ 12:54PM  
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