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The election season in a nutshell

posted 9/13/2011 11:47:01 AM |
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tagged: sarcasm, humor

Democrats: "The Republicans want to starve the poor, deny aid to people. We should tax the rich into oblivion"

Republicans: "The Democrats want to spread the wealth. They will raise your taxes. They spend, spend,spend.

Both sides: "We will create jobs with _________. We will bring America out of this Recession by _____________"

This has been a public service joke.........errrrrr.....announcement. Yeah, that's the word I'm looking for.

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Sep 13 @ 12:00PM  
The 2nd option sounds better than the first. The first sounds a bit over the top.

Sep 13 @ 12:57PM  
the democrats just want the rich to pay their fair share of the taxes.

When you can explain the difference in the money made at a tax rate of 15% plust the other 2 loop holes of 8 and 5% as compared to the standard 25% payroll tax for the middle class.

Are teh dam Republicans saying the Stock and bonds money has more value. does it spend differently. Is their a different kind of money like a rich dollar and a poor dollar.
I bet when you buy something they buy the same amount.

Sep 13 @ 1:31PM  
You got it!!!!

Sep 13 @ 5:08PM  
We could take every rich persons money ..all of it. It might last 8 more collected tax from the rich will not cure all the woes. It is just a batter-cry because it sounds good.
The middle class has always kept this country afloat.

I have a idea lets so much money to jump start the ecomney call it a bailout..opps that did not work..nevermind. Only the banks,Insurance giants and so on..etc
Paid for by you and me..

How about bailing out every American..each one of us gets 500k..banks secure,housing solved, auto industry..and so on...but that would have been so wrong ! A nice thought anyways.

Sorry being sarcastic...and unpractical thinking..If the government can do it so can I .

Sep 13 @ 7:19PM  
In the bygone days when there was no majority, elected officials compromised and came up with something doable that at least addressed an issue. This is no longer the case. Elected officials are now more concerned with stroking their ego and delighting their hard core base than representing all of their constituents. Grandstanding has taken precedence over practicality. Dogmatism and gridlock has been the disastrous result.

I have come to the conclusion that the elected officials of today find it much easier to strive for self serving sound bites and say what they don't like, than it is to to roll up their sleeves and find a workable solution that, at least, partially addresses a problem/issue in some proactive way.

It is quite obvious that our nation is diverse in political opinions, interests and agendas. It is also obvious that we must accommodate these. Instead of proactive accommodation, I see rhetoric. The result is that when all is said and done, much is said and not a damned thing gets done

Sep 13 @ 7:55PM  
oth sides: "We will create jobs with _________. We will bring America out of this Recession by _____________"

Don't know when you folks will ever get to the crux of the debacle...It starts with the
bouncing ball..Self Interest groups (Incl: Corporations), hire Lobbyists..who in turn
are the parasites that congress breeds upon for votes and money. Then the Congress
marches to the will of the Lobbyists..Add the Unbalanced Administration, and Voila !!
you are on the doorstep of today's problems and econony. Ourside of gambling and
whore houses, what's left to tax in the USA..all Mfg is overseas..Nobody has the balls
to say..time to Boycott GE..and the billions they harbor in offshore accounts..There's
the tax base..except..Obama is buddy, buddy with Imelt, Richard Trumpka and the
unions. Take a peek at all the unions that are affiliated with AFL-CIO..they're breaking
this country...wanting to follow Greece..into bankruptcy..sound familiar? NO??? then
take a look at Spain, Italy, France and all the Union Controlled Economies.

Sep 13 @ 8:07PM  
No humor. You've got it, a nutshell!

Sep 13 @ 8:14PM  
Keep hope afloat!
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