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posted 11/22/2011 7:56:24 PM |
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tagged: support, love, kindness

In these times of mad dashes to get things done, the fast pacing lives we live and of course with all the worries of paying bills, all too often we just forget to stop and breathe.
Many of us have hobbies, but often we don’t have the time to work on them and enjoy them.
21st century living has us so busy with everything that we just don´t get time for ourselves.
And amidst the rush of it all, we often forget what is important in our lives and only too often are we reminded by bad news of friends or family which suddenly makes us put the brakes on and realise how much they mean to us.

But it shouldn´t be like that. We shouldn’t have to wait to hear devastating news to make us do the things we should have been doing all along.
I suppose what I am saying is, we take everything for granted, including people, even our pets.

It is nice though, when we are the ones that are being appreciated, our gestures of kindness or even just valued for who we are goes a long way.

While I have been here in Portugal, waiting to be able to return home, a few things have happened. Some sad, some happy.
The happy times were of course spending times with Dad, we have become much closer over the last few years and I can truly say that now our relationship is really special.
He wanted a new computer as his old one was making awful sounds and was getting really slow, so as I am fairly capable with the basics, I set his new one up for him, connected it to the internet and downloaded all his favourite programs and made favourites of his sites he likes to visit, making it easier for him to find.
Then, his ex who lives locally also bought a computer and so asked me to set that up for her too. I didn´t mind but after a few days I was getting a stress headache with it all! She was very grateful however, and gave me a bottle of my favourite liquor as a thank you gift which I really appreciated.

The sad times were Dad losing his beloved dog Sox, she was 16 and he let her go out of kindness as she was very ill and there was nothing more the vet could do. I was glad that I was here at that time to be a support to Dad and my presence being a distraction from all the sadness of her loss.
Then Dad had a phonecall from his best friend´s wife to say that his
friend´s health prognosis was not good, and not even the doctors are sure of how long he has left. Dad of course was shocked and saddened, but I told him to make the most of his friend while he has him and to enjoy as much as he can with him.
Then 2 weeks later Dads cockatiel died. I found Ronald dead on the floor of his cage. He was 12 years old and had been great company for Dad with his whistles and funny sayings. Dad buried him in the garden, and that night we went out to dinner to take his mind off of it all.

Its been a strange few weeks, some stressful, some sad and some happy, and with the final news of being able to travel back to the States and the worry of me getting home a thing of the past, things started to settle down again.
Gregg was more than pleased when I told him the date and time of my flight home, and I know there will also be 4 four legged fur babies who will be pleased to see me too!

After I got back this afternoon from setting up Dads friend´s computer, I made myself a cup of tea and stood on the porch to admire the view.
As I sipped on the hot tea and began to relax, I started to think about all the things that had happened in the past few weeks.
Yes, I will be pleased to go home, as Texas is my home now, but I think I will always have a piece of my heart here in beautiful Portugal.

But what is most important, is that even though it was unfortunate I was unable to travel home on my original flight, my time hasn’t been wasted in any way.
I took advantage of the quiet here and finished a portrait I had been commissioned to do and threw a dinner party for Dad´s friends which he really appreciated. We also had visitors from England and we showed them around the Algarve.

But.. even all that said.. the most valuable of my time here was being here for Dad at times when he needed me.
So even within all the darkness and worry of whether or not I could travel home, there was an upside. I was here at a time when Dad needed me the most... and that to me is priceless.

Dad is coming to see me in February for my birthday, so it won´t be too long before we see each other again.

Life is full of surprises, twists and turns and unforeseen events..

.. and whether the rule exists of.. “Everything happens for a reason”.. or not..

The fact is that when things do happen.. its nice to know that we have someone to share it all with.. a loving hand.. or a kind word...

and it is well to remember that it should not only be expected from others to ourselves..

For material things cost.. yet love and compassion...

…................................................................................are totally free.

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Nov 22 @ 8:20PM  
So lovely, Charli...thank you!

Nov 22 @ 9:06PM  
Nice write and I did not even cry.

Nov 22 @ 9:13PM  
You always write the best blogs.

Nov 22 @ 9:28PM  
Glad you're all set to come back! Congrat! What a pain that must have been.

On the other hand, sure sounds like you had a lovely time with your dad--and he was so lucky to have you there to lean on.

Such a nice blog, C.

Nov 22 @ 9:57PM  
Beautiful Charli

Nov 22 @ 10:22PM  
I'm so sorry your Dad went through all that.
So glad he had you there.
Have a very safe flight home.

Nov 22 @ 11:00PM  
Brilliant blog Charlie. I always say it is about the "timing". It was a good time for you to be in Portugal with Daddy while he is losing friends. You shared a very sad time with him and I'm sure there is great comfort in that.

You captured everything in the blog brilliantly.

Nov 22 @ 11:56PM  
It is true that everything happens for a reason. It's also true that we may not always be able to discern that reason. However, it appears that your flight problems ocurred so that you would still be there with your dad when some of these things happened. He needed a support and there you were!
I'm glad you got to have time with him and that he'll be visiting you shortly.

Nov 23 @ 9:38AM  
Lovely blog.

Nov 25 @ 6:49PM  
Safe travels Charli ~*~
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