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7 Ways To Make A Liberal Cry Like A Little Girl

posted 12/11/2011 5:05:10 PM |
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This is a great little e-book by Jason Mattera. This is a seriously good read... highly recommended and loaded with factually supported excellent points. Check it out... it's free!

Tells you the side of the story the media won't.

Here is the outline...

7 Ways To Make A Liberal Cry Like A Little Girl
by Jason Mattera

1. Ask a Liberal to Name Just 3 Things Barack Obama Has Achieved

2. Reveal the Democrat Party’s Murderous, Racist History

3. Cite Liberal Sources Against Them

4. Mention Ronald Reagan

5. Ask Them Why Barack Obama Hates Black People

6. Own and Enjoy Guns

7. Work Hard and Be Happy

Download the pdf here to read more:

7 Ways To Make A Liberal Cry Like A Little Girl

... liberals hate facts; liberalism is nothing more than a temper tantrum
with a political label.

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Dec 11 @ 5:41PM  

Dec 11 @ 7:35PM  
Very good, they go nuts with those points.

Dec 11 @ 10:58PM  
Ask Them Why Barack Obama Hates Black People
Really? The blacks love him.

Dec 11 @ 11:21PM  
Wow... seriously? This is great. I'm definitely reading it asap!

Hey, it's time to celebrates!

Dec 11 @ 11:23PM  
5. Ask Them Why Barack Obama Hates Black People.

I find this strange. So they loves him and he hates them? How hypocritcal of him, then. Poor baby! And he's BLACK! That means, he also hates himself, too, right? Who knows!

It's all good!

Dec 12 @ 1:11AM  
If you read the e-book you will find out why Obama hates black people.

Dec 12 @ 4:57AM  
Yes, Jason Mattera is Hillarious... I always loved watching his ambush videos.

Dec 12 @ 8:14AM  
There's one item...that apparently I missed...however, it surely fits into the scheme of
the rant......'Give a Liberal a Credit Card with a Dollar Limit on it...and when they spend
that amount..just throw the card away...its kaput !!......which is where most of the Liberal pork projects are headed after the next election.. !! ! ! ! !! ! !!

Dec 12 @ 8:21AM  
I cant for the life of me understand why his supporters are still supporting him.. as in point 1 !

Oh I know what its called... 'Blind allegiance'

Dec 12 @ 8:31AM  
8. Tell them we were better off with Bush.

Dec 12 @ 11:47AM  
I cant for the life of me understand why his supporters are still supporting him.. as in point 1 !

Right! Obviously no rational person would support someone who has accomplished the sum total of NOTHING as president in 3 years on the job....

So the reason they support him clearly has nothing to do with his performance.

It's about emotions. Liberals wil NEVER stop supporting Obama no matter how abysmal his performance because it would mean ADMITTING that the whole socialist, share the wealth, down with capitalism, welfare state, reparations, America is the evil oppressor, destroy Wall Street, gut the Army, tax and spend, rainbows and unicorns forever ideology is completely bankrupt.

They simply cannot bring themselves to admit the truth. Obama is their last chance to stay inside their little phony dream world, living off of the fruits of America's capitalist system and making believe that they are against it to assuage their misplaced sense of guilt about all the blessings it has bestowed on them.

Dec 12 @ 12:11PM  
Anyone that watched 60 Minutes on CBS last night...will come away with one particular
item..that is mainstream Obama....and that the interview was fraught with outright lies..
On Sunday, Steve Kroft on CBS’ “60 Minutes” asked Obama if it isn't his job as president to find solutions to problems, to get results, and to figure out a way to achieve them. Obama responded by saying he sees his job as putting forward “a vision of the country that benefits the vast majority of Americans.”
What are Americans paying for in a Leadership, No Fiscal Policy, no
remedies for the economy, No stops to stop the free fall of Real Estate Markets..only
Obama going around the country, shootin his mouth off..on plain bullshit..

Dec 12 @ 12:17PM  
It's 11:11 am CST 12/12/2011 and no one has done a '7 Ways To Make A Conservative Cry Like A Little Girl' blog yet!

Dec 12 @ 12:20PM  
Pretty amazing... all my "monkey see monkey do" fans seem to have given up these days. Im feeling neglected.

Maybe if I post a banana it will lure them back in ....

Dec 12 @ 12:52PM  
Hey, I was pulling a LIBERALS strings a few minutes ago and got him steaming hot.

This boy was always calm and reasonable with all of his babbling until I posted this one line today

"time to get rid of the skunk"


Dec 12 @ 12:55PM  
Thanks DR for the ammo

Dec 13 @ 2:50PM  
Heres a few more to add to the list..

8 Take away their free handouts.

9. Make them pay the same tax rates as everybody else.

10. Call Obama a name.

11. Ask a liberal to work.

12 make it a law to blame Bush anymore.

this list can go on for sometime...So i'll end here..

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