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Occupy Sewer Rats Attempt To Infest NYC Church Private Property

posted 12/17/2011 7:28:23 PM |
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One of my favorite places in New York City is Trinity Church, a beautiful and awe inspiring place -- including a fascinating and historical grave yard that includes the remains of Revolutionary War heroes and Founding Fathers such as Alexander Hamilton -- that has been in the city for over 300 years. It is a national treasure of the first order... a must see for anyone visiting New York and very near ground zero.

The stinking Occupy sewer rats tried to infest the church's private property today attempting to storm it and scale the fence and -- had police not taken away their bolt cutters and tools -- to destroy the fence in order to invade the private property of the church to vandalize it and turn it into the sewer that these enemies of society come from.

50 were arrested. I hope these people get what's coming to them right now, and I hope the lawless Democrat leaders who have voiced their support for and encouraged them, including Obama, get what's coming to them in the 2012 elections.

Cops stop ‘Occupy’ storming at Trinity Church

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Occupy Sewer Rats Attempt To Infest NYC Church Private Property
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Dec 17 @ 7:34PM  
Rain man....What happened to peace on earth...good will to change gears faster that a ten speed bike...... might think about joining the police force so you can carry out your hatred on those people.....cookie

Dec 17 @ 7:39PM  
The bulk of the OWS are indeed sewer rats.

Dec 17 @ 7:44PM  
Rain man....What happened to peace on earth...good will to change gears faster that a ten speed bike...... might think about joining the police force so you can carry out your hatred on those people.....cookie

and why do you hate Americans? Did an American beat you as a kid?

Dec 17 @ 7:57PM  
you might think about joining the police force so you can carry out your hatred on those people.....cookie
What HATRED exactly??? I saw no hatred in DR's blog... Only his well founded outrage at moronic, lawless vandals whose goal was to desecrate a Church and its burial grounds, had they not been stopped by an effective police move! I suppose you, way up there^^^ condone the vandalism...

Dec 17 @ 8:08PM  
The property was clearly fenced, what they were attempting to do was trespass. Whether one supports the movement or not, does not give the right to trespass on private property.

Dec 17 @ 8:11PM  
If you ask me, what they tried to do amounts to terrorism.

Dec 17 @ 8:13PM  
As a form of protest... it doesn't get much lower or vile as resorting to the desecration of religious sanctuaries, burial and other hallowed grounds. I have total contempt for those who participate in such actions, as much as for those who condone them.

Dec 17 @ 11:57PM  
Wow, now they are getting pathetic.

Dec 18 @ 2:33AM  
I read the article and saw news coverage of this story. The fence they scaled was into a VACANT LOT owned by the church. The Church itself was never in harms way. Trinity is among the churches that have offered protesters some form of sanctuary, in their meeting rooms and offices and at their neighbourhood centre. This was a peaceful protest gone bad. I do not condone or support the movement, We do however have a constitutional right to assembly and freedom of speech.

Dec 18 @ 9:01AM  
I'm not sure why you are trying to justify the actions of this lawless mob of roaches. You didn't mention that the Church said they did not want them on their property.

This entire "movement" is a selfish lawless mob of snot-nosed kids and leftist anarchists that doesn't have any regard for anyone else but themselves. They have no legitimate message except the disruption of everyone else's lives to get attention and to leech off of anyone they can and get something for nothing from.

These people need to be cracked down on now and this whole lawless riot brought to an immediate end. This isn't a legitimate movement and it isn't a lawful protest.

Dec 18 @ 9:09AM  
Church officials have said they supported the movement but that their property wasn’t available for occupation. OWS had warned their ranks might try to seize the property anyway.

What a bunch of thugs and thieves. Not only threatening but attempting to seize public (at times) and private property (this time). The New York city police did the right thing by making arrests. It's past time to start charging repeat offenders with felonies, especially if their unwanted presence, without proper permits for public assembly, and their trespasses result in damage over a certain amount and many municipalities have such laws in place already. Photos of the fence show damage so it's not an untenable argument.

From the church itself:

“It is regrettable that Occupy members feel it is necessary to provoke potential legal and police action by attempting to trespass on other parish property… I would urge all concerned to stand down and seek justice in ways that do not further alienate potential allies,” Cooper wrote.

Dec 18 @ 9:17AM  
You can't get any further left than the politics of the Trinity Church. It has always supported these outrageous leftist causes. It's ironic that they are now getting a taste of what they have promoted and they don't like it. But now even they are beginning to wake up to what this business is really about.

Dec 18 @ 10:30AM  
I want to add that those who own or lease the property that these protesters are camping or gathering on, with or without permission, leave themselves open to lawsuits should anyone become injured on that property or if conditions begin to exist as a result of lax supervision of that property and the property owner or renter is aware of those conditions, should that lack of supervision allow lawlessness by the occupiers and their hangers on in the general area of the property, and there becomes innocent passer-by victims of that lawlessness.

There will be no lack of lawyers willing to file those lawsuits on behalf of the injured parties and they will go for the deepest pockets.

Dec 18 @ 11:34AM  
How high does one rise to be able to view other human beings as "rats" or "roaches".

Too bad you were born so late in time. You would have made a model employee at Auschwitch or Treblinka.

Dec 18 @ 11:44AM  
While I support the right of anyone or any group to promote their opinions & even protest when they feel the need, even though I don't know where the line is, this is well over it.

I can't help but wonder though, if this was sacred Muslim property, ie: a mosque, would some of you so self righteously outraged, still be equally as outraged.

Dec 18 @ 3:52PM  
The answer to that question is speculative. But what isn't speculative is how the same people on the left -- who are violating the private property of this church -- are the ones who suddenly became defenders of private property rights when it came to Muslims building a Mosque on the property they owned at ground zero. Their argument "it's their own private property, no one has a right to tell them to stop building the Mosque."

Documented fakes, phonys and frauds. No speculation necessary.

Dec 18 @ 10:06PM  
I'm a supporter of the movement for the most part, but I think it's time they go home and start doing something constructive. We have an election coming up that they could volunteer for, maybe do some work in their own communities to make their neighborhood better....

Of course I can only camp out for a weekend.... after that I need a hot shower and my own bed.

Dec 19 @ 4:49PM  
Can you even imagine if it was " TEAPARTY " members that were doing the things these Occupiers have done what they outrage would be like from these liberal scumbags..

These clown got to be the lowlifes of American society at it's best...

Ask yourself why aren't they occupying the state of Delaware.... The world largest tax heaven for businesses all around the world including US businesses.. The main stage for the banking system here in the US.. Why aren't they protesting in full force? Could it be because they don't want to rock the Biden boat and maybe raddle dear ole Barrys also...Humm


Dec 19 @ 5:27PM  
Here's a point... this is a church.

How come these marauders weren't charged with a hate crime?

Jan 8 @ 4:50PM

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