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Final Update: House Finished!

posted 1/29/2012 10:06:14 AM |
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Some of you may know I've been working on my dream home for ten years or so. I built if from footings to interior trim with only minimal help with heavy lifting. I'd done it room by room and was down to the last rooms which were the Master suite and hallway. Both were done except for carpeting. Carpeting was so friggin expensive and I'd have to HIRE someone to lay the carpet so I just bought hardwood flooring and installed it during my last three days off.

Yesterday I moved furniture out of storage!
Last night I slept in my bed in my new bedroom!!
This morning I woke and stepped across the room to the master bath and took my moring shower without having to run down the hallway in all my glorious nekkidity!!
Today I'm back to work and all I can do is smile and think about that workshop I need to build and now have time for. tTom and Tira were right. It's my dream home and I can't quite quit on it and decide to sell it just yet. Thanks guys!

I'm gonna give MYSELF a kudo on this one!!

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Jan 29 @ 10:20AM  
You da man!!

Congratulations, slo! Bet the wife is a happy woman too!!


Jan 29 @ 10:25AM  

Congrats to you. That's so awesome !!!!!! I especially enjoyed hearing about your morning run.
Myself, I prefer hardwood (floors) or tile. You just decorate with through rugs. That you can clean easier & change if the mood strikes. You also don't have the problem of crud getting into your carpet, etc, etc.
Enjoy !

Jan 29 @ 10:25AM  
Until just recently when I read someone's comment about unethical bloggers giving themselves kudos I didn't even know it was possible. What a great tool! I've often thought I'd like to give myself a kudo or two. Problem is, you can only give yourself ONE!!! Dammit, MD!! Also, I'd decided back in my early MD days I'd never use the word kudo in a blog because it got cheap kudos and made you into a kudo whore but I tried it and it doesn't hurt at all. Just look at Ms. F........wait, I shouldn't mention any names even though I lust for her and have these fantasies where she gives me a kudo for.......welllll, we can't mention THAT either.

Jan 29 @ 10:28AM  
You know, you can come back the next day and give yourself another... and another... and...

I'm not suggesting that you do that, mind you, I'm ...just sayin'.

Jan 29 @ 10:40AM  
You know, you can come back the next day and give yourself another

That would be so very unethical.........Thank you so much for the info........could.......well, could, you for instance, come back and give ANOTHER kudo....I mean if someone like me, for instance, was very deserving of cheat kudos? I know you'll do what's fair.

Jan 29 @ 10:43AM  
Excellent News! I wish I could see it!

Jan 29 @ 10:49AM  
Penny, are you suggesting you want to see my bedroom? wife'll prolly see this blog. Ah, well, I like living dangerously....and she knows happiness is a 'silly making' drug to me.

Jan 29 @ 10:55AM  

Jan 29 @ 11:26AM  
OMG! You did it!!!!

I remember so long ago when you started on it...all the blogs with the trials and tribs dealing with building your home. I feel like we all were with you, step by step.

So glad you decided on hardwood floors...I think you will be happier in the long run.

If I had a bazillion kudos, I would give you, uhmmmm, maybe 5 a day...just for sticking with it and NOT giving up!

Hopes you post a pic...after all, we all shared in this baby...

Jan 29 @ 11:31AM  
Hopes you post a pic...after all, we all shared in this baby...

post a comment!

I've posted a few already and I'll try to get some final ones posted. They're in my profile.

A bazillion kudos would be good. I'm always happy when I meet someone who won't stop at a mere million.

Jan 29 @ 12:01PM  
Congratulations ! ! ! That is a major achievement.

It is truly your home (wife winking in background).

Yours is truly a custom home. And now the work is done and the pleasure's begun, and you earned it all.

Great !

Jan 29 @ 1:42PM  
Given...And AWESOME!!!!

Jan 29 @ 4:33PM  

Way to go Slo!!!!!!

Jan 29 @ 6:07PM  
yay! I too was there and rooting for you. It's so nice to see dreams come true.

Jan 29 @ 8:12PM  
That is awesome news, slo!

So.......what's for dinner? Please don't say something and 'weenies'.

Jan 30 @ 7:15PM  

What? I was just.... reading the comments.

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