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Who Are You?

posted 2/7/2012 9:50:20 PM |
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I’m not a bit television fan. Oh I watch the PBS channel a lot, love the National Geographic shows and occasionally watch the program NCIS, mainly because it reminds me of the first generation of Star Trek, which always had some kind of hidden message that always caused the most aware person to question some of the things in the world around them. I remember taking my first Philosophy class in college. It was the first thing I had experienced that caused me to question the world around me for a reason. To think outside of the box long before that became a popular claim; and in doing so made me a little bid odd to all that never took the time to get to know me. I most definitely took the road less traveled and have only regretted it occasionally.

I have tried so many different things, had so many different careers and accomplished things that, looking back, seem all but impossible to believe. It seems that I’ve done a lot of good, and my share of bad along the way. On my best days I realize that I have done things that have changed the world for a few people in a very positive way and on the worst I realize that some of my decisions have caused others to leave this world all too suddenly, before their time was due.

Occasionally, while I’m shaving in the morning, I look at that ageing, over weight, balding man in the mirror and ask that same question, “who are you?”. To this day I still have quite figured it out, but I do realize that I’m still making a positive impact on a lot of people and their day to day lives. While I will only be remembered by a few, they are an important few because they are not friends or relatives or anyone that must remember me, but are a few that will remember me because of the impact I’ve made on their lives. It causes me to remember those few very important people that are the same to me, just people that had an effect on me and changed my own life in a way that has made me the man that I am.

As we pass middle age and start creeping up on old age it’s important for us to take a moment from time to time and look back at our lives. We have all made an impact on many we have encountered. Some good and some not. Still, in all of it we have all made a difference in our own way. I suppose that is what being a part of the human race is all about …. No matter how small, making a difference in the lives of others around us.

I was taught to always judge the people around me by their actions rather than their words. As the old saying goes, it’s walking the walk, not just about the talk. Perhaps this is why so many that are old seem to bore us with so much chatter … perhaps they have finally realized that they have a lot to share and by doing so they can help others avoid making the same mistakes. Discovering who you really are is something you can only really do on your own, but once you’ve figured it out, remember how important it is and then try to figure out how you can continue to do the most in the time that’s left.

And some day, if you’re really lucky, one of those you’ve helped so much without knowing as much might just stop by and enlighten you. That, my friends, is what makes a really good day.

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Feb 7 @ 10:37PM  
Excellent blog, Injuneer.....

I'm still trying to figure out who I am, but as long as others know who I am....I don't really care if I ever know.

Feb 7 @ 11:14PM  
Great blog I so agree. In order for us to find happiness we need to know who we are don't we. Making peace with the good and bad keeps us alive and moving forward. Understanding that what others believe does not define a person. That what is in your heart and what you hold dear is what makes you able to see the real you in that mirror. And chances are that's what others will see but that does not matter really.

"Who I am" is the statement we all should be able to answer yet few of us ever do. I look in the mirror and I know thats me, like it or not I have to accept. And inside theres still all those stages of my life that want to rise and sometimes do thus the "breaking into a rock and roll song and dance" when two hours before my knee was hurting me. And I still love loud music and a party. My 30's and the pride knowing what I had accomplished I feel that. My 20's...small 4lb twins, bringing them home scared that I did not have it in me to take care of them but I did. Today the little kids who call me grandma who I love more than I could have ever imagined.

What about classmates and hometowns? Friends from then gone. Eating at the same drive-in seeing kids doing what you used to do...

I learned so much from my life that no book could hold it.

I struggle today trying to figure out how to act at times, is there such a thing as "old (haha) age appropriate behavior". I don't feel brain seems to be fine and my body still looks good enough. I am not sure my brain will ever catch up with my aging body! Do people think "old"? I don't think I ever will.


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