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Zimmerman: Self defense or murder ?

posted 3/29/2012 11:41:53 PM |
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This news story isn't going away any time soon. It's highly controversial to say the least. I just watched the police video showing Zimmerman arriving at the police station less than a half hour after the shooting. I have to say he looked better than expected and from what I understand he didn't even go to the hospital that evening. There's no blood or bruises that can be seen in the video.

Trayvon Martin Video Shows No Blood or Bruises on George Zimmerman

Interestingly the lead homicide investigator filed an affidavit urging Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter. The prosecutor, however, told the officer to not file the charge because there was not enough evidence for conviction.

Author of "stand your ground" law: George Zimmerman should probably be arrested for killing Trayvon Martin

The authors of Florida's controversial "stand your ground" self-defense law say George Zimmerman should probably be arrested for shooting Trayvon Martin.

"He has no protection under my law," former Sen. Durell Peaden told the Miami Herald.

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Mar 29 @ 11:47PM  
They have an eye witness now .. the only thing troubling about the witness to me is the fact he didn't call 911 .. or least he didn't say he did.

Mar 29 @ 11:50PM  
The saddest thing of another human is dead.

Trial or no trial......................we, the people will never know the real truth.

Only 2 people do.....and one is dead.

What have we humans become......................

Mar 30 @ 12:15AM  
Pretty sad that the dead one was armed with a pk of skittles and a cell phone..
and..that justify's a shooting??

Mar 30 @ 12:59AM  

it seems most everyone has an opinion,,, although, none of us have all the facts.

at this time,,, picking guilty or not guilty,,, is nothing but a coin flip.

Mar 30 @ 1:02AM  
There is a lot of cover up.

1. Why would a proscuting atorney drive 50 miles in the night to make sure the Police chief did not file charges.
2. Why did the police chief take a leave of absence
3. Why did the state atorney also step aside

Now the Lying ass Fox media of Orlanda or one of the other major cities, say that Zimerman was taken home to change clothes before they brought him to the station

BABY--it is cover up and the state, city, NRA and the police force are trying to avoid a big ass law suite. Just remember all the talk is coming from the news median and loyal friends of Zimmerman

They are not worried about him--they most likely would prefer some one take him out.

It is law suite time. That community where this happened cannot afford a law suite.

But maybe the cover up people can spend about 15 to 25 years in jail.

The people will know the truth, for when jail time comes--some one will start squeeling like that Pig Weeeeeeee Weeeeee Weeeeeee

Mar 30 @ 1:14AM  
I'm glad to had learned that Trayvon's girlfriend got a subpeana to the Grand Jury hearing on April 10th, (that is if Angela Corey the DA does not make the decision for Zimmerman's arrest and files charges based on enought evidence).

Trayvon had called his gf at 7:12pm and she was the last person that spoke with him before his fatal shot that night on Feb. 26th. From the cell phone conversation, it was Zimmerman that was following Trayvon and Zimmerman cut through the townhomes and ended up in front of him where they exchanged words of question. Then Trayvon's phone went dead. A couple minutes later a gun shot was heard by many witnesses in the townhomes, which sparked an overwhelming amount of calls to 911.

The police arrived on site at 7:17pm. Zimmerman was transported to the police station with arrival time at 7:51pm. Hopefully they collected evidence from Zimmerman as well as Trayvon, since it was a crime scene and a killing.

The so called initial "partial police report" was not filled out until Feb. 27th, the next day:

Which seems to me that an "initial police report" would list the victim as "John Doe", which that is what his body was tagged when transported to the Medial Examiner's officer. Trayvon's Father Tracy woke up early on the 27th noticing his son was not there. He called the Sanford police dept. reporting him missing. Tracy was staying with his fiancee at the same community complex. Police cruisers showed up a short time after Tracy called. The police showed him a picture of a John Doe in the morgue. Tracy showed them a photo of Trayvon on his cell phone, then he called Trayvon's Mom to tell her Trayvon was killed. She asked him to go to the morgue to see if that was really him.

After this thorough investigation has ended, I do hope it can be determined that the "Stand Your Ground" law will speak for itself, either for Zimmerman or against him. The stately says immunate force can be used if "great" bodily harm has occured or threat of loss of life.

I noticed in the Police Report...that Trayvon is listed as the "Victim", not Zimmerman...


Mar 30 @ 1:23AM  
But maybe the cover up people can spend about 15 to 25 years in jail.

Wouldn't that be just the ticket if the state found out Zimmerman's Daddy, who was a Majestrate Supreme Court Judge in Virginia, had his son's criminal records wiped clean and his Mommy was a court clerk.

How else would he be able to get a firearm permit and a gun to conceal and carry...


Mar 30 @ 4:07AM  
As always callmemax is the voice of reason. I am sad for the loss of a young life. My heart goes out to his family who are devastated by the loss of their beloved child.I have compassion for Mr. Zimmerman;s family who are caught in the center of the storm. I am frightened by the mob mentality. I find it worrisome how quickly we all tend to jump to judgement based on the information we are being fed by the media. I shudder if some of the posters on this blog and others like it should ever serve on a jury.The facts will come out in time and when they do I pray that this tragedy will result in reform to the gun laws we now have in Florida.

Mar 30 @ 7:48AM  
The latest photos show a gash on the back of Zimmerman's head...

Police surveillance video of Zimmerman may show head injury

Mar 30 @ 9:02AM  
If I can upon someone in the dark with a matter what I was up to with out a gun............he would have a gash in his head too............

Now, that would be self defense.............

Mar 30 @ 10:10AM  
Self defense is an intresting thing.

If a 13 year balls up his fist at an 80 year old woman,,, every one can understand the threat.

If a 13 year old balls up his fist at me,,, I'll spank the little bastard over my knee.

However,,, what really matters in any claim of self defense,,, is the threat level "perceived" by the person who must defend themselves. Then,,, a grand jury has evaluate if a person who defended themselves,, felt threatened,,, NOT... IF THEY WOULD BE THREATENED.

I think there is plenty of negligence on both parties here,,, and we can all see that. But neglignence or acting stupid is not the litmus test for criminal charges,,,, you have to violate the criminal code.

SO,,, if someone is following you,,,, are your threatened. Sure,, you can be,,, but in this case,,, he told his girlfriend on the phone,,, "I AIN"T AFRAID OF THIS GUY.".... when she told him to run.

The shooter,,, well,,, no matter how a person ends up on you hitting you,,,, or even trying to hit you and missing wildly,,, (remember.. eye-witness),,, I think everyone can agree that could be a threat to the person getting hit.

All of the sideline stuff about should have, could have, would have,,, is left to the legal eagles,,, to present to a grand jury.


Mar 30 @ 11:18AM  
MURDER. Simple. Self defense? My ass. Whatever happens to Zimmerman he deserves.

Mar 30 @ 12:53PM  
Zimmerman may or may not be guilty; there may or may not be racial motivations. We do not know yet. In the absence of complete evidence, inflammatory comments and belligerent reactions will not aid the search for justice. An angry crowd should not be in charge.

Lastly, why is there so much selective outrage on the part of so many?

The leading cause of death for black male teenagers is homicide, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Of all the black homicide victims, about 93% are killed by other black people. In 2011, nearly 85% of all people murdered in Philadelphia were black. Where are the marches and protests for these victims? Is it justice people seek or are they looking and even hoping for signs of white racism so they can exploit it?

CNN - Bennett

Could not have said it better myself.

Mar 30 @ 1:13PM  
the police and the courts do there job,to find out what happen.most t v new has him gilty. they found him gilty on the house floor. they sent rev Al down to make to make the new so he could report it.they made a old people leave there home because the give the wrong address to spike.they have a bounty on the man head. lets not for get we take some very bad, and for sure that is, no matter what happend.and i feel for the family.with all my heart.but now all i see us verse them.that is not right.

Mar 30 @ 1:37PM  
The shooter has to "reasonably believe deadly force is necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

The "great bodily harm" part seems vague to me but may include broken bones and the lawyer for Zimmerman has already said his client's nose was broke.

So in a nutshell you can shoot someone to kill if you feel your nose is about to be broke.


Mar 30 @ 1:37PM  
We need to appoint Kentuk the U.S. King so things like this will always happen his way... all us plebes will be disarmed and only Kentuk will have a gun and the right to use it...

Mar 30 @ 4:14PM  
The media is trying to paint this kid as some little guy -- although I heard he was 6.3 ... My question is this -- when the kid left the gated complex -- did he sign back in, or jump the fence? Just wondering...

I don't think Zimmerman should have shot the kid, but I don't know all the facts and may never know them.. There is more to the story then reported i'm sure..

Shame the kid had to die, but this kind of stuff happens almost everyday in America...

Mar 30 @ 7:38PM  
Here is cold facts about neighberhood. For me, I live in a neighberhood where the leases or over a $1200 bucks a month. yep they cut my grass and trim the yard and do all the house repairs.
Now I have friends that drop in from all over the world when they are in the USA----China, Russia, Brazil, Africa. england, Germany, Franceand even Mexico. I have a Chinesse cleaning lady. But, I would be dam mad and be on the hunting prow if any SOB like Zimmerman even follow them when they came to visit.

So, just think you have a friend you have not seen in years, and an ass hole like Zimmerman guns him down and the city and state tries to cover it up.

Now this whole case is a bout money and Law Suits.

They suied OJ did 't they. Wrongful death--and an unconstitutional Law.

Mar 30 @ 7:58PM  
Let's get ready to ruuuuuummmmble! (shit, do I have to pay Buffer now?)

This is meant to create division, and the more it creates, the more it's pumped.

Line up now. Gun-toting, Skittles-hating republicans on the "right"....
and Bleeding hearts...on the ground in a pool of blood. Libs...maybe it's time to stand your ground and buy some foreign-made automatic weapons to protect yourselves from the "moral" majority.

Mar 30 @ 9:56PM  
The media is trying to paint this kid as some little guy -- although I heard he was 6.3 ... My question is this -- when the kid left the gated complex -- did he sign back in, or jump the fence? Just wondering...

Trayvon had access to the community complex...his Dad and his fiancee live there. Trayvon lived with is Mother in Miami. Trayvon was on a 10 days suspension from his school in Miami and he was staying with his Dad.

There is no signing in and out of the that gated community, it's operated by a censor, which requires a remote to open and close.

The initial Police Report that was filled out the day after the shooting states that Trayvon was 6 feet tall and Zimmerman is 5 feet 9. Trayvon weighed 160 pounds:
It was filled out the next day because Trayvon was tagged as "John Doe".

Trayvon left his Dad's house to go walk to the nearby Seven-Eleven store and he bought a bag of Skittles Candy and an Arizona Ice Tea. He was also carrying his cell-phone, which he was talking to his girlfriend just moments before he got shot. She has been subpenaed to appear at the Grand Jury hearing April 10th. The prosecutors have her and Trayvon's cell-phone logs and the conversation that took place, which indicates Zimmerman was following him and Trayvon was getting scared.

Mar 30 @ 10:03PM  
According to the Martin family, Martin was 6'2" tall. Police report him as 6 ' tall. Why was he referred to as a (little child"?

According to the police report, Zimmerman is 5'9".

Here is a link to the CBS posting of known facts.

CBS Facts

This report contains an up top date photo of Martin. Below is the widely used one in the media.

Media Photo Of Martin

Why do the media insist on calling a young man over 6 feet tall a "little child"? That is a flat out lie, propaganda.

Note also that Martin is 3" to 5" inches taller than Zimmerman.

Mar 31 @ 12:18AM  
The Coroner's Report will have the exact height of Trayvon, which will be from a naked body without shoes.

Also according to the director of the National Neighborhood Watch Program Chris Tutko, he stated that there are 22,000 registered watch groups nationwide. Zimmerman was not part of a registered group in the program.

In the Neighborhood Watch Program Handbook it states:

Page #3:
"What you will not do is get physically involved with any activity you report or apprehension of any suspicious persons. This is the job of the law enforcement agency".

Page #15:
"Remember always that your responsibility is to report crime. Do not take any risks to prevent a crime or try to make an arrest. The responsibility for apprehending criminals belongs to the police department".

Zimmerman as a neighborhood watch "captain" was not endorsing the purpose of a neighborhood watch program, but he was doing what he should not do.

Zimmerman when he made the choice to draw his gun, he also made the choice to shoot it and who ever would be in line with that bullet would get hit. If Trayvon did not take the bullet, someone else could have, whether they were sitting on their back porch, taking a shower, walking their dog, or watch T.V. You can hear how some of those people were that called 911...

Zimmerman has put that whole community complex in fear. Those residents that live there are now too scared to even walk outside or even let their kids play outside; walk to school, ride their bikes, visit other friends or have a birthday party in the local park, or go fishing at the pond or have picnics at the park. They even have the fear that Zimmerman will be let go and return to that community, for his own Dad owns a house there.

All this fear that has upset this nice community was not from a 17 year old teen walking home from a store with a bag of Skittles and an Ice Tea. He wasn't committing any crime....he just wanted to return home to his family, but he didn't make his destination because of tough resident took on the role of 'captain' didn't like how he put his hand in his waiste band, didn't like that he had somthing in his hand or that he was wearing a hoodie over his head in the rain and he was walking looking around and was assumed to be on I walk kind of funny too sometimes when I'm fumbling with my cell-phone carrying other items especially in the dark...another lol.

I hope we get to hear his last phone conversation with his girlfriend just moments before his life ended.

Mar 31 @ 1:43PM  
Does not mater,,,

if he was contributorily negiligent.

If he was found to be within the confines of the Stand Your Ground law in Florida,,, he is immune from prosicution and civil action,,,

Mar 31 @ 1:49PM  
Zimmerman: Self defense or murder ?

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