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Obama: Drill Drill Drill - No! Tax Tax Tax - Yes!

posted 4/2/2012 4:35:07 PM |
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This president doesn't believe in developing our oil and gas resources because he wants to eliminate oil and gas. It's just that simple. You can't have it both ways.

When you eliminate the energy sources that work, by taxing and regulating them out of existence, and there is nothing in place to replace them, what do you expect to happen? DUH! High gas and energy prices!

Is there any Econ 101 student who got that wrong on the exam?

But wait, it gets even stupider!

Obama's solution to skyrocketing oil and gas prices is to -- ready for this? -- raise taxes even further on oil and gas production!

How is that going to lower the price of gas?

What do you suppose will happen to gas prices if he is successful? And who do you suppose will be paying those taxes? DUH on steroids!!!!

If you answered that gas prices will go even higher yet, and it is *YOU* who will be paying those taxes, you not only passed your first Econ 101 quiz, but you demonstrated a far deeper knowledge of economics than our president -- the genius in the White House.

You can't make this stuff up people.

In Econ 102 you will learn why Obama's threat to raise taxes even higher on the already overtaxed oil and gas companies has ALREADY increased the price *YOU* are paying for gas. Sign up for the course right now at the Student Union.

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Apr 2 @ 4:50PM  
Obama wants gas to rise. His plan is to let the gas prices soar to the point that people will have to drive cars that they don't want. He wants to satisfy the tree huggers. He could care less about us.

Apr 2 @ 4:50PM  
Clears throat...

Is there anyone who doesn't believe that the president at least has SOME advisor who passed Econ 101, knows exactly what Obama is doing and has not even mentioned it to him? Is there really any possible way that Mr. Harvard Law Review doesn't get that?

Why if I were the rational ... errr... ahhhh ... I mean skeptical type, I might even conclude that Obama is INTENTIONALLY increasing the price of gas (not the least of reasons to believe that is because HE EXPLICITLY SAID THAT WAS HIS INTENTION).

Apr 2 @ 8:39PM  
Nacho popcorn!

Apr 2 @ 10:11PM  
[QUOTE]Obama's solution to skyrocketing oil and gas prices is to -- ready for this? -- raise taxes even further on oil and gas production![QUOTE]

Gas is $3.99 but over $4.00 a gallon the next town up from us, even higher the further South you drive from us.

Apr 2 @ 10:11PM  
Oops lol

Apr 2 @ 10:45PM  
Gas is well over $4 a gallon average here, and some places it is over $5.

Did you know that on average 48 cents of every gallon of gas you buy is TAXES?

Obama says there is nothing the government can do to quickly bring down the price of gas. Nothing you can do Mr. President? How about cutting the stinking confiscatory taxes and bringing down the price of gas at least 48 cents a gallon in one day.

How come Obama isn't proposing that?

By the way, guess how much the "outrageous profits" that the left charges that oil companies make on gasoline are. Must be a a lot more than the 48 cents the government makes on every gallon right? After all, the oil companies have to do a hell of a lot of work for their money... find the oil, drill for it, transport it, refine it, set up and run the gas stations, sell the gas, etc. And all the government contributes to the process is sticking its fat hands into your pockets to take out its 48 cents per gallon.

So how much is the outrageous profit the oil companies make per gallon of gas?

Answer> about 2 cents per gallon.

2 cents versus 48 cents. Who's the ones who are robbing us blind again?

And by the way, that 48 cents a gallon is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount that the government raises your cost of every gallon of gas. The oil companies have to pay billions of dollars to comply with all the government bureaucratic red tape that that the government piles on them in endless regulations that don't do a thing to improve your life. Who pays for that? You do, it's built into the price of every gallon you buy.

Apr 2 @ 11:29PM  
I'm going to lock my mailbox, and hope that nothing catches on fire in here. lol I know that a certain group of people are not going to be happy with what I am going to say, after all they constantly accused Bush of trying to make his buddies rich by going to war in Iraq. They do not realize that we get about 255 or less of our oil from the Middle East. With the statement that BO made about pushing the prices of oil up, people started going after oil in the market, which also inflated the price. The market was not flooded with mostly republican investors, it was democrats that sunk the cash into it.

Just recently when Obama met with the Brits, and word was spread that they had talked about opening reserves to help the economy, the price dropped $2 a barrel overnight. Did you see how quickly the White House denied that they were going to open the reserves? A lot of their buddies lost a lot of money overnight, and they were up their butt for not warning them. lol

They want to raise taxes, because it is going to come down, and there is nothing our government can do to stop it. It will probably be some time in May when we see it, but the IEA is already at work to get several countries to open their reserves to bring prices down worldwide. That was what the meeting with the Brits was all about, and they are ready to open theirs! Obama can do what he wants, but with a majority of countries participating in this to help the people in their country, it will really show that he does not care about America or Americans, if he doesn't!

Apr 2 @ 11:32PM  
Mistyped, should have been

[/QUOTE]They do not realize that we only get about 25% or less of our oil from the Middle East[QUOTE]

Apr 5 @ 4:52PM  
Take that 25 percent out of the mix and that's 1/4 of the US would be without oil production.. That would be the whole east coast of the US just about.. I suggest that 25 percent be in regions where you liberals are most populated..Then lets see how you like it...

Fact is MOST liberals don't even know what crude oil produces... Gas just jumped from 3.89 in my area to 3,95 overnight... Since Obama has been in office he cost me 20.8 a gallon I CAN CLEARLY BLAME HIM FOR... Where's my $2.08 cents a gallon liberals????? I want it.. I'm blaming OBAMA just like he blames Bush...

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