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How much was your bonus for 2011????

posted 4/13/2012 3:48:48 PM |
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Just saw this article on the net today and I want to forward it to those die hard Republicans who think the Wealthy should pay no taxes, that nothing can be done about gas prices at the pump, and the welfair paid to the oil companies should continue and be increased.

This year alone theyReuters) - Exxon Mobil Corp's chief executive earned 20 percent more in 2011 than the year before, and the company said it saw no reason to change its pay practices, as had been urged by some investors.
just this year alone the dam republicans in congress have block all bills aimed at the wealthy, Wall Street and the Oil companies. It is one of their tactics to try and make this administration look bad.


Chief Executive Rex Tillerson received $34.9 million in total compensation, up from $29 million in 2010, Exxon said in a proxy statement filed with regulators on Thursday.

The CEO of U.S. rival Chevron Corp, John Watson, collected a total of $24.7 million in 2011, his second year in the job. That was a 52 percent increase from $16.3 million in 2010, according to Chevron's proxy, also out on Thursday.

Tillerson's pay package included stock awards valued at $17.9 million and bonus and salary totaling $6.8 million. Watson received $5.6 million in salary and non-equity incentives, and the rest in stock, options, pension and deferred compensation.

Exxon's board of directors bases its compensation decisions on long-term financial targets, among other factors.

Last year, proxy firm ISS criticized Exxon's compensation practices, and argued that the company's shareholder returns did not justify executives' pay packages. Returns, ISS said, were inflated by higher crude oil prices.

In this latest proxy statement, Exxon said that it had spoken with a number of shareholders about its compensation practices following a non-binding "say on pay" proposal that won approval with 67 percent of shareholder votes.

"We believe that applying a short-term, formula-based approach to ExxonMobil's compensation program would undermine the uniquely long-term requirements of our proven business strategy," the company said in the filing, with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

In this year's proxy statement, Exxon used a chart to illustrate that its shareholder returns had outperformed those of its peers and the Standard & Poor's 500 over a 20-year period.

Exxon said its conversations with shareholders included consideration of the use of formula-based pay tied to shorter-term metrics such as one- and three-year total shareholder returns, a practice that ISS urged the oil company to adopt.

Shareholder proposals on the proxy related to hydraulic fracturing, greenhouse gas emissions and splitting the job of chairman and chief executive.

The annual meetings of both Exxon and Chevron are scheduled for May 30.

Both companies will face votes on resolutions related to the oil and gas production practice of hydraulic fracturing. Similar resolutions last year won support from 28 percent of Exxon shareholders and 40 percent of Chevron's shareholders.

(Reporting By Anna Driver in Houston and Braden Reddall in San Francisco; Editing by Steve Orlofsky)


Vote Demcrat and get rid of these blood suckers in congress--get rid of speculation--make these sob pay a surcharge of 50% on all speculated earnings.

Or maybe you can make up the difference.

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Apr 13 @ 5:07PM  

obviously,, more than yours.

Sorry about that.... but I earned it.

Apr 13 @ 5:13PM  
My father and I get christmas bonuses every year and I think this year I recieved about $200 in '11.

It may not be much to you, but it means the world to me. Its their way of saying they are happy with the work I have done for them.


Apr 13 @ 5:25PM  
You read this where???? How about a link???

No Republican is saying the wealthy should pay no taxes. That's about the most rediculous statement I've heard.

No Republican is saying nothing can be done about gas prices at the pump. The opposite, a lot can be done. Obama just won't do it.

What welfare to oil companies are you talking about?

Why shouldn't oil companies make a profit same as any other business? They earn it. I don't begrudge them this, and I'm anything but rich.

Apr 13 @ 5:57PM  
I prepare tax returns for a living, I see the wealthy pay not only a lot in taxes but they lose a hell of a lot of credit us poor folks get.

Hell one client alone paid more in taxes than I make in six years. On her W-2 alone she paid over six hundred thousand and still owed a wopping chunk of change with other income.


Apr 13 @ 6:00PM  
As an employee of the US Army I've had my pay frozen for three years now. I get no cost of living adjustments. Congress on the other hand get pay raises as well as cost of living increases. I'm willing to do my part to help lower the deficet. After all, I like my job and I'm concerned about our debt. I'd love to see the members of congress share my willingness to earn less. As for the oil companies, you're right. They are a bunch of price fixing, speculative, robber barons. Oil profits have broken records for ten years now. I think oil subsidies should end and the oil companies can foot the bill for exploration. Our money should go into alternate energy research. Threaten to develope a good alternative energy and watch the oil companies jump on self financed research and exploration and watch their prices drop. We've gone to a service economy where jobs are low pay and there's no outlook for improvement. If we don't manufacture we're dead in the water and wages stay low. A retail clerk who lives far enough out of town so rent is affordable is now going bankrupt with 4 dollar per gallon fuel. I pay over 400 per month for gas just to get to WORK. Forget vacations. Oil execs need 40 million a year? I don't think so. That retail clerk needs a break on gas.

Apr 13 @ 6:12PM  
Quit your bellyaching.

Apr 13 @ 6:32PM  

anybody / everybody posting a comment thinks a link might make your write credible. i doubt it--- keep posting bs.

Apr 13 @ 6:33PM  
I'd say the ache from rude commenters comes lower than the belly on the digestive tract, right at the end.

They are a pain in the ...............

Apr 13 @ 8:09PM  

the democrats had everything,,, President, House, Senate,,, for what... 2 years.

Did they vote out the blood suckers?
Did they change the tax code?
Did they offer tax reform,,, or tax releif?

Why no,,,,

They gave us the Jobs Stimulus and Health Care,,,,


And now they are belly aching that someone doesn't pay enough.... well.... I doubt that anybody can "pay enough" to fund their spending.

Like an ugly wife with a pocket full of credit cards....



Apr 13 @ 8:53PM  
One Link

Another link

THE link

Actually, it was quite easy finding these stories when typing (ok, cut and paste) the following phrase "Chief Executive Rex Tillerson received $34.9 million in total compensation, up from $29 million in 2010, Exxon said in a proxy statement filed with regulators on Thursday." into google, bing, and yahoo search engines. All 3 returned the same above links.

Now, when I think about taxing another because they make more money than I do....I don't agree with it. And here is why. If it were me making that kind of money, I wouldn't want someone taking it from me. I bitch enough about what the government takes out of my check in taxes, and that would be considered pocket change to some of these people. I know if it were me making that kind of money, I wouldn't want my taxes raised. Can they afford it? How in the hell would I know? I don't have access to their financial records to know what kind of debts they have to pay. Sure, they may have nice houses, cars, etc....but I find that if a person has more, they are never truly "happy" because someone else is always wanting to take what is theirs. Myself, with my "modest" income, I don't worry about the envy of others wanting my stuff.

Do I hate these high gas prices? Sure I do. I see people saying Bush should have done something, I see people saying Obama should do something about it....well, look at that. One a Republican who did nothing when prices went up, the other a Democrat who did nothing about prices going up. Leads me to believe they either can't or won't do anything about it. Seems to me if politicians were "serious" about lowering gas prices, they would do more, yet, they didn't and they don't.

I'm sure there is a lot more in the background going on in regards to rising gas prices...and a lot of that is behind closed doors where the public cannot see what is going on. Is there greed? I'm sure there is. That kind of profit coming in...who wouldn't want more? Trying to slap more taxes on these people wouldn't solve anything. Two words: Swiss accounts. They put their money in Swiss bank accounts, or in other accounts that the U.S. government can't tax. So, slapping more taxes on them really wouldn't help a thing.

Apr 13 @ 9:50PM  
Remember,,, when big Wall Street firms did not have the bonus,,, and NEW YORK city screaming about not having enough money for the soup kitchens, and homeless shelters because there was no tax revenue from the bonuses that did not get paid.....


Makes sense to me.

Has anyone ever really gotten a bonus on their check,,, and did you see what the tax man did to it?



Apr 13 @ 11:04PM  
26 Corporations Paying ZERO Taxes

Apr 14 @ 12:46PM  
Quit your bellyaching.

Right on Willy!!!
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