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Unexpected Emotions

posted 4/16/2012 11:39:30 AM |
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One could argue that all emotions are unexpected. Perhaps.

Love is one of those unexpected emotions. We are busy with our daily lives and suddenly we meet someone and fall in love. We were not ready for it, we did not expect it.

While we don't walk around expecting anger, we know it is coming when someone rear ends us, does something unjust to us or steals from us. Although these emotions are unwanted, we expect them to happen as a response to certain events.
The same is true for sadness, joy and any other emotion.

I am trying to figure out what emotion I was feeling and I am trying to understand why I felt it was so unexpected.

I was laying in bed watching a documentary called "Tapped". It was about the bottled water industry. I was always a big believer in bottled water and did not trust the tap.... I had no idea the chemicals in the plastic could leak into the water and act like estrogen in my body. I had no idea the bottled water company was self regulated. I had no idea that millions of empty bottles end up on beaches turning the beach into "plastic" sand.

What struck me the most however was that these plastic bottles, containers end up in our oceans. Once they deteriorate they turn into small pieces generating a plastic soup located in the middle of our oceans, killing hundreds of fish and most of our marine life. The marine life confuses these tiny plastic pieces with algae and food.

As I was watching this documentary, learning of the ocean, the waste we produce, the ignorance of the price for convenience by humankind..... I started to cry. I was in pain knowing that we are responsible for destroying the very place we came from. The Ocean. Life....

I had never expected this emotion as I lay there watching. I expected to be entertained and gain a bit of knowledge, but I never expected to actually feel what I did. A sense of sadness, anger and contempt. A need to do something. My most drastic thought was that of cleansing. I actually wished the planet would just spit us all out and start over.

I wish more people would have this unexpected emotion. I think it's called compassion.

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Apr 16 @ 11:50AM  
Kudo..........excellent blog........................

Apr 16 @ 11:55AM  
I actually wished the planet would just spit us all out and start over.
I believe that this will eventually happen. Not in my lifetime, but in the future.

Apr 16 @ 12:02PM  
.. you are right about bottled water.. but in some is still better than what comes out of the tap.. and afaik.. the bottles have to be heated ( by the sun or left in a hot car) for a long period of time before any leaching of chemicals can happen..

What struck me the most however was that these plastic bottles, containers end up in our oceans.
this is not usually the consumers fault.. but the old school way of garbage collecting and disposal of trash ( ocean dumping) that is now being addressed to where this practice has been stopped (here on the west coast..I have no idea what they are doing on the east coast and gulf of mexico though.. ( read: more laws were needed ..not less ))

good blog btw.. as everyone should think before they react emotionally to environmental issues..

Apr 16 @ 12:05PM  
Greenie for the Compassion!!!

I'm amazed by the amount of people that still Litter!!!!

Apr 16 @ 12:14PM  
Several years ago my neighbor worked at the Borden milk plant. He told me one day they were going to start bottling water. Yepppers right out of the Jackson tap water. Of course I am sure they filtered it but it was still tap water. I have never bought a bottle of water since.

Another thoughtful blog.

Apr 16 @ 2:13PM  
great blog--- it shows YOU ARE a human with feelings,,, unlike a lot of us.

read that the bottles used in a year in the US, if laid end to end,,, would circle the globe 190 times. i blogged about it way back when,,, for those that want to waste time---

bottled water
posted 1/29/2011 3:53:02 AM

i buy bottled water,,, and use the same bottle for 3 or 4 days. i know it's a no-no, healthwise to reuse the bottle,,, but i'm cheap. i recycle all plastic containers,,, as well as cardboard, cans, and newspapers.

wasn't trying to hijack your blog--- delete the comment if you like.

a greenie for you...

Apr 16 @ 3:49PM  
I saw the same video.....the plastic wad you referred to in the Pacific is actually 2x the size of Texas--so Im told.....about the toxicity of those bottles; if the lame companies would slow down the production line by maybe 2 minutes { allowing the plastic more time to cool down before injecting H20} it might make a positive difference.....plastics & cell phone microwaves are responsible for lo-test { testosterone} and low energy in the body.

Apr 16 @ 3:50PM  
i am aware of the floating shit piles that you see in the oceans,,,,heard about them along time ago,,,maybe it's part of what shapes me as the "negative' person that i am,,,,,,,,l,the harsh reality of it all

but,,,let me put that one in context,.,,,the Earth is 75% water,,,,much like your body is,,,,,,,,
the amount of plastic shit piles in the ocean,,,,at this point,,is the equivilent of an atom on your body to put it in perspective,,it is so minut as to be insignificant.....

but it does make for entertaining tellie and get's people all weepy and shit.....which i understand and am not mocking,,,just telling you the facts......

the size of the ocean,,is beyond our ability to calculate.....there are probably parts never seen by man except from space,,places so far removed as to be a mystery...

i just looked it is more than i thought,,,,,

To date, we have explored less than five percent of the ocean

Much remains to be learned from exploring the mysteries of the deep.
The ocean is the lifeblood of Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet's surface, driving weather, regulating temperature, and ultimately supporting all living organisms. Throughout history, the ocean has been a vital source of sustenance, transport, commerce, growth, and inspiration.

Yet for all of our reliance on the ocean, 95 percent of this realm remains unexplored, unseen by human eyes.

so there you go,,,take solice beautiful,,it ain't as bad as you thought:)

happy flippin monday


Apr 16 @ 3:51PM

Apr 17 @ 12:13AM  
Good blog. Something I haven't thought about, in which there are many things I haven't thought of or about. Sternfan, thanks for putting it in perspective.

Apr 18 @ 12:05PM  
really nice and excellent blog ..........mind blowing

Apr 18 @ 12:28PM  
,it is so minut as to be insignificant.....

Thanks for that wonderful insight, Stern.

Nothing matters if it's just small.

He only slapped me.....didn't use his fist..............

I'm so with you. I'm on my way out to buy a case of bottled water and throw it in our Beautiful East Bay............that's insignificant..........

Yep, really brought it into prospective for me..........................
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