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Black Student Beaten To Death By Gang

posted 5/3/2012 9:05:37 PM |
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The Drum Major, a Black student at FAMU, was beaten to death by a North Florida gang. He was killed by Marching 100 band members, who were then advised by alumni how to testify to avoid prosecution for murder.

There is testimony indicating a coverup. The murder happened in November, and the murderers are now all out on bond, except two. Eleven people have been charged in the cold blooded murder of this student.

What will Al Sharpton have to say for this slain youth? Will Jesse Jackson bemoan his death on national TV? Will the Black panthers offer a bounty for the heads of the murderers?

It will be interesting to see the media attention given to this murdered youth. But wait a minute. That happened before Trayvon Martin was slain, and we never heard a word. Jesse and Shakedown Al and the black pussies have not mentioned this alleged murder

Does this seem a bit hypocritical to anyone else? Do the reactions of all those named suggest major racism?

BBC Report on Beating Death

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May 3 @ 9:41PM  
i saw this on sports center,,it happened quite a long time ago,,it was a HAZING incident and it was an all black college and everyone involved was black,,,

it has no racial overtones at all....the same thing goes on at colleges all over the country and it is never a racial issue,,it is a HAZING issue

even if all the kids had been white and that one kid they beat was black,,it probably woulkd not have been seen as a racial issue because

it is all about the practice of HAZING! that is the concern,,,,so,,Al and Jessie only get involved in racial issues involving the unfair treatment (in there minds) of minority's by other ethnic groups,,

so,,no,,,no hypocrisy,,this is about the practice of hazing and what it can lead to and HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE

ya knucklehead! :)

May 3 @ 9:52PM  
Maybe shooting a suspicious person who assaults you has nothing to do with race either.

Unless the professional racism merchants turn it into that.

PS I hope your sister's cellar doesn't flood in the Spring rains.

May 3 @ 10:00PM  
Maybe shooting a suspicious person who assaults you has nothing to do with race either.

Unless the professional racism merchants turn it into that.

PS I hope your sister's cellar doesn't flood in the Spring rains.

it would if i was white,,,and following a person that i thought was suspicious based on nothing else besides the fact he was black,,,,and i had a gun,,and then i shot him

and i do not have a sister lol

May 3 @ 10:57PM  
Is the "marching" band using the "stand" your ground defense?

did the 911 operator say "You don't need to do that" in reference to the band following the victim?

May 3 @ 11:34PM  

They never called the authorities.

They just beat the kid to death.

May 3 @ 11:39PM  
and i do not have a sister lol

Stern, that renews my faith in human kindness.

It is wonderful that a totally unrelated person lets you live in her cellar.

May 4 @ 12:05AM  
I saw it on the sports channel during the March Madness. Like Stern said, it was a hazing incident. I think there was more to it that him being just a black guy. I think sexual preferences had a hand in it if I am not mistaken. It was horrible and they should be punished. I seem to remember hearing that a few of the top dogs lost their job over it.

May 4 @ 12:25AM  
I always shoot suspicious people who carry loaded boxes of candy and sodas. I mean hell, if you wear a hoodie and carry hard core weaponry like that you are a for SURE gang member. And any big bad loser cop wanna be SHOULD protect his turf from such a bad ass. Hell I feel safer already.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are douchebag racist hypocrites. Nobody with an ounce of brains of ANY race would give thier media whoring any attention.

May 4 @ 2:04AM  
I had read about this case since Nov. 23rd. I first read about it on national news and the Florida Local prime news. CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS Atlanta, NBC FOX, AP as well as The Miami Herald and The Orlando Sentinel.

Robert Champion's Autopsy report was pending and not completed until the Toxicology results were in and that takes a few weeks:

There also was the 911 call that was released by the AP on Dec. 1st:

This case went into an immediate investigation that lasted 5 months because it involved a whole lot of people and a whole University.


May 4 @ 5:43AM  
Blacks preying on blacks?.......niggar please....... .......cookie

May 4 @ 6:36AM  
Does this seem a bit hypocritical to anyone else?

Those are two completely different cases obviously. Why not compare apples to oranges ?

May 4 @ 10:24AM  
Whew, talk about racism! It is OK for blacks to beat a black kid to death, but nor for whites to do the same thing? I don't think so ! ! !

The main idea here, my liberal friends, is that a kid was murdered. That is where the similarity lies, That is the main deal ! ! ! The race of the murderers is secondary, unless you are so torqued out on "white bad, black good" that you see the racial aspects of the case as primary.

Maybe some of us don't' have to leave home to find racism to cry over !

A murder is still a murder.

May 31 @ 5:34AM  
You are absolutely correct, Mr Tarr.

Murder is still murder, no matter what colour our skins are, whether genetics or bleached or suntanned!

The fact that a group of blacks beat their fellow black to death is a horrendous way to day.

Imagine being beaten to death and you're so scared out of your mind, trying to protect yourself with your arms and legs yet their boots are breaking your bones... how would you be able to survive? These thugs are no better than thugs preying on someone just because he's a newbie.

Hazing is a silly ritual by traditional-obsessed thugs.

I thought hazing was from the movies, made up by hollywood, like The Animal Farm! And other silly movies. I didn't realised that the hazing was drawn from real life!

Schools are supposed to be about LEARNING knowledge that empowers you for the rest of your life, not teach you torture techniques and how to be a serial killer!

Hazing is such a childish ritual, too. I pities them dumb kids who thinks it's great.

But they forgets it has another name for it. BULLYING!

Here, we're stamping it out as much as possible.

I used to be a bully when i was a toddler. Thank God I grew up. I learned to stop being a bully, and just accepts everytihng and adapts to new friends and accepts them and not pick on them for their shapes, colours, etc...

Now I stand firm against bullies, thugs, hazing, and the life. They didn't have the fortunate intervention that I did, to stop picking on newbies, or anyone for their differences.

Ah well, we all live and learn the hard way. No worries.
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