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Who Pays For Obamacare? You Do - Higher Taxes & Premiums, Job & Economic Loss

posted 8/9/2012 11:50:02 AM |
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It's taken a couple of years to decipher what was in the massive and deliberately confusing 2,700 pages of the Obamacare bill that the Democrats shoved through Congress over the strong objection of the American public. But it is finally beginning to come into focus. And the news, as bad as it was before, is getting worse every day.

Not only does Obamacare impose 21 new or higher taxes, many of which you will have to pay, but as with so many government programs, the real costs are the ones you don't see. They are the stealth taxes that often exceed the direct taxes by many times. Such is the case with Obamacare.

Small companies will cut people who are working full time to part time or to just outright lay people off so as to remain under the 50 employee and other limits that expose them to Obamacare. Large companies will end up dropping their healthcare coverage altogether or be forced to raise the employees share of the premiums far above what you pay now in order to pay for Obamacare. Much of this is already happening, but the mass effects will start in 2013 and 2014 as Obamacare was intentionally designed to hold off the negative effects of its implementation until after the 2012 presidential elections so that you would not hold Obama accountable for it until it was too late to stop his reelection.

And all companies will continue to hold off on hiring until they see what the effects of Obamacare are on their businesses over the next few years. Obamacare is one of the biggest factors in Obama's record unemployment record and costing the economy -- and that means you -- hundreds of billions of dollars.

Finally, Obamacare will increase the cost of everything you buy as those companies that struggle to keep up with the massive costs involved are forced to raise the prices of their products and services to pay for it.

You will pay not only the direct taxes to pay for Obamacare but in the devastating cost to the economy that Obamacare is already causing. That isn't called a tax, but it is worse than a tax. It means that if Obama is reelected, and Obamacare stands, you can expect another 4 years of economic misery, or worse.

Nearly one in 10 employers to drop health coverage

By Paige Winfield Cunningham - The Washington Times

About one in 10 employers plan to drop health coverage when key provisions of the new health care law kick in less than two years from now, according to a survey to be released Tuesday by the consulting company Deloitte.

Nine percent of companies said they expect to stop offering coverage to their workers in the next one to three years, the Wall Street Journal reported. Around 81 percent said they would continue providing benefits and 10 percent said they weren't sure.

The companies, though, said a lot will depend on how future provisions of the law unfold, since most of the key parts are scheduled to take effect in 2014. One in three respondents said they could stop offering coverage if the law requires them to provide more generous benefits than they do now, if a tax on high-cost plans takes effect in 2018 as scheduled or if they decide it would be cheaper for them to pay the penalty for not providing insurance.

While small business don't face fines for failing to offer coverage, companies with 50 or more full time employees face a penalty starting at $2,000 per worker.

Deloitte conducted the study between February and April — before the Supreme Court upheld most of the law — and surveyed corporate and human-resources executives from 560 companies currently offering benefits.

In contrast, the Congressional Budget Office has estimated that around seven percent of workers could lose coverage under the law by 2019.

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Aug 9 @ 12:02PM  
Let me see if I can save some of you some trouble and write your responses for you....


spin and lies

you are a liar


Aug 9 @ 12:06PM  
It was never more obvious than your Papa Johns blog. That 16 dollar pizza just went to 18 dollars.

Aug 9 @ 12:06PM  
it's a sign of mental illness when one talks to themselves....

Aug 9 @ 12:36PM  
Sweet Willy and Rain Man or being paid by the NRC to act stupid. The dam Republicans have voted now 39 times to repeal the health Care bill and NOT 1 TIME for a job bill. That is correct--not one time.
The reason for this is that big insurance companies now will be regulated and can NOT chare un reasonable premiums. In other words the raping is over. Now they will find a way to get a little piece on the side sometimes. Now if we can get the speculation out of the energy sector and some gun control. there are just too many nuts like Sweet Willy and Diamond running lose.

Aug 9 @ 12:53PM  
WTF does this blog have to do with NRA and gun control?


Aug 9 @ 1:02PM  
Kentuck. You are brainwashed.

Aug 9 @ 1:06PM  
My question is, why call it Obamacare? Why not a different name? Does seem a bit egotistical to me. That's like saying if Bush instituted a healthcare plan, would we call it Bushcare?

A lot of people will not be able to afford Obamacare since they are unemployed. Guess a lot of people will be getting fines. The fines start out small but increase each year.

Aug 9 @ 1:28PM  
why call it Obamacare

That's correct, it should be called Romneycare
because he was the who started it all in Mass.

Aug 9 @ 2:30PM  
Not even Romneycare, I see your point, but it should be a different name entirely, like maybe Americacare, or something to that effect.

Aug 9 @ 2:37PM  
You're right...

A better name would be Obamadoesn'tcare.

Aug 9 @ 2:40PM  
How about Obamascare ?

Aug 9 @ 2:48PM  
I'll bet that no one here even knows who changed the
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
to Obamacare in the first place

Aug 9 @ 2:53PM  
Never an attempt to defend Obamacare, only attempts to make excuses for it and blame someone else -- anyone else -- other than the person and the party to whom the blame belongs: Obama and the Democrats.

Is it too late for them to blame Bush?

Aug 9 @ 2:54PM  
"Obamacare" -- the Republicans' pejorative name for the law

Aug 9 @ 3:13PM  
Why would it be pejorative unless you are ashamed of it and of Obama? It's Obama's work, shouldn't you be proud that it has his name on it and he gets the credit where he deserves it?

Aug 9 @ 3:38PM  
"obamacare" is a term coined by the tea partiers with the INTENT of sounding prejorative. Kind of like those who call the President "obumer."

Obama isn't especially offended by the term, as stated in a recent speech in Colorado, but neither he nor the democrats came up with the term.

Aug 9 @ 3:49PM  
Obama is not especially offended that his plan is called Obamacare?

That's a curious thing.

Why would he be offended at all unless he is ashamed of his own work?

It's called Obamacare because it is the work of Obama. It has his name on it because he deserves the credit for it. Obama owns Obamacare.

Are he and his supporters so ashamed of that they don't even like honoring Obama with his name on the program that he created and imposed?

Aug 9 @ 3:54PM

Republicans coined the term as an insult, linking Obamacare to an apocalyptic litany of woes they contended it would bring about: rationing, soaring costs, unemployment, death panels — even if they were nowhere mentioned in the law.

As "Obamacare" became a household word, the president and his supporters faced a choice. They could keep snubbing the term, leaving it to the law's critics to define what it stands for. Or they could embrace it and try to put their own spin on it. That's what the campaign chose to do, going public last Friday on the second anniversary of the law's signing.

Read more on Left Now Calling it 'Obamacare'

Damn, you righties are stubborn

And it was originally Romneycare in Mass. when he authored and passed it there

Aug 9 @ 4:22PM  
I can't say that I blame Obama being ashamed of Obamacare. If I were him, I'd be so ashamed of my failure as a president that I would have resigned long before the November elections for the good of the country instead of making the American people have to wait for four long years to fire me while the country goes down the tubes thanks to my lack of leadership and failed ideas.

Aug 9 @ 4:33PM  
i saw a funny one the other day

how come so many of you believe in the right to life,,but not universal healthcare?

just one more example of the ridiculous hypocrisy of the conservative base,,,

Aug 9 @ 4:40PM  
how come so many of you believe in the right to life,,but not universal healthcare?

That works in reverse too. You pinkos believe in abortion but are forcing us to pay for healthcare.

Try again.

Aug 9 @ 5:06PM  
That works in reverse too. You pinkos believe in abortion but are forcing us to pay for healthcare.

i don't think you get the premise willy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why do unborn children have a right to life but sick people do not?

you want every baby born,,but once they reach a certain age and cannot find a job,,because every baby has to be born and there are just not enough jobs for all of them,,,you no longer care if they live or not

see the irony and hypocrisy?

Aug 9 @ 5:20PM  
i don't think you get the premise willy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why do unborn children have a right to life but sick people do not?

Sorry Stern. Again you lose. You just called them "Unborn Children" You yourself are a hypocrite. Children refers to people. Sick people are people too. They deserve equal rights. That is if there are any more rights under the Obama kingdom.

Aug 9 @ 6:51PM  
We are paying for indigent health care at present, but we pay emergency room rates, treat fully developed disease, and warehouse the debilitated.

It might be cheaper for everybody to make preventative medicine available for our citizens.

Aug 9 @ 7:14PM  
The dam Republicans have voted now 39 times to repeal the health Care bill and NOT 1 TIME for a job bill. That is correct--not one time.
Hey, misinformed one. This is not true. They passed many jobs bills. It's just that Harry Reid wouldn't bring them up in the Senate. And you libs refuse to call them jobs bills because you don't agree with them.

Aug 9 @ 7:17PM  
why do unborn children have a right to life but sick people do not?
Who is sayhing this? Not Republicans. Obama is saying neither do. Once you reach a certain age, that is. Because of the doctor shortage that is coming.


Aug 9 @ 8:14PM  
The GOP jobs package, which currently includes 32 bills, represents Republicans' hallmark legislative accomplishment over the past two years. In the months ahead of the election, they will lean on it as proof of two things: that they are not the do-nothing obstructionists that Democrats paint them as, and that they are working hard to address the 8.2 percent unemployment rate.

But there's a problem with their jobs bills: They don't create jobs. At least, they won't any time soon.

In interviews conducted by The Huffington Post with five economists, most said the GOP jobs package would have no meaningful impact on job creation in the near term. Some said it was not likely to do much in the long term, either.

"A lot of these things are laughable in terms of a jobs plan that would produce noticeable improvements across the country in the availability of employment in the next four or five years," said Gary Burtless, a senior economist at Brookings. "Even in the long run, if they have any effect all, it would be extremely marginal, relative to the jobs deficit we currently have."

And they did vote 39 times to repeal health care and have blocked and here's a list of jobs bills they've blocked..

Long one, ain't it???

Aug 9 @ 8:53PM  
"You'll have to pass Obamacare to find out what's in it."

Aug 12 @ 9:40PM  
it's a sign of mental illness when one talks to themselves

typical ... lefties only know how to attack ... they lack the intelligence to debate facts ...

then you have the outright LIES ...
NOT 1 TIME for a job bill
that is some funny stuff ... someone obviously has NO CLUE that the house passed 21 jobs bills and 11 amendments to other bills about jobs ... ALL of which harry reid dumped in the trash ... republican senators offered up 8 amendments for jobs in the last 2 years, ALL QUASHED

The Huffington Post

I love it when lefties use ridiculous resources ...

Aug 12 @ 9:51PM  
Trollin, trollin' trollin', rawhide
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