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The One Promise That Obama Kept

posted 8/9/2012 11:05:47 PM |
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Only one thing matters to people as they get ready to vote in November ... the bottom line. And the bottom line is that EVERYONE is suffering under the Obama administration and they know it.

No matter what distractions Obama tries to throw out, to keep people from focusing on their misery, unfortunately for him, that fact remains.

He can only hope that people don't notice that they don't have a job, lost their homes, have not had a raise since Obama has been president, are paying twice as much for gas since he's been in office, are losing their health care and have seen every one of the things they have to buy from food to utility bills "skyrocket" since Obama has been president (as he promised they would).

Obama Promises Skyrocketing Energy Costs

At least that's one promise he kept! I'll give him that much.

Good luck with that.

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Aug 10 @ 1:06AM  
It all sucks right now, and Obama has not lived up to anyones expectations, as they say, things are tough all over. Granted I do not favor the democratic party agenda, but if I were actually voting for "A Person," rather than a party agenda, I would not vote for him. It's my same feeling that I had in 2008, he shows no real integrity.

One day maybe there will be a group of rebels that oppose, and are able to do away with the electorial college, and we will go to the popular vote. Then I wouldn't have to vote for either of these two candidates, and my vote would still mean something.

Obama would be an even bigger fool than I think he is to try, and run on his record, and no one really knows how close Romney will stand to the conservative ideals. But, I seriously thing it's time for change!

Aug 10 @ 3:16AM  
You and all your low class friends have come down hard and blamed Obama for a dam Republican Congress has done nothing for the poor or the middle class people. A bail out of the large banks, insurance companies and wall street has been ok in your books.
The Dam republican Party and politicians and scum bags like your self has work hard to make this administration fail--well it has not--that one vote of NO by the republicans for the republican party has failed.
Now your masters will fell the sharp edge of the blade in November--Ryan is gone. That Traitior Mit is going down in a land slide loss.

But I would like for you to tell people on MD how you can support a man who takes your job and sends it to China and does NOT want you to have any compensation--otherthan min-wages--flipping hamburgers--So please tell everyone,

Aug 10 @ 8:46AM  
I'm NOT suffering.............................

Aug 10 @ 9:20AM  
I'm NOT suffering
Yet....You will be......

Aug 10 @ 1:20PM  
Now there's some great logic ...

I'm not destitute yet, so let's give Obama another chance to make that happen.

Some people can really take a punch!

Aug 10 @ 9:09PM  
You are both wrong..................

I am not nor will I suffer...............I owe that to ME!!

It doesn't matter who is the President.............

Sorry, if you are unprepared idiots............

Aug 10 @ 9:15PM  
Republican Congress has done nothing for the poor or the middle class people

what a sucker really ... the left has pretty much owned everything forever get a clue really ... how many TOTAL years have republicans OWNED both houses AND the presidency ...
.................. And that is precisely why the left is so full of crap all their eyes are brown
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