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Gas Prices Rise To Double The Price On The Day Obama Took Office

posted 8/10/2012 7:27:04 PM |
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On the day that Obama took office on January 20th, 2009 the average national price of gasoline was $1.82 per gallon. It never saw that price again rising steadily throughout his administration and today stands at $3.67 a gallon, twice the price that it was when Obama took office.

Looks like the Obama energy plan -- the plan to make your energy costs skyrocket -- is working.

Obama Promises To Make Your Energy Costs "Skyrocket"

But a rising price for gas doesn't only increase your utility bills and rent. It increases the the price of everything you buy from food to manufactured products because everything uses energy to make it and transport it. And the cost of that energy is part of the price of the product. So rising energy prices cost everyone, are a ball and chain on the economy and costs jobs.

Thank you Mr. Obama, you broke all of your promises except this one. We have to give you credit for that. And in November, we will.

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Aug 10 @ 8:31PM  
The average price of gas under the Bush administration was $2.18 a gallon.

Under Obama, the average price is $3.09 a gallon, the highest average gas price ever.

That's an increase of 42% in gas prices under Obama. If that isn't "skyrocketing" I don't know what is.

Aug 10 @ 8:56PM  
September 2006 (before lefties took the house)


September 2008 (before obama was elected)


Sick of whining lefties claiming it will take years to fix bush's wreck ... IT WAS AT LEAST 2/3 LEFTY wreck owning the house and senate

Ronald Reagan came into a WORSE economy and FIXED it in less than 3 years ... COME ON LEFTIES ... what is taking so long ...


Aug 11 @ 12:55AM  
With the threat of the IEA getting the 27 countries, that came to an agreement to do it, releasing their reserves, we saw a nice little drop back in May. Since the prices dropped, and they did not feel it was needed to force them down, it was stopped.

Now with Obama's economic sanctions against Iran, and the recent refinery fire, it may be proposed again! Even though here in the US we get slightly less than 25% of our oil from the Middle East, whatever happens there affects the market here. They have been awfully quite up there in Washington about all of this since the elections are looking so close. Even though Barack has repeatedly told us he cannot do anything to help control gas prices, he might open the reserves to drive prices down, so that we will vote for him!

Aug 11 @ 1:28AM  
the average price for a gallon of gas in 2008 was 3.27 a gallon for regular.. 3.52 for premium..

Aug 11 @ 1:38AM  
it hit an all time high on July 17 , 2008 of 4.117 per gallon.. this is according to CNN and consumer news

Aug 11 @ 1:40AM  
It's just getting scary


Aug 11 @ 4:30AM  
Even though Barack has repeatedly told us he cannot do anything to help control gas prices, he might open the reserves to drive prices down, so that we will vote for him

I don't know how many times we have to say this but the markets are over supplied, yes o-v-e-r supplied.

Energy prices are in fact lower than they were in the summer of 2008, four years ago.

Aug 11 @ 7:21AM  
Excerpt from American Thinker, right wing rag

If you pulled up to a 7-11 station on January 20, 2009 and all you had was silver American Eagles in your pocket, how many ounces of silver would you have paid per gallon? On that very day, silver was trading at around $11.47 per ounce. The average price of a gallon of gasoline was around $1.83 per gallon. So let's work it out (I didn't tell you there would be math, sorry):

$1.83 ounces Ag

------- x ------------- = 0.1596 ounces Ag/gallon

gallon $11.47

So to purchase 10 gallons of gas for your Toyota Prius (alas, there was no such thing as a Chevy Volt at the time) would've cost you 1.6 ounces of silver.

Fast-forward to today. If you pulled up to a 7-11 station today in your flammable Chevy Volt, things would be different. As of this writing, silver is trading at $34.190 per ounce. As of this writing, the average price gasoline is $3.545 per gallon. So now we have:

$3.545 ounces Ag

------- x ------------- = 0.1037 ounces Ag/gallon

gallon $34.190

See that? A 10-gallon fill-up for your Chevy Volt today would cost you an ounce of silver, or a single silver American Eagle coin. That's down from 1.6 ounces of silver for the same 10-gallon fill-up in January 2009. Gas is actually 35% cheaper, you bitter clingers!

Alternatively, the Obamedia could credibly claim that gas prices are even a little cheaper compared to gold. Working out the same formula with gold, you would fork over 0.002133 ounces of gold (at $858/ounce) in January 2009, while you would pay 0.002018 ounces of gold (at $1756.40) today. See?! Gas is even 5.4% cheaper today when compared to gold. High gas prices? What are you talking about, rubes?

In all seriousness, what do these numbers mean for what you are paying at the pump? Here we have the main point of this piece, so let's go throat-clearing all-italics:

It is not that the price of gas is more expensive; it is that your dollars are worth less

Read more:


Aug 11 @ 10:19AM  
When Obama successfully promotes and orchestrates the radical Muslim terrorist takeovers of key oil supplying nations in Northern Africa and the Middle East, blocks critical projects to significantly increase our oil supply like the Keystone Pipeline and oil drilling permits on federal lands, the Gulf of Mexico, offshore oil sources and in Alaska, what do you expect is going to happen to the price of oil and gas (and virtually everything else everyone, including the middle class, has to buy because everything you buy is either made from oil and/or uses oil to make it and transport it)?

And that's why the average price of gasoline during the Obama administration is the highest in history and 42% higher than it was during the oil friendly, America friendly, economy friendly, job friendly, middle class friendly Bush administration.

Aug 11 @ 10:30AM  
Conspiracy theories???

Aug 11 @ 10:57AM  
It doesn't matter what the gas price was for a couple of days. I am talking about the average gas price under the Bush administration and the Obama administration. I'm not talking about the price on any particular day. That's irrelevant.

Gas prices under the Obama administration are at the highest sustained level that they have ever been, 42% higher than they were under the Bush administration. That's not an opinion, that is a black and white fact.

Bush pursued oil friendly policies, It was the left who criticized and demonized him for that on a daily basis, so no point in their playing dumb now (although I must say they do a pretty convincing act ).

Obama, on the other hand, openly stated that he would pursue policies to intentionally drive up the price of fossil fuels because he wanted to transform America into a "green" economy. This is no secret. It's on the record. Well his policies successfully drove up the price of fossil fuels alright, but the green economy never materialized and instead turned out to be a multi billion dollar political scandal leading right to Obama's office. The only thing Obama transformed the economy into was a jobless disaster.

Aug 11 @ 2:48PM  
I don't know how many times we have to say this but the markets are over supplied, yes o-v-e-r supplied.

MA, you can say it until monkeys fly out your butt, but the reason that we have been seeing gas prices go back up recently, is because of the economic sanctions against Iran, and even more recently the refinery fire/explosion. You always seem to have such a difficult time comprehending things that are being said, so slow down, and read that, it is what I said before, without the Obama lowering prices joke. Just relax, get comfortable, and try and comprehend what is being said.

Aug 11 @ 3:26PM  
Want to know how to get gasoline supplies up to 1,000 times what they are right now?

Put policies in place that raise the price to $50 a gallon. There will be all the gas you want, except not at a price you can buy it.

I'm not saying there isn't a supply of gas, I'm saying there isn't a supply AT A LOWER PRICE, like there was under Bush.

It's not hard to have an oversupply when it is selling at a price no one can pay. And that is what the Obama administration is doing: putting policies into place that make gasoline unaffordable in the hope that people will support the so-called "green" economy instead... which turned out to be nothing but a giant Obama administration scandal that traded taxpayer money for multi-million dollar payoffs to phony "green" company executives in return for campaign contributions for Obama.

You can easily create an oversupply of anything by driving up the price by force of government edict. But it won't last for long because at the same time you are driving up those who manufacture it out of the business by pricing their products out of the market.

This is no surprise and no accident. It's exactly what Obama said he was going to do and he is doing it. Why should anyone be surprised. Obama is driving up the price of gasoline to force people into using alternative technologies that don't even exist. And in the process he is lining his own political pockets at the expense of the public that he is sworn to serve.

Aug 11 @ 3:42PM  
However, many analysts believe that oil oversupply is also a major factor in driving down prices.

In most cases having too much of something makes it less valuble. Here is a link to an article that discusses these factors, keep in mind it was published on June 15th, before the refinery blew up, and the latest sanctions on Iran. This is a interesting read, and is a good explanation of the way it all works Oil Supply

Although OPEC attempts to speak with one voice, it is not a monolith, and members often disagree. Several countries, including Iraq, Venezuela, and Iran were calling for a cut in output to boost prices. For these nations, oil represents the vast majority of their export revenue. Venezuela has called for oil to stay above $100 per barrel and it is believed that Iran needs oil prices to stay above $100 in order for it to balance its budget. Iraq has also said that prices between $100 and $120 per barrel are “reasonable and acceptable.” However, enough members resisted a production cut.

The latest decision will ensure that oil markets are oversupplied, at least in the short-term.

So, take note of who is attempting to manipulate prices, so they can balance their budgets.

Aug 11 @ 4:01PM  
The oil industry is the most regulated and government controlled industry in the world. The rules of supply and demand only apply in a free market. In the oil market, governments control the price through government enforced policy that affects either production, consumption or directly fixes an arbitrary price. Its not a free market, it is a massively government regulated market.

The free market can do nothing to cure an economy when you have government imposed regulations that artificially manipulate prices to force dictatorial policies that overrule the will of consumers. That is what Obama is doing to the fossil fuel market. And that's why Obama holds the record for the highest average gas prices of any president.
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