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Obama Calls Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan "An entirely legitimate proposal"

posted 8/15/2012 8:46:43 PM |
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Click on it to watch the video of the Liar in Chief completely changing his story.

FLASHBACK 2010: Obama Agrees with Rep Paul Ryan on Medicare Reform. Obama agrees that Medicare is going bankrupt and that Ryan's plan is "entirely legitimate."

Now what is Obama's solution? Do nothing and let Medicare go bankrupt! As a matter of fact, gut the Medicare fund with Obamacare so it goes bankrupt even faster. He's already done that. Obama won't even allow Medicare to be discussed and has no plan whatsoever of his own.

You see him in this video asking for a "serious conversation about Medicare, and a serious conversation about the debt." But the White House, just today tried to get the subject of debt REMOVED FROM THE UPCOMING DEBATES COMPLETELY. They don't what the national debt to be discussed because they can't defend Obama's record. And they also don't want to talk about Medicare. There can be no serious discussion about the economy or the fiscal future of the country without discussing both of these things because they are the most serious fiscal problems in America today.

Yet now Obama refuses to even discuss them and demonizes Romney and Ryan for insisting that he does.

Where is the leadership? Obama is a fake, a phony and a fraud.

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Aug 15 @ 9:03PM  
Very timely...

I like how the video originated from the WHITE HOUSE.

Not some tea party whipped up site.

But,, it does provide ample evidence that he was told it did not cut medicare to our seniors over 55,,,

Quite different from the retohoric and talking points circulating around today,,, about the same plan,,, from the same people.

"Only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to our challenges as a nation, in a way that would make them proud,"
-- B.H.O.--

Here you go Rev,,, 1/4 for the jukebox,,, you'll remember this one. You are being duped.


Aug 15 @ 9:39PM  
Somebody sure is being duped

By Jake Tapper

Devin Dwyer

Aug 14, 2012 6:43pm
FACT CHECK: Obama, Ryan, Romney Backed Medicare Cuts

One way or another, Barack Obama, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney all have supported the $700 billion in cuts to Medicare spending now in place under the Affordable Care Act.

But you wouldn’t know that by listening to the current debate.

The Romney-Ryan campaign in its latest TV ad assails Obama for approving the cuts in 2010. “Obama has cut $716 billion dollars from Medicare,” says the narrator. “The money you paid for your guaranteed health care…is going to a massive new government program that’s not for you.”

Voters might be left with the impression that Romney and Ryan have both opposed the cuts. The truth is that Ryan himself endorses them in his signature budget plan – the same plan Romney has said he would sign as president if it reached his desk.

Imagine that

Those Medicare savings -achieved through reduced provider reimbursements and curbed waste, fraud and abuse, not benefit cuts – appear in the House Republicans’ FY 2013 budget, which Ryan authored.

His plan would in part repeal the entirety of the Affordable Care Act —
except the reductions in Medicare spending now at the center of debate, according to analysts with the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

Where Romney and Ryan find shelter for their new line of attack is in what they claim they’d do with the savings. As the ad suggests, they don’t want the money to underwrite Obamacare, but for deficit reduction or other spending instead.

“We’re the ones who are not raiding Medicare to pay for Obamacare,” Ryan said tonight in his first solo interview with Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume.

Get more pure politics at ABC and a lighter take on the news at

But in an added twist through all of this – further complicating the picture in a way that voters might not be aware – Romney asserts that the Romney-Ryan ticket is running on his budget proposal, not Ryan’s, and he would restore those cuts.

Aug 15 @ 10:09PM  
A quarter back at ya' Bard..My theme song!

Aug 15 @ 11:23PM  
I see,,,

and I notice your post just points out that R&R supported it,,,

not that OBAMA did not do it.

He cut medicare,,, 800 BILLION WORTH,,,

he tossed grandma,,,

under the bus,,,

to fund his health care vision.

1/4 for the Obama Care plan....


Aug 16 @ 12:01AM  
Obama and his followers have been reduced to making up any lie, no matter how absurd, no matter how well the truth is documented, to desperately try to defend the indefensible presidency of the worst president in American history. They want to win at any cost, including the degradation of the office of the presidency of the United States, the mocking of the American people and the shaming of everything this country stands for.

The president who promised to unite the country and take the high ground has engaged in the most gutter level, slimy, divisive political campaign of all times and brought the US presidency to a new moral, ethical and legal low point. He and his supporters are a disgrace to the country and should be ashamed of themselves.

Aug 16 @ 6:21AM  

And the numbers keep on rising

It was all explained to a committee yesterday and they were satisfied
that it wasn't at all like it's portrayed by the nobknockers to be

It's probably on Google by now..
I saw it on the news last night.

Aug 16 @ 8:29AM  
He and his supporters are a disgrace to the country and should be ashamed of themselves. .....I agree rain man....but you also left out their chances for being elected are between slim and are talking about romney here......right?..... ....cookie

Aug 16 @ 12:02PM

August 15, 2012 10:00 AM
Mitt Romney Begins to Crack, Calls President Obama "Angry" And A "Disgrace"

Maybe it's because his veep choice flopped. Or perhaps, less than three months out, he's just facing the stark reality.
But whatever it is, there's something rather sad and pathetic about this:

ROMNEY: This is what an angry and desperate president looks like. So Mr. President take your campaign of division and anger and hate and let us get back to Chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America.

Yes, Obama's just so angry and desperate, because he's clearly the prohibitive favorite to win in November.


This is going to get worse before it gets better, folks.

BigBuck — 8/15/12 10:06am

That's really sick, he's talking about the POTUS here, in full view of the rest of the country. He needs to remember he's not in his "quiet room" echo chambers, and pay some respect. He'll never win this way. And Ann Romney's interview this morning made clear that she doesn't have the stomach for the rough and tumble of a campaign either.

They can't take it!


Aug 16 @ 12:20PM  
Clearly Obama and the Democrats are aiming for the idiot vote: those people who can't distinguish the truth from the the lies.

Don't be an idiot.
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