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Obama's Record Energy Prices: The Biggest Middle Class Tax Increase In History

posted 8/25/2012 9:44:00 PM |
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It's been a little over 4 years now since Obama promised that if he was elected that he would make sure that energy prices "skyrocket." He broke just about every other promise he made, but at least you can give him credit for keeping that one.

Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket

No one has been hurt more than the middle class by the enormous burden of higher prices and the ball and chain of debt on the economy and job creation that have resulted from Obama's energy policy. He said he would do it, he did it, and now the middle class has suffered what amounts to the biggest tax increase in history.

Obama successfully promoted and orchestrated the radical Muslim terrorist takeovers of key oil supplying nations in Northern Africa and the Middle East, blocked critical projects to significantly increase our domestic oil supply like the Keystone Pipeline and oil drilling permits on federal lands, the Gulf of Mexico, offshore oil sources and in Alaska and declared war on and virtually shut down the coal industry in America with draconian regulations and taxes.

Under Obama's energy policy, what do you expect is going to happen to the price of oil, gas and fossil fuels and virtually everything else everyone, including the middle class, has to buy because everything you buy is either made from oil and/or uses oil to make it and transport it. That includes everything the middle class buys from food to housing to clothing to electricity to heating and cooling your home to everything in between.

And that's why the average price of gasoline during the Obama administration is the highest in history and 42% higher than it was during the oil friendly, America friendly, economy friendly, job friendly, middle class friendly Bush administration.

Ever scratch your head and wonder why -- if Obama is supposed to be doing such a great job for the middle class -- you are so much worse off then you were before he was president? In large part is is because Obama's energy policy represents the biggest (and stealthiest) middle class tax increase in history. It kills middle class jobs and it drains the middle classes wallets. And you never even know what hit you.

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Aug 25 @ 11:10PM  
Energy prices reflect the price of oil. Just ask any Bush. Oil speculators have hiked the price of oil. There IS no shortage. It's all a matter of profit and the profits started over ten years ago when oil companies reported record profits and have every year since. Do you remember who was President back then? Let me give you a hint. He looks and acts like a chimp. Now you can demonstrate your own honesty if you will. How many of those oil speculators do you think are Republican?

Aug 26 @ 2:36AM  
The Republican party started all this with the recall of the California govenor. Then the Enron thing--they started a land slide. Bush and his cronies let Skull & Bones write the last half of the Enron bill which took all regulations off energy, Now speculators site behind a computor and buy and sell oil like it is farm product and pay less than 10 % tax on their earnings. Yep for every $1.00 dollar you spend at the pump, Wall Street gets $0.50.
So say thanks GW

Aug 26 @ 6:32AM  
Bush owns record oil prices... still.

Aug 26 @ 8:04AM  
I can foresee another blog going wrong and being deleted,
only to spring up time and time again, until your lackeys
show up to substantiate your lopsided claims
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