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Blacks Vow To Sit Out Election Over Obama's Support For Gay Marriage & Neglect

posted 9/4/2012 5:27:07 PM |
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In a growing movement that is spreading throughout the black community, black voters are vowing to sit out the election -- and in some cases vote for Romney --rather than vote for Obama. They are disgusted with Obama's flip flop to support gay marriage -- which is widely condemned in the black community -- Obama's terrible record on black unemployment (which is at a record high) and his turning his back on the black community to ignore their needs.

Obama cannot win the election without a substantial portion of the black vote. This is a very serious development for Obama's campaign and could spell the end of his chances for reelection.

September 4, 2012

The high unemployment rate among African-Americans, coupled with President Obama’s neglect of black communities, has created some irritation towards the president among some of his most solid supporters (as demonstrated at the CBC’s town hall meeting in Detroit last year).

Obama’s support for gay marriage also threatens to depress black turnout this year. In North Carolina, for instance, a prominent black pastor who helped lead the push in that state to ban gay marriage has recorded a radio ad telling black voters to stay home.

Dr. Patrick Wooden accuses Obama of ‘turning his back’ on the black community in the ad. “With the strong support of the African American community, the amendment protecting marriage as the union of one man and one woman passed overwhelmingly,” Wooden says in the radio ad. “The very next day, President Obama came out for homosexual marriage. Now his campaign leaders are working to deny North Carolina’s ability to define marriage, and they want to overturn our state marriage amendment altogether. Join me in saying ‘no more’ to President Obama.”

CBC chair: Black voters aren’t yet ‘energized’ enough for Obama to win

Black Pastors Launch Anti-Obama Campaign to Convince African Americans to Withdraw Support for the President

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Sep 4 @ 6:42PM
Rev. William Owens, the pastor who has lambasted President Obama's gay marriage stance and warned that the president's endorsement could cost him black support, appears to have been lying about his involvement in the civil rights movement.

Owens, who runs a group called the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP), has claimed that he participated in protests and sit-ins in Nashville in the late 1950s. “I didn’t march one inch, one foot, one yard, for a man to marry a man, and a woman to marry a woman,” he said during a news conference last week at the National Press Club.

He also called President Obama a "Judas" and said that he sold out African Americans for supporting same-sex marriage. “I am ashamed that the first black president chose this road, a disgraceful road," Owens said.

But Adam Serwer of Mother Jones spoke to several prominent civil rights leaders who were involved in organizing the Nashville sit-ins and who said they have no recollection of Owens. A librarian at the Nashville Public Library, which maintains an extensive library on the sit-ins and protests, could find no mention of Owens either, outside of a 2004 interview that Owens himself gave with the library in which he said he was involved.

James Lawson, who helped devise and implement the nonviolent tactics that the many civil rights activists employed, criticized Owens for the apparent misrepresentations of his background. "If he was in Nashville during part of the time I was there, he was not paying attention to my teachings," Lawson said to Mother Jones. "My teachings were not about practicing social or cultural discrimination against anybody."

Owens has long held ties to conservative organizations, the African American liaison for the National Organization of Marriage (NOM), a conservative group that backs laws to block same-sex marriage. Earlier this year, some of NOM's internal documents were made public that described its attempts at "driving a wedge between gays and blacks — two key Democratic constituencies.

But several polls have shown that black support for same-sex marriage has grown quickly after the president announced that he was in favor of it. Polls also show that his stance has done little to change people's opinions of him.

Sep 4 @ 6:54PM  
A black preacher's opinion of Obama


Sep 4 @ 8:37PM  
DR & Willy, it doesn't matter what you say, doesn't matter what you post, they are not going to believe it, and most likely they will just call you a racist. I have been saying that many in the black community were extremely disappointed in Obama for the last two years, but it is like the Rev JD says, they won't speak out publically about it much. It's actually embarrassing to finally have a black looking man as the president, and to find out he hates blacks. I have said it before, I really feel he hates that he looks black.

Sep 4 @ 8:50PM  
In a recent Pew Research Center poll, black voters preferred Mr. Obama 95 percent to 3 percent over Mitt Romney, “which is at least the margin he got in 2008,” said Michael Dimock, associate director for research at Pew. “There’s no erosion at all.”

Even more noteworthy, less than 10 percent of black voters in a New York Times/CBS News survey taken last month said that Mr. Obama had failed to meet their expectations as president, while nearly 3 in 10 said he had exceeded expectations. Among nonblack voters, 4 in 10 said he performed worse than expected, while only 5 percent said he had done better.

For many African-Americans, the main reason to support Mr. Obama is easy to cite. They argue that the modern Republican Party protects the rich at the expense of the poor, is hostile to social programs and thinks the way to fix the economy is solely through a trickle-down approach.

“We already know what the Republican Party is offering,” said Mr. Bennett, 57, the former Cooper Industries employee, a plant supervisor before he lost his job. “And we don’t want that.”

Mr. Hart said, “Look at the choice we got with those Republicans.”

Beyond issues, many African-Americans feel an emotional connection to Mr. Obama that seems unshakable, saying that nothing can compare with seeing someone who looks like them in the White House.

That bond still brings tears to the eyes of Sheila Gorham, an elementary school principal in Greensboro, when she talks about the first time she saw Mr. Obama in Charlotte in 2008.

“It was pouring rain and I stood out there with my sister,” she said. It was only one day before the election, and Mr. Obama’s grandmother had just died. “He was solemn,” Ms. Gorham said. But “he talked about how change was going to come.”

Sep 4 @ 11:21PM  
WOW .. the Rev on Willys comment did not hold back anything .. I never looked at it that way before but he made a very good point. I've seen it in a lot of my black friends .. I thought they would back Obama no matter what just because he was black .. hasn't been the case at all... personally myself I don't see color.. I just see people...the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY ..
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