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Dems Cancel Obama's Big Event At Dem. Conference Due To Lack Of Attendance

posted 9/5/2012 11:00:09 PM |
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Local meteorologists are baffled by the Democrats/Obama campaign's decision to cancel Thursday's big event Obama speech at the democrat national conference for what they claim is a forecast of "severe weather."

Local meteorologists reported that the weather report for Thursday when the event was scheduled to take place is better than any other day in the week and the forecast has actually been improving from what it was a few days ago. They are asking why, if it was canceled because of weather, why that wasn't done days ago and why that would happen now instead. And why is the Obama campaign and the Democrats cancelling the event because of the chance of severe weather when meteorologists say the chance of that is nearly ZERO?

The answer is that the Obama campaign was to hold Obama's speech in the Bank of America Stadium. That stadium has 75,000 seats. They planned to recruit, pay and bus in people from all over the country to fill the seats. But rumors started weeks ago that even though they were giving people a free vacation to fill the seats, they were having problems filling the stadium and weren't anywhere close to getting as much interest as they had 4 years ago. The Obama campaign panicked at the prospect of television cameras showing a mostly empty stadium seats and lack of interest and began to struggle for a way out. So they used the weather report as an excuse to cancel the event and hold it in a much smaller place with less than a third of the seats.

The only problem is that the weather report is pretty close to excellent!

Of course the Democrats are already denying it. But you be the judge.

Local meteorologists were baffled by the announcement, but now you know the rest of the story.

Meteorologist: ‘Severe Weather Threat Is Almost Zero’ For Obama’s DNC Speech

CHARLOTTE (CBS Charlotte/AP) — A top Charlotte meteorologist says there is virtually no threat of severe weather Thursday night as Democratic officials move President Barack Obama’s convention speech indoors.

Brad Panovich, chief meteorologist at WCNC in Charlotte, indicated that storms would not have been an issue the time the president was supposed to speak at Bank of America stadium.

“Severe threat is almost zero Thursday night & chance of rain is 20%,” Panovich said on Twitter.

Forecasts for Thursday night had been improving all through the week. The National Weather Service said Wednesday morning that there is a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, but it would drop to 20 percent by the time the president was scheduled to speak.

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Dems Cancel Obama's Big Event At Dem. Conference Due To Lack Of Attendance
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Sep 5 @ 11:11PM  
Yeah, nothing like a 20 percent chance of rain to make the democrats move an unfillable football stadium full of supporters to a basketball arena. I hear that it still might be moved to a 300 capacity neighborhood Community Center.

Sep 5 @ 11:11PM  
Hmm, maybe that's why they were booing God today! Democrats Boo God I think Obama and the Clintons will vote for Romney!

Sep 5 @ 11:18PM  
After being caught red handed taking God and the reference to Jerusalem being the capital of Israel out of the Democrat's platform, and seeing the OUTRAGE of Americans coast to coast, the Democrats scrambled to put it back in when they saw that it would be the end of Obama and their party for good if they left it out.

They had to suspend the rules of their own convention to take a vote of the delegates to put it back in.

They had to vote THREE TIMES because they were desperately trying to make the vote come out the way they wanted to so that the party would not be doomed.

On the third voice vote OVER THE LOUD BOOS OF THE DELEGATES, AT LEAST half of the delegates voted AGAINST putting it back in the platform. But the guy taking the vote looks over to the guys putting the fix in clearly asking "what do you want me to do, it isn't coming out the way we want it?" and then he LIES, saying that he heard 2/3 of the delegates vote FOR it.!!! Then the whole auditorium broke out in loud BOOS when he said that it is passed and God and Jerusalem are added back into the Democrat platform.

IT WAS A RAILROAD JOB!!! It was a SHAM. Democrats truly are Godless Soulless, America hating, Israel hating fakes, phonies and frauds!

I have never seen anything like it. It's the most despicable group of scam artists in political history.... railroading their own hate America party into lies that they don't even believe in.

The Democrats have a right to have any platform they want. And clearly the platform they want is a radical socialist, America hating, Israel hating, capitalist hating, freedom hating, totalitarian state loving scam.

Sep 5 @ 11:50PM  
The media has really tried to semi play this down, but it's out there, and more and more are seeing it. No one really believes that it was just an oversight either. Really a bad move!

Sep 5 @ 11:50PM  
65,000 passes is not a low attendance for the stadium..

During a press conference on Wednesday morning, Democratic officials responded to the Republican party's criticism to move the event.

They say the DNC was the first to commend RNC for putting public safety first, when shortening the convention in Tampa because of the storm. They are disappointed that Republicans would "attack" them for making a decision to protect public safety.
Pussy Pubs let a little normal Florida weather scare them boo boo

Typical RW BS

Sep 5 @ 11:56PM  
Hey can you post things like that? Why you're, you're Apolitical!

Sep 6 @ 12:01AM  
I just post the truth in reply to RW propaganda..

Doesn't make me anything other than someone giving people an opposite opinion by posting the truth

Sep 6 @ 12:37AM  
Typical RW BS

Doesn't make me anything other than someone giving people an opposite opinion by posting the truth

Sorry doc, wrong again! That's nothing but your opinion! Just because you call it the truth, doesn't mean it is. go ahead and admit it, you are not apolitical, you are a democrat, we all know anyway!

Sep 6 @ 1:06AM  
I didn't write the comment, it came from a website..I've been following both pretty closely and I see the Dems commended the RNC for taking precautions and now DR gives the Dems shit for doing the same thing...
And the Pubs were indoors to start..and called their's off for a little rainstorm.
How would you feel if lightning struck the stadium with 65,000 people in it..???
Called common sense

Sep 6 @ 7:05AM  
They are disappointed that Republicans would "attack" them for making a decision to protect public safety.

More proof that Obama and the Democrats are catering to the moron vote.

Sep 6 @ 7:14AM  
Sorry doc, wrong again!

If Rev is a-political then Im Santa Claus And no rev you cant sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas

Sep 6 @ 9:32AM  
Kudos, Hooks and KV. Actually, RDL is more than a Dem, he's a flaming liberal! At least that's what his posts make him sound like. If he wants to claim he's apolitical, he's going to have to do somethhing about that.

Sep 6 @ 6:54PM  
latest weather channel report as of 6:52 PM

A period of showers and thunderstorms between 9pm and 11pm. Partly to mostly clear with temperatures slowly falling to near 73F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 80%.

and the map shows some green, red and yellow stuff heading to charlotte meaning (heavy?) rain .


Sep 6 @ 6:58PM  
WCNC station online saying storms maybe between 9 and 11 , maybe not
ditto WSOC

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