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Obama Administration Warned Of 9/11 Terror Attacks But Did Nothing To Stop Them

posted 9/13/2012 8:25:15 PM |
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If this story is true -- and I believe it is because it is from a very reliable source -- then Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should immediately resign.

According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and “lockdown”, under which movement is severely restricted.

Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination

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Sep 13 @ 8:53PM  
horse,,,,,meet barn door

what a shocking story.....oh my! why is it that every single time there is a crime or in all reality,,,any kind of event,,there is always a group of aholes who crawl out from under a rock and shout


lol...seriously,,,,,,,,,and why don't they ever say anything BEFORE the tragic event they are now trying to glom some attention from?

Sep 13 @ 8:57PM  
And I have another question.


ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Daily News, The Washington Post, USA Today, ANYBODY?!!!


Why the hell do we have to get this story from a British newspaper?

Sep 13 @ 9:01PM  
because.... it is not true....

you are chicken little reincarnated....

Sep 13 @ 9:03PM  
We'll find out if it's true. If it is, Obama is finished. And so is Hillary Clinton.

Sep 13 @ 9:14PM  
are we drinking a bit too much tonight, DR? if I rememberz correctly, our president Barack Hussein Obama wasn't in office on 911

Sep 13 @ 9:16PM  
The real question here is.....did they release you...or did you escape from drug rehab?....because its kind of obvious that more work still needs to be done.... .... ...cookie

Sep 13 @ 9:19PM  
More breaking news...

Information is just coming out that the Obama/Clinton State Department has refused to brief the Congressional Intelligence Committee on the terror attacks.

This would be an unprecedented act of White House cover up. The Obama White House has flatly refused to answer any questions from the Intelligence Committee about the attacks. The committee has many questions but is getting no answers.

Now it's what did Obama and Clinton know and when did they know it.

Sep 13 @ 9:27PM  
The Obama White House has flatly refused to answer any questions from the Intelligence Committee about the attacks.

isn't that kind of the same thing as your boss flatly refusing to answer every single question from every single employee he has under him?

it's called chain of command,,the president does not answer to the "intelligence' community,,,,

it's the other way around,,,,,

Sep 13 @ 9:28PM

Sep 13 @ 9:35PM  
From the sound of the facts as reported, it sounds like Obama and Clinton could have prevented the deaths of the US Diplomats and personnel but did not.

If the story I have heard within the last hour is true, that they are refusing to answer any questions from Congress, this could be the most important story of the entire Obama administration.

Sep 13 @ 9:44PM  
This reminds me of when 9/11 in 01 happened and there were reports of "the memo that President Bush ignored.". And other allegations of him letting the attacks happen so he would have an excuse to invade Iraq.

Sep 13 @ 9:48PM  
I just saw this on the News a few minutes ago...but who really knows???

Sep 13 @ 9:49PM  
Sorry, it's not the same. There was no memo, there was no evidence whatsoever. However, there is already documentation in this case.

In spite of the US media blackout, members of Congress and former ambassadors are already starting to weigh in on this story. I'm afraid it is going to turn out to be true.

This will be a colossal failure of the Obama administration. And now it appears that attempted cover up will be added to the charges as well.

Sep 13 @ 10:01PM  
Whether this story is true or not, I cannot say with any certainty. But, I still ask this question, since American Embassies are routinely attacked now on the anniversary of 9/11 in the Middle East, actually around the world, why were security levels, not increased this year. So far, I have seen NO reports that anything was done, no memos, nadda. WHY?

Maybe the president forgot? Maybe he was too busy trying to avoid meeting with the Israeli leader? Was he too busy campaigning? Maybe he was too excited about being on Letterman again, that it just slipped his mind.

Sep 13 @ 10:05PM  
And the point I'm making is that I did read your link, and it said NOTHING about the President nor the Secretary of State, it said the US State Department had the information. Now, whether or not they had informed the President yet or not..who knows.

Just like when the accusations were flying at President Bush, I will not jump to conclusions until more is made known.

As to the American media......maybe they learned from 11 years ago when they pounced on the allegations against President Bush and are waiting to have their facts straight before looking foolish yet again.

Sep 13 @ 10:17PM  
I have some even bigger questions.

With all the intelligence available to him, how could Obama have let one country after another in that region fall into the hands of our enemies? Not only let it happen, but help MAKE it happen. We were told by Obama that it was an "Arab Spring" a great "democratic revolution." He sent all kinds of support and sent billions of our dollars to these barbarians over the loud protests and warnings of average people like me and a huge number of people in prominent positions of expertise about this region. Even I could tell you and repeatedly did that we were helping our enemies establish a base to destroy us.

How is it with all the intelligence available to the Obama administration including Obama himself and Hillary Clinton that they could have been duped so badly when average people like me knew all along that the Obama administration was promoting the takeover of a critical strategic region by our Muslim terrorist enemies?

How is that?

Sep 13 @ 10:59PM  
This is Jimmy Carter and 1979 all over again. The Muslim terrorists didn't surrender our hostages until Ronald Reagan was elected and they knew that he would would send our army over there to destroy them. They finally surrendered the very day that Reagan was sworn in. Like Carter, Obama is a weak leader who our enemies know they can walk all over.

In 1996, the Palestinians rioted when the Israelis excavated an ancient tunnel under the Western Wall in Jerusalem -- something that was completely within their rights to do.

Then (and again now) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was being visited by the then German Chancellor at the time the riots took place.

On his way to the airport to see the German Chancellor off to return to Germany Netanyahu made a call to Yasser Arafat the then leader of the Palestinians. He told him that he was on his way to the airport and would be there in 15 minutes. He told him that if the riots were not over by the time he got there, that he would send Israeli tanks into the town where Arafat's headquarters was and he would be finished.

By the time they got to the airport, the riots were over.

That is what is called leadership. Our enemies know the difference between strength and weakness and they know that Obama is weak. There is no leadership in the White House.

Sep 13 @ 11:09PM  
Now we see why the focus is on this You Tube video. To take the focus off of the administration!

Perhaps one should finally look at the policy that has been going on in all of the Middle East though. Barak Hussein Obama has orchestrated the take over of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood, seemingly on purpose.
Worried U.S. tells Egypt's military to cede power

After Obama's war in Libya, it is now certain that the country is more anti-American than it was before.
The Islamist Plot: The Untold Story of the Libyan Rebellion

The same has happened in Yemen. Yemen was considered a critical ally in fighting the Yemeni branch of al-Qaeda but Obama never the less shifted our position for their leaders removal. Was this in America's interest?
U.S. Shifts to Seek Removal of Yemen’s Leader, an Ally

Tunisia is now controlled by the Islamists, yet Obama praises them...
Obama hails Tunisia as "inspiration" of Arab Spring

In Afghanistan, Obama has alienated Karzai and announced when our troops will leave, signaling that the Islamists only have to wait us out...
How Obama Lost Karzai

All this, while slashing military spending. Is the seeming support of Islamists groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in America's interest?

When there was a revolution in Iran against the Mullahs, why would Obama stay silent? Why would he speak out in countries where groups like the Muslim Brotherhood are the most likely successors to power?

Obama seems intent on stopping Israel from dealing with the problem in Iran...
Are sanctions working? Iran's centrifuges are still spinning... Is it in America's interests for Iran to have nuclear weapons?

Sep 14 @ 12:40AM  
Diamond you are just another know it all die hard republican looking for any thing to make the present administration look bad.

The security at this location was by choise of the consulant. He chose local security who died with him. AK-47 and M-16 have no chance against heavy equipment.

You are suppose to know stuff like this--so what is your problem??

Sep 14 @ 7:04AM  
Meanwhile the President's lead in the polls widens :

Obama widens lead over Romney


Sep 14 @ 8:21AM  
looking for any thing to make the present administration look bad.
You sure don't have to look very far. In fact, you don't have to look at all. It smacks you in the face every day.

Sep 14 @ 8:46AM  
The Independent is a tabloid (brit).

Obama is finished.

Check the polls.

Sep 14 @ 9:23AM  
Ever hear of whistling past the graveyard?

Sep 14 @ 10:30AM  
disinformation, deception, devils and the details. obAma isn't finished by any stretch
of the rabbit the old timey "Mazzini--Pike plan" sometime to get a pic-
ture of just how far in advance wars are planned.

Sep 14 @ 2:01PM  
there was a bomb threat at NDSU in ND...all North Dakota Embassy's are now on 24/.7 High Alert...but those Canadian Goosies are illegally crossing by the millions and threatening to take down aeroplanes like they did to Cap't Sully

Sep 14 @ 3:39PM  
Breaking news !! Mitt Romney will now get Presidential Intelligence briefings, says the White House. No word yet when Obama will start getting these briefings.

Sep 14 @ 3:51PM  
all North Dakota Embassy's are now on 24/.7 High Alert


Umm...the U.S. does not have an Embassy in the U.S. let alone in N. Dakota...

Sep 14 @ 3:57PM  

Breaking news !! Mitt Romney will now get Presidential Intelligence briefings......Its about far everything thats came out of his mouth has been kind of stupid..... ....cookie

Sep 14 @ 7:41PM  
DiamondRain said:
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should immediately resign.

That would leave Joe Biden in charge...

Careful what you ask for, you may not fully understand the ramifications!

Sep 14 @ 7:45PM  
I actually had a comment about that in my original draft, but took it out. It wasn't easy choosing between Obama and Biden. But after a gutwrenching nightmare I decided that a brain dead president is better than an enemy sympathizer... not by much, I'll grant you that. But either way it's only for a few more months.

Sep 19 @ 4:19PM  
It's another "Able danger" type event..


Sep 27 @ 5:34PM  
Somehow this pales to insignificance when we remember Bush ignoring warnings that Bin Laden was going to fly planes into buildings. This coming on september 5th. Six days to take precautions. Instead Bush went to kindergarten. I understand. He was a little remedial.

Where were you then? Why didn't you call for his immediate resignation? Because he's Republican and a bot can't go against all that.

Sep 27 @ 7:58PM  
Kudos to SloRiver

n a 12 June 2007 speech British Prime Minister Tony Blair called The Independent a "viewspaper", saying it "was started as an antidote to the idea of journalism as views not news.
Satirical magazine Private Eye frequently refers to The Independent as The Indescribably boring.

Perhaps to attract readers to an otherwise boring bit of non stories???


Oct 2 @ 3:27PM  
How soon this liberals forget that the democrat Bill Clinton was offered Bin Ladens head by the Arabs nation more then once.. Sh*t the Taliban was going to turn him over to a third party..Clinton had refused on all accounts.. But heys what alittle facts to these liberals...

When Clinton was in office he provided China with US long range missle designs.. He gave North Korea it's nuclear program and provided China Russia and India with US Super computers.. Today China is hacking into US top secret sites.. But hey whats alittle national secruity when you get free cell phones -- don't pay taxes - get food stamps and sit on your ass like most liberals do these days..

Oct 2 @ 3:37PM  
That was the first story I was able to find about this incident right after it happened while the Clinton administration was sending out its liars to the media to try to cover up the truth. And yes, it turned out to be exactly right!

When Nixon lied he had to resign -- and over something far less important than this. When Clinton lied, he was impeached -- and over something far less important than this.

Obama is lying to Congress, lying to the citizens and withholding information that the American public has a right to know. And so is Hillary Clinton.

A full investigation needs to happen immediately to find out whether Obama and Hillary Clinton will resign or whether they will need to be impeached and removed from office.

Oct 11 @ 11:50PM  
How Are You Blaming Obama and Hilary.. He Wasn't Even President In 2001 Duh!!!

Oct 12 @ 12:11AM  
I'm a man of no means by no means,
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