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1930 Packard 740 Roadster, 1910 Classy Driver

posted 9/18/2012 11:52:16 PM |
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This is a great story & video, beautiful car, you need to read the story as well as watch the video, as the driver owns several other cool rides too! Maybe I will get my resotation project a 1989 Porsche 944 looking this good one day. Done all the mechanical, now getting into the appearance end. It's great on gas too!

Great Story

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1930 Packard 740 Roadster, 1910 Classy Driver
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Sep 19 @ 8:42AM  
Cool car

Sep 19 @ 1:35PM  
That is just awesome! Loved that car!!!

I do like the older cars verses what is out there today...although...I do admit, I would LOVE to get my hands on the 2012 Dodge Challenger!

2012 Challenger

My late fiance, Mick, loved the 68 Charger. When I met him, he was restoring a 68 Charger. I remember helping him take out the old drive shaft and putting in the new one, and helping him put in the new heater core. He had that car about 80% restored by the time he passed away. Newly rebuilt 440 motor with dual header exhaust...yeah..that was quite the car going down the road. Unfortunately, I had to sell it because I didn't have the money to finish the restoration on it. Since then, I've been partial to the 68 Charger.

68 Charger

The above pic is what Mick was aiming for his car to look like when he was done. The outside of it, he had the paint done, was working on getting the rims for the tires. And he still had the interior to finish.

Sep 19 @ 1:42PM  
The Brit I'm getting to know belongs to a Motor Club that puts together Classic Car races. I'm pretty excited about this as it is exposing me to a whole different lifestyle that I've barely been exposed to.

We are going to check the track in Nassau soon and the following weekend a race in Sebring.

I love hearing the stories about the Brits ferrying their cars to the different events. Some of those cars are worth more than I make in a life time.

Sep 19 @ 9:29PM  
You'll have a lot of fun with those folks Fayv. I like my hemis, and hipo American cars, but I like my foriegn cars too. Have had many over the years.

Oct 5 @ 4:33AM  
Nice rides!

Cool Packard, and the charger, and all that. Lovely.

Got my 2006 Holden VZ V6 wagon, it's a beaut to me. I like it. I never had that kind of car before. I like it BIG... rides SMOOTH... and it goes FAST....! Lovely.

It was fun, riding it out there for five hours, from Freo to Perth to the hills and down around then home... fantastic! I hopes to go soon. I want to drive a lot now.

For a few years before I got the new car a few months ago, I was driving a 26 year old beat up car, just about falling apart, man! Muffler shot! Engine's growling, and the axle just about ready to slides out!

I like it, though, it taught me to get back into the driving...

Before that I never drove for a long time... not since I crashed my ex's car. I never had that kind of accident before. I drove 4 cyclinders. So my new car at V6 was my first, still my first. I loves it.

I'd like to get my own place, ;take it apart, put it back together, give it a good overhaul with a good workshp manual and good tools, everything I need. I want to have fun with a car that I never had no room for for years.

I'm saving up to get the workshop manual soon, maybe a couple of months, if I'm lucky, if not, maybe a few more months. Oh well.

I also like Mustang, I loves those cars. I like Ford, I like Rolls Royce, andI like the Packard things, what I read about from Drk Pitt character by that writer... it grew on me, alright!

I'm eager to drive all over, see places I never been for most of my life.

Shoot, where the hell can I get customers, though? How does this salesmanship works? It's nutty.

I want to go places, paint ceilings, get paid, go places, have fun, see sights, see people, etc.. etc.. etc... oh well.

I wish I'm not deaf anymore. I wish I'm hearing, that would make it so easy to talk to people. (sighs). Easy to talk, and show the starscapes and they'd see it and wants it, and so on. Being hearing is so EASY. Being deaf is so hard. (sighs). I want to drive everywhere! it's sure FUN!
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