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Barack Hussein Obama Defiles The United States Flag For Money And Political Gain

posted 9/22/2012 11:11:55 AM |
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I have seen this president do things that are so despicable and anti-American that it makes me want to puke. But this might be the most despicable thing I have ever seen any president do in my entire life.

Obama has defaced and disgraced the flag of the country he is sworn to protect and defend for his own personal political gain. And even more than that -- if there could be such a thing -- he has put his own personal logo on the flag of the United States -- an unimaginably reprehensible insult to the most basic tenant of American values and principles that this country was founded on -- that we are NOT ruled by a monarchy and no man is greater then the country itself.

Millions of men and women have given their lives, limbs and treasure over hundreds of years to protect the flag and these principles that it stands for. And now OUR OWN PRESIDENT has defiled this sacred symbol and cast a sickening light over America and its values to serve his own political interests.

Barbaric Muslim terrorists are burning our flag all over the world as we speak thanks to four years of Obama's foreign policy of appeasement, apology and capitulation. But you don't have to go to the Middle East or some Crapistan Muslim country to see our flag defiled. It is happening right here in our own country at the hands of our own president.

This president should disgust anyone who calls themselves an American. If this doesn't outrage you, you have no right calling yourself American. If you have any sense of being American left in your soul ... VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE!

Obama Campaign Redesigns American Flag

The Obama campaign is now selling copies of an American flag painting that replaces the 50 stars in a blue field with the president’s campaign logo. Critics are calling the artwork creepy and unAmerican.

“A good number of my family, including me and my twin sons, have served under the flag,” another wrote. “This is so far beyond insulting. I can’t imagine anyone who considers themself a patriot voting for Obama. Who does he think he is?”


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Sep 22 @ 11:56AM  
Pretty disgusting president

Sep 22 @ 1:51PM  
His arrogance knows no bounds.

Sep 22 @ 2:08PM  
Barack Hussein Obama refuses to salute US flag

There are already videos of people burning Obama's defaced US flag on Youtube. I don't even want to post them because Obama is so despicable and the concept that he would do something to deface the American flag is so reprehensible, that it makes me sick.

Sep 22 @ 2:26PM  

This campaign flag thing is almost as bad as the slave labor factory Romney and Baiin owned in China. NOT!

Sep 22 @ 3:18PM  
I understand Obama is getting his autobiography ready behind the scenes.

It's called:

"It's Bush's Fault: Why I Was A One Term President"

Sep 22 @ 4:04PM  
I hope my father is not rolling over in his grave about this. There was only one way to display a flag. No clothing, or patches in our house depicting the flag.

Sep 22 @ 4:37PM  
My father is a 91 year old WWII Navy veteran.

He is so sickened by what Obama did to the flag that it brought tears to his eyes.

I am ashamed of what Obama is doing to this country and that this generation allowed it to happen on its watch.

Sep 22 @ 10:22PM  
The only ones that would buy the screen prints at the price of $35 that is a limited edition of only 250, would be the hard core left liberals.

If we see this print on flags flying high over the Pentagon, the white house or other federal buldings, then we have something to whine and stomp our feet about!

The print is just a limited sales gimmick for the Obama democrat presidential campaign of 2012, nothing more or nothing less. It doesn't even have all the 13 stripes, so it isn't even the our famous U.S. emblem "flag" that we all know so well, honor and love.

Sep 22 @ 10:34PM  
Why do you apologize for a president who would deface the American flag as a gimmick to promote his political career? Do you realize how far over you bent to come up with an excuse for his unforgivable disrespectful trashing of the flag?

If Obama was on video murdering someone you would cut and paste some article about how black people are falsely accused more often than whites. That's your usual contribution.

It isn't even a bastardization of an American flag?

You look at this picture and can't tell that it is a demented version of the American flag?

I hope you are never on my jury!


Sep 22 @ 11:09PM  

Ro-money"s logo is defacing our flag. He even took all the stars out............

He's even turned it into an "R".........................

Oh, the horror........the shame................


Sep 22 @ 11:13PM¤t=hahaha_zps6c45d70e.gif

Sep 23 @ 12:01AM  
You are perhaps dyslexic or have some sort of difficulty identifying objects? Where's the flag?

You know the one good thing about these issues is that it makes it clear who loves this country and who is only interested in their government check.

Sep 23 @ 12:12AM  
I hope you are never on my jury!

I live, work and pay taxes in the state of California...

IF you ever tried to take this silly situation in a lawsuit, you would lose your case.

The print does not state it is The U.S. American Flag

The Flag laws do however state that the Commander in Chief, (who is the current President) can...

Any rule or custom pertaining to the display of the flag of the United States of America, set forth herein, may be altered, modified, or repealed, or additional rules with respect thereto may be prescribed, by the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, whenever he deems it to be appropriate or desirable

The presiding Judge would throw out your case....Court Ajourned!


Sep 23 @ 12:16AM  
I always have to work very hard to restrain myself from using the word dope when you post things and you don't have a clue what you are talking about. But I don't think I need to withhold this comment about your work...

"Often wrong, but never in doubt." You are the quintessential case for this expression.

Sep 23 @ 8:57AM  
I never have to work very hard at restraining myself from reading your blogs.

I will admit my stupidity at reading this one.

Your stupidity is thinking that I do not love my country or that I have worked and raised my daughter WITHOUT a government check.

But, if I needed one......there would be no shame. I've had a hundred thousand dollars in taxes stolen from me. It's not a hand's mine.

On topic: Where is your outrage when some big corporation uses the real flag in their obscene TV commercials? They all do it!!!!!!!!

You are transparent.................

I'm back to ignoring your obsession.

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