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15 yr old girl.....KNOWS MORE ABOUT GUN CONTROL THAN YOU !!!!!!!

posted 4/9/2013 3:37:44 AM |
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tagged: freedom, liberty, constitution

The 15-year-old girl whose eloquent three-minute pro-gun testimony before Maryland lawmakers went viral told Fox News she spoke out because just-passed gun control legislation threatens her future.

Her name is Sarah Merkle, and not much was known about her when video of her testimony exploded online, garnering more than 2 million views in less than two weeks.

"By signing this legislation, you are not signing away gun violence but instead liberating American citizens of our constitutional rights," Merkle said. "You are not eliminating guns from society but instead limiting our ability to protect our lives, liberty and pursuits of happiness."

Merkle told Fox News on Friday that she's been an avid shooter since she was 8 years old and is the secretary of the 530-member Maryland Rifle Club.

"Everybody's really upset about this, it takes away our own sense of security and defense against any attackers that we may have, and it won't let me shoot anymore," she told Fox.

Merkle said she's worried the new law will harm her future, since she was hoping to get a shooting scholarship to go to college. She wants to study law at Harvard.

"If I can't shoot anymore then I won't be able to keep up my skill and won't be eligible for any of the scholarships," she said.

A main effect of the legislation, she said, is that if any guns are taken out of state -- even for competition, like when she shoots with the Maryland State Rifle Team -- they can't be brought back.

"I hope legislators somewhere are listening and they hear this and they realize this gun control legislation really isn't going to get us anywhere and they can stop it," she said.


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Apr 9 @ 9:43AM  
This article is stupid beyond belief

Nowhere, no way, does anything say a thing about
taking away guns from lawful, responsible citizens..

That's just brainwashed childish ignorance!

Apr 9 @ 2:38PM  
It's good to see young people express their feelings about things intelligently! The really nice thing about this is, it didn't cost the taxpayers a dime, not like the big chucnk of change we just spent fly the Sandyhook people up on Air Force One, feed, and house them! We pay for an idiot clown to play silly assed games.

Apr 9 @ 3:48PM  
The hell with people's lives.
What's important here, is that nothing gets in my way of
getting a free ride through law school.
Because, what this country really needs is.... more lawyers.

Yeah, I sort of thought I knew it all when I was 12 - 15 years old too.

It's true that people are the real problem, rather than guns by themselves.
However, the killing is done by people WITH guns.
Rather than creating wild wild west gunslinging war zones by encouraging more guns,
why not limit gun possession/ownership to those who are mentally sane & stable
and eliminating the high round magazine type weaponry ?

Sorry if it is too inconvenient to re-load for traget practice.


Apr 9 @ 3:49PM  
I meant "traget"

Apr 9 @ 4:12PM  
What will happen on gun control in Washington, will basically amount to a better background check, and all sales will be required to have them including private sales. The feds set the basic requirements on gun law, the states can have no less than what the federal law has established. But, they can have much, much more, and that is what you are seeing going on right now.

The new bill, will not have an assault weapons ban as a part that would make the whole bill contingent upon it being passed. That was something Harry Reid had said a long time back, because they knew that anything attached to an assault weapons ban would not be passed.

So here we have Obama fly all of the Sandy Hook victims in, saying their stories might help win over some of the republicans. Win them over to what? What about all of the democrats that are voting against you in Washington, Barack? Have you given up on changing their minds, and are just playing another round of "blame the republicans" with taxpayers money. Go look at the democratic controlled senate, check their votes, and see for yourself which ones have been voting in opposition with their party.

Apr 9 @ 4:22PM  
Here are the 14 who will filibuster the bill

And then you have the halfway intelligent Repubs who are looking ahead to 2014

Apr 9 @ 5:04PM  
CNN’s Dana Bash reported on Tuesday that the President Barack Obama may be forced to use executive orders to pass new restrictions on gun and ammunition ownership because he lacks support for new laws in the Democratic-controlled Senate. The political environment in the upcoming midterm elections may not be as favorable to Democrats as 2012 was, and even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is expressing his reservations about proceeding with new gun control measures hastily.

Not Enuff Support In Democratic Controlled Senate For New Gun Laws

Apr 10 @ 12:12PM  
From a friend of mine whom I agree with:

I personally think some people in this country are severely uninformed
or have lost their freakin' minds, No one wants to take away their guns
for hunting or defending themselves,
However I do not feel that people need military grade weapons or
enough ammo in a clip to take out a small town, the right to bear arms
does not mean the right to have the means to take out the whole block,
And if you cannot pass a background check or are so mentally unstable
that you could not get a license then you do not need to own a gun in the
first place,
My right not to be shot by some lunatic wielding an
automatic weapon is more important than your right to own that said
weapon, Sorry but those are just the facts.
Don't like that fact? Tough cookies is what I say, I am seeing a severe
lack of common sense led by idiotic talk show hosts and people who take everything they say as the gospel. it is time to get real before the next mass shooting.
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