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Folgers In My Cup

posted 4/25/2013 1:45:47 PM |
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tagged: coffee

Ah coffee, nectar of the morning, fuel for the brain, a great way to start the day. However if you are like me, you drink it all the time. I have one of the old vintage pots that you can set on the stove, and just boil it, got one of the fancy cuisinart drip makers, but the pride of the fleet is my Corning Ware electric percolator! There is a big difference in the taste from this percolator, than any I have ever used, and I think it has to do with it being glass, rather than metal, or plastic.

I've tried all the fancy flavored coffee stuff, but I prefer a nice rich Columbian coffee most of the time. When I can get it, there is one called "Apple Crumb Pie" that is my Sunday morning choice, there is nothing like waking up to the smell of coffee & apple pie. I have my percolator on a timer, so it just fills the house with aroma, and wakes me up before the alarm clock. Either real cream, or evaporated milk, and it is one of the best coffees I have had.

Through the week it's Folgers, maybe perked, maybe dripped, or maybe even instant! Whether it is dripped or perked, coffee begins to deteriorate in taste roughly 20 minutes after it is brewed. So for someone like myself that drinks it all day, it can get to tasting a little funky after a couple of hours. I remember back when they started up with "freeze drying" coffee, and you would open a jar of instant up it would eventually have a sort of kerosene smell to it. I swore off of instant coffee, wouldn't buy it, certainly quit drinking it!

I was visiting a friend some years back, who knew I was a coffee fan, and he asked if I'd care for a cup, of course I said yes. He stepped around in the kitchen, I heard the water running, something being filled, and he stepped around, and told me it would be ready in a minute. As we were talking I'm thinking, no perk sound, no gurgling sound of a drip maker, but suddenly I heard the whistling of a teapot. At this point I'm hoping that he uses those new "coffee bags" but no, he had instant, and there was no where for me to run. He let me make my own, and I did the quick sniff, it actually smelled like coffee. Instant coffee certainly had changed since what I had tried before, and I stopped and bought a jar of Folgers on my way home.

Sometimes when someone stops by, and I offer a cup of coffee, I don't let them watch, and just load the drip pot up with water, and when it finishes heating the water, I serve them up Folgers instant. They don't know till i tell them, but they always say what a great cup of coffee it is! So what's in your cup?

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Apr 25 @ 2:35PM  
I'm another of the all day coffee drinkers, which is the most likely reason I can't get to sleep when I go to bed early. My coffee i brew in a drip maker, but I make enough to fill two quart thermoses, and a little more. I've been using the local store brand, and it makes a decent brew. I also have a big stove top percolator that comes into play. I start a pot with the usual amount of coffee, let about 6 to 8 cups run thru, pour that into the percolator, add sugar, then another scoop of coffee and and probably 3 more cups of water. Run that thru then pour it into the pot on the stove, heat to about 200 and pour it into the thermoses. It stays hot for quite a while, and doesn't taste like it has been sitting on a hot plate at all. I have a third thermos that gets what little may be left in one thermos, then what is left after filling the other two. warms the left overs up, and tastes about the same too. Simple enough right, but being me, I sometimes do find a way to mess even that up.

Apr 25 @ 2:43PM  
I lived with a man for 14 yrs that didn't drink coffee so somehow I gave it up and although I left him over 4 years ago, I still don't drink coffee in my own house.

However I have to have it at work or in a restaurant. Funny how that works for me.

Although I'm thinking I want espresso more often. I grew up on espresso with steamed milk as a child in an Italian family. SimplyImp has got me wanting that again. Also I saw a client buy a bunch of NESPRESSO machines for gifts and I don't know anything about that. The office got a Keurig and I'm nots about certain coffee's I run through that, Italian Roast being my favorite bold flavor.

I'm addicted to coffee except in my own house....I just think that is too funny.

Apr 25 @ 2:56PM  
I remember percolators. My parents used to make their coffee with one. Now they use the Bunn automatic. I have a Mr. Coffee 4 cup automatic coffee maker. And that 4 cup is a only gives 2 full cups of coffee. Guess if I used a smaller coffee mug, it would be 4 cups.

I love my Maxwell House Breakfast Blend, and I also like their Columbian blend.

Apr 25 @ 3:12PM  
All day drinker here, too.

Folgers through a paper filter or I grind Eight O'clock beans for a treat. I used to buy more expensive beans but these are pretty good.

I make each cup I drink, 16 oz, either through a small drip maker or I 'wave water and pour it through a little cone device that sits on the cup.


Apr 25 @ 3:34PM  
Nothing beats a French press for making great coffee. But use a teapot, not a microwave to heat the water. A microwave takes the life out of water.

...and start off with good water!

Apr 25 @ 3:44PM  
That's the way to do it sawduster, if you keep it in the maker, it keeps heating, or cooking it, and startes tasting bitter. I use the drip maker for heating water, so if I want an instant, then got it ready to go!

Fayv, expresso with steamed milk is excellent! Habits change.

Yeah Bluewind I've always wonderd about what cups they use too.

Apr 25 @ 4:39PM  
Yeah, they have some nice disc type filters for the percolators now, thaty keep the grounds, or as my sone used to say, seeds out of the cup.

Apr 25 @ 5:44PM  
My daughter n laws electric percolator died about a month ago .. it had been her gpas .. it was a sad day

Apr 25 @ 6:51PM  
worked with a guy who was once a door-gunner on a chopper in Vietnam...he drank booze and chased wimmenz all night...was never late for work and loved overtime...he ran the all-important lead machine and the company loved the daily footage reports whenever he was on it...with Gary at the helm, all the fat little foreman had to do was keep bringing him 2 thermos full of strong black coffee all day, and then he could sit in the hy-rail and sleep all day

Apr 25 @ 7:20PM  
Hpylady, she should check around in the thrift stores, to see if she can find another one for parts. There are two types, the more conventional types have a heating coil in the bottom that can be replaced, might just need to be re-soldered. Ones like mine, have an element in the base where the basket sits, and is removable, and most are the same size if she has one like that.

Apr 25 @ 11:20PM  
I'll have to tell her .. thanks

Apr 26 @ 1:05AM  
Mmmmmmmm...........I love coffee. What works best with my water, though, is Maxwell House. My favorite to add is evaporated milk. Otherwise, it's Half & Half....or milk. As much as I love hazelnut and french vanilla......I can't stand the sweetness in my coffee. Just cream........ That's what's in MY cup!

Apr 26 @ 10:42AM  
After having won a Tassimo machine, this non-coffee drinker is now hooked on caramel macchiato's. mmmm.

I use filtered water, as tap water makes the coffee taste bitter. Other than that, I don't drink regular coffee and prefer herbal tea. I love the smell of coffee, but find it always smells way better than it tastes.


Apr 26 @ 12:18PM  
What? Your tap water doesn't taste as good as filtered?

The water from the tap in Seattle and in Montana was so good to me, I didn't need to filter it. Guess I assumed the further north I went form the yicky water down here, the better it got.

Apr 26 @ 12:42PM  
lol Fay - it used to. We used to have the best water in the world. Soft and tasty. Then they chlorinated it. It's still soft, but who wants to drink chlorine?
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