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Terrible neighbors.

posted 7/7/2013 1:28:07 AM |
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You always have that one person on the block,
that is matter what you do.
they have perfect lives and lawns and kids,and
looks down to everyone else.
I have one of thoes.
right next door.
The thing is, I'm not shure on how to talk to them.
to let them know..that I do not understand WHY they
hate us,or me.
last year I was just learning how to work a riding
mower. But, after 2 months I got the hang of it.
but,they didn't like my lawn. They said that i had
and was getting tiny bits of grass all over there
precious lawn. (really.. they are not clumps just tiny
little specks of grass and dirt.) the mower is old..
really old, so it may cut dirt them grass at times.
So,they got angry.. and tried to hurt my grandmother
that was trying to explain to them why I am not
queen lawn mower, like they are.
The told ME, really nasty,
If i mowed next to there property line again,
they were going to take me to court.
I donno if they can do that.
But, he then came out and recorded me mowing with
he cell phone.
It's been a year from that.
Now, sence he told me not to mow, i have been leaving
a 1 foot wide grass fence between our lawns.
In-which I thought it was a good idea.
Well, today.....
We get a letter in the mail, from the county saying
that he reported us, and to fix the grass or we
will be fined ,and we might have charges against us.
we have 10 days to fix the grass.
REALLY??!!! OMG!!! I hate thoes people!
I mow it or grow it.
My uncle came over with a giant farm mower,
and weed poison, so it don't grow back.
I called the people who sent me the letter, and told
them why i didn't mow. They said ,if i had trouble
with him again,expecially on my lawn or him saying
how to mow my lawn to call the police.
but,will they even care (the police). I mean really.
these are the same people, who complained about
the neighbor on the other side of us,away from them
about him making too much noise,working on his
van. really?!
I can't seem to talk to them,they just yell and scream.
they are like 40 years older then me,and they act like
4 year olds.
got into trouble.. cause they told me not to mow?!
I can't do anything..because i'm to young?!
Do I have to take this crap?!
What if the grass grows back.. should i mow it?
what if they yell at me?!

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Jul 7 @ 2:27AM  
Just tell them you have a lawyer and intend to file charges for harassment against them if they keep up the crap. I do not care how old they are they have no right to make people's lives miserable, If they start anything again call the cops and complain, They recorded you mowing? Record them yelling about your grass, Recordings can go both ways,

Jul 7 @ 8:39AM  
mow it.. it's not against the law to mow your own grass.. if little bits of it get in their yard, let them call the cops.. they are the ones that will look like asses, not you.

Jul 7 @ 9:16AM  
go to your neighborhood slums and get a jar full of cockroaches and put them on their porch or under their house.when they are gone or at night when they are sleeping....that will keep them busy for awhile!

Jul 7 @ 10:09AM  
Strega's right on. You don't have to cave or put up with harassment. Don't be openly aggressive. As they say, vengeance is a dish best served "cold". Use the law to your advantage.

I've got redneck trash (just the husband, the rest of the family is really nice) but this fat lazy turd (also the neighborhood gossip monger) is useless. he was piling all his yard pickup in front of my house, which wouldn't be bad if it was actual yard scrap that they pick up. But ahole threw in used baby diapers, car parts and of course tons of beer bottles etc. It all scattered in my swale. So at first I picked it all up and piled it in the middle of his own driveway. Then I walked over and even while he was yelling at me like I was a p.o.s. I calmly asked him why he would think it was ok for me to have to pick up his mess. THEN I found his wife on fb and told her how I felt. Hasn't happened since. Just stay cool, calm, let them give themselves heart attacks and handle it wisely!

Jul 7 @ 10:29AM  

What a shame. Crabby neighbors can be a real pain in the behind. When you couple that with the neighbor feeling a sense of entitlement in dictating to you how your yard should look it's best to set boundaries in what behaviors and interactions you will accept from them and not accept. Of course when you are young it's hard. It seems they may have much more forceful personalities than you.

It's very important to know where YOUR property line is. You have every right to mow up to your property line. Bits and pieces of grass may go slightly over into their yard just as when they mow bits and pieces of grass may come slightly into your yard. Unless you are in violation of an ordinance they have no say over your yard. It pays to know your local ordinances and neighborhood covenants.

If you have a weed eater and if you wish to do so, although it is not mandatory, you can use it prior to mowing to make a strip down the property line to mark the boundary for yourself. When you mow next to that strip, again if you wish to do so, turn your lawnmower so that the grass which is cut is thrown into your own yard. Other than that there is not much I know of that can be done.

There is never a reason why you have to put up with bullying. You said "we" received mail from the county. Are other people in your household maybe over the age of 18? If not even children can be witnesses. Whenever your neighbor initiates communication try to get someone else to witness. Even if you don't have a witness stay calm and document everything that takes place and this is to be written down immediately after the incident. Time, date, who was present, what was said, and demeanor of all involved. Your neighbor has proven that they will report you to authorities rather than work with you so even if the neighbor remains calm document their communication with you and what took place. Video it if possible. You do not have to put up with abuse from anyone. Be firm in telling them that you will not be yelled at, then turn and walk away. Your documentation is important if you ever need to contact a lawyer, prove harassment, or get a restraining order.

Jul 7 @ 11:06AM  
I know what you mean about them kind of neighbors. I have one of my own. I have a fenced in yard, and when I moved in here, I had only 1 dog, my German Shepherd, who loves to bark at and chase after lawn mowers. I remember my Dad was talking with this guy and found out the guy doesn't like cats. So one day, I had just finished some work in my yard, he came out in his yard and started his mower..yep, my dog ran up to the fence barking, tail wagging. This guy shut of his mower told me I had better shut my dog up because he wasn't going to put up with a dog barking at him and that he would call the cops. So, I asked him if he wanted me to teach the dog to meow instead. a nasty look for that one, and he didn't talk to me the rest of the summer. He has called township on me for other things, and I got to the point where I finally told township if the harassment keeps up, I was going to get a lawyer and press a suit on both the township and the neighbor. Haven't heard from them since and that was two years ago.

Jul 7 @ 12:53PM  
Reading this just makes me want to punch the lights out of your neighbors, and I don't consider myself a violent person but people like that just irritate the crap out of me.

I do have an idea for you. Buy some sand, some paver blocks, there are DIY instructions online on how to put pavers down so the weeds don't grow through them, you know the kind, they are large paver squares. Dig up that area of grass next to yours and neighbor's yard and put pavers down. Then, no more bitching from the neighbors about you mowing or not. Your neighbors sound like, whatever you do, they are always going to find something to bitch about. How can anyone be happy with their lives when all they do is bitch about stuff? That should shut them up for good. Your neighbors make our neighbors seem like angels. I couldn't live next to someone like that.

Jul 7 @ 5:14PM  
Thank you for all your comments and advice.

I guess ill wait till 8pm..when they go indoors for the night.
and take my mower,and the blades down to the dirt,
and make a dirt fence then, just a small line all the way down
the yard.
That way I don't have to mow it so often.
I do have to mow outwards,cause the tractor gets choked
up with grass very easily.
if they complain,then let it be.

Actually one day, about 2 months ago,
i asked my other neighbor, if he could help me
get the sprayer off the hose. (cause it was rusted on).
And We ended up talking about the awfull neighbors.
He said that they arent worth the time and day for
They are usless ..and well he really hates them too.

So, I am glad he knows what its like, and how i feel.
but.. he dosent live right new to them.

Actually they yelled at him twice as well.
once for noise, another time or smokey small fire,
we was burning. which was not blowing into there yard.
He had a friend over one time they yelled at him,
for the noise.. and that huge guy, crossed our lawn and was
really yelling at the bad neighbor for being a huge bum hole.

it was funny,how much of a coward he was hiding behind a tree.
too bad I can't make him quiver.

Dec 17 @ 7:26PM  
I thought my neighbor was bad. Criminal locked up 3 times living with his girlfriend not on the lease. 3 children one who has disability =angry stomps all the time day and night and 2 babies. Father who doesn't have a drivers lic due to DUI and drives all the time who yelled at me in the parking lot for going to the office all the time about his daughter. Never once did I do so. He then scratched my new 2012 car like 6 times and of course you can't see it on the tape even though I was parked right by the camera. Since the boyfriend has been in jail the ho bag from the end who also has kids hangs with her all the time so it's twice the noise. So bad that I had to move my couch from the wall and put my tv over there instead so I don't jump out of my skin every time the kid stomps. Good luck with yours. As long as your grass is cut the city can't do anything and if the neighbor doesn't like clumps then plant some thorn bushes along there or maybe some poison ivy, Happy Holidays.
I'm sorry to hear about your cat.
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