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Gator Boys

posted 7/28/2013 11:00:06 PM |
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tagged: alligators

Have you ever watched this show on Animal Planet ?

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I thought the Turtle Man catching snapping turtles, opossum, raccoons
and venomous snakes with his bare hands was crazy.
"Yeeeeehaw, live action !"

But, these gator maniacs go in the water to grab wild alligators
and then pull them out with rope if they are big, or carry them with their
hands if they are under about 4 feet long.
The last place you want to tackle an alligator is in the water.

I mean, these guys are talented and all.
BUT, accidents happen.
I just got done watching an episode where one of them got head butted
by a big wild one he had jumped in a shallow part of a river.

Even though the gator's jaws had been taped shut, he whacked the guy
in the temple with his bony head.
The Gator Boy's head was bleeding somewhat profusely
and it very nearly knocked him unconscious.
He likely got a concussion.
He ended up in the hospital. It was in the news.

click here for news story

Another time one of the main two guys got bit in the head.
as that fool actually stuck his head in the gator's mouth.
cliick here to see that

Other gator wrestlers have had severe injuries too.
Last week a Hollywood Florida gator wrestler about lost an arm;
click here for that story

This type of thing has happened before;
click here for another story

Now I've taken lots of pictures of gators in Florida, often while in a canoe.
But, I try not to get close to them, unless they are very small.
However, one time on a windy day, the wind blew the canoe
a lot closer than I wanted to be to one.
He was resting on a log and while I was looking through my lens,
taking pictures, the wind blew the canoe right into the log.
He jumped to the side, or he would have jumped right into the canoe with me,
if he jumped forward.

Another time with someone on here, we were canoeing together
and the canoe tipped.
You never saw two people swim faster, not even in the Olympics.
We swam to a tiny little muddy mangrove beach.
While Ellie gathered our stuff, I picked the canoe straight up
(there was no room to do otherwise) to get most of the water out
and we got back in the canoe and paddled back to the car pronto.

But, I have no intention of EVER wrestling these predators.
That is, unless, it's a life or death situation.
I'm certainly not doing it for entertainment purposes. I can tell you that !
Those guys are nuts !

While gators LOOK like they would plod like Godzilla,
they are actually quite fast.
If you ever see one run, it will change your whole outlook about gators.
Some are faster than a horse for the first 100 yards. Are you ?

I hope you are NEVER attacked by a gator.
However, just incase it happens here are some tips.
While gators are fast, they can't make sharp turns on land.
So, I've heard one should make zigzags if being chased by one.
I hope we never have to test that one.

I've also heard that with their powerful tails,
that they can leap 12 feet out of the water.
Indeed, most gator attacks happen because someone
or some pet is close to the edge of the water.
Thus, in gator territory, never walk near the edge of the water.

By the way, that tail of theirs is just about as dangerous as their teeth.
It is very muscular and armed with hard bone like scales.
They will attempt to whip you with it and do damage.

If you are in the water and attacked by a gator, you have little chance of survival.
They will bite you and go into a 'death roll'.
They do this for 2 reasons.
#1. It helps them rip off chunks of flesh.
#2. It confuses the prey as to which way is up and which way is down.
They will then drown you.
No human can hold their breath anywhere close to as long as a gator can.

HOWEVER, if you are ever attacked by a gator while in the water,
poke the gator in the eyes as hard as you can, especially if you can grab
a stick or a knife. If not, your thumb or knuckles will have to do.
Also, if you can throw something, anything, into the gator's mouth;
a shoe, a turtle, a rock, a paddle, etc....
He/she will likely chomp onto that, rather than you.
Then, get out of the water as fast as possible !

Gook luck !

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Jul 28 @ 11:33PM  
I watched Gator Boys today, good show~ They had on a guy who was in the war, had his legs blown off and an arm but he wanted to wrestle a gator, so they gave him that opportunity. He was much braver then I would have been. They also showed people who had gators coming up on their lawns, yikes! Also gators in people's swimming pools.

Jul 29 @ 12:40AM  
I mean, these guys are talented and all.
BUT, accidents happen.

Yeah, no kidding. Look what happened to Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.

These guys are both brave and insane. I wouldn't tackle an alligator in the water...I wouldn't have the guts to tackle a 3 footer let alone anything bigger than that! one sister...she used to catch 50lb snapping turtles with her bare hands. The trick? Grab the back of the shell by the tail....stay away from the front....those jaws on them bigger ones like that can snap a finger off.

Jul 29 @ 8:20AM  
Gators are just using the Stand Your Ground law..

Jul 29 @ 8:39AM  
I grew up in the FL swamps. When I was very young you didn't see that many gators except as handbags and shoes. It was always open season on gators so the rivers were much safer. Once they closed open season gators were everywhere.

We occasionally ran into a big gator, who hissed at us so loudly as we were running back to the canoe - I was sure we would tip the canoe. Until that time I didn't know gators hissed but they do.

What I'm much more terrified in the swamps are the water moccasins and I guess now the damn pythons. Pythons used to be something we only saw on TV and knew existed in another country - never did I dream of FL becoming a home to Pythons. DAMN FLORIDA, damn damn damn.

Jul 29 @ 10:35AM  
I caught this for the first time last sunday on animal planet......watched several episodes......and I have to admit.....when I saw one of those guys go into the water looking for those gators.....I just freaked....but after got easier to watch.....but has to be nuts to do this kind of job......really bat-shit crazy sort of nuts........cookie

Jul 30 @ 10:38AM  
Jim, I never watched the show but after what lune said, I think it would freak me out it sounds pretty dangerous. I guess Florida would be the right place since there are a ton of gators there
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