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Shutting down the government

posted 8/30/2013 2:10:23 PM |
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Lets look at what happens if the government is shut down.
First the government will not pay it's bills.
No SS checks
No Welfare checks
No Medicare payments
No TSA agents
The military will not be paid.

However, Elected official such as congress will still be paid and so will their medical insurance.

Now when company workers go on strike, they do not get paid and their medical insurance is canceled.

Isn't shutting down the government the same as gong on strike

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Aug 30 @ 2:30PM  
Yup and let's not forget the checks our biggest whiners here get .... their SSI or SS checks.. but there they are bitching about everyone who's on the communist socialist dole.....

Aug 30 @ 2:38PM  
I quite agree. When the Government shuts down, they are essentially on strike. But, as to the not getting paid, if it's a non union strike, no, workers will not be paid, but union workers will get strikers pay.

Is our Government non union? If so, when they shut down, maybe we, who work our asses off and pay taxes, should "shut down" too.

Aug 30 @ 3:46PM  
I'm not bitchin'

It's my fault, not Obama's

Aug 30 @ 4:19PM  
Yup Rev it's all your fault. Ya damn lazy good fo' nutthin' liberal you!

Aug 30 @ 4:31PM  
That would be me..
Obummer's Bum Supreme

Aug 30 @ 4:34PM  
Rev!!! Shame on you!!!!

How many times do we have to tell you to behave!!!!!

Yeah right!!! Like you're gonna listen anyway!!!

Aug 30 @ 5:15PM  
Yup and let's not forget the checks our biggest whiners here get .... their SSI or SS checks

Incredibly ignorant ! ! !

People on SS are getting paid back the money that the government required them to pay into what is basically a government administered annuity. They are getting their OWN money, and the interest it accrued, back.

Perhaps you are thinking of the Mexicans Obama gave SS and SSI benefits, foreigners who paid nothing into the SS fund. Sure, he needed to buy some votes, but he bought those votes with YOUR SS money. Then he steals from the SS budget to give do nothing Americans Obamacare benefits

If you think Obama is the good guy, and the people whose money has been stolen are the bad guys, you will probably think Bernie Madoff a hero and his victims are criminals.

Aug 30 @ 6:35PM  
Perhaps when they shut down the government their butts should have to pay fines out of their personal income for every day it is shut down like five hundred thousand a day each to be applied to the affected programs What you want to bet it would be the shortest shutdown in history,

Aug 30 @ 10:27PM  
Incredibly ignorant ! ! !

Thanks Tom

Yep, the local Bamanites just can't understand the difference between something worked for, paid for and earned and their precious freebies for parasites. They think everyone should believe getting something for nothing is fair, as they do...

Aug 31 @ 4:27AM  
Could add a few more to the list...

No Trash pick-up in D. C.

Since D.C. is not a state, it's Federal Taxes that pays for this service. So all citizens can deliver their trash to the Republicans homes...

Cut off all their water supply; no running water to flush toilets, take showers, do dishes or laundry, etc.

Cut off their electrical power; no lights, no refrigerator, no TV, no Radio, no hair dryers, no microwave, no fans, no ac, etc.

Then there's a whole lengthy list of politicians and formers that collect Federal Disability...
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