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Government Opening Free Gas Stations in Poor Neighborhoods

posted 11/1/2013 11:03:39 AM |
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As the battle over Obamacare rages in Washington, the White House is quietly using a little known provision of the law to roll out a nationwide network of free gas stations for minorities and the poor.

According to a report in The Detroit News this morning, the administration is using its authority under the Affordable Care Act to "improve transportation routes to hospitals" to dispense gasoline free of cost in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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Government Opening Free Gas Stations in Poor Neighborhoods
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Nov 1 @ 11:31AM  
Spending even more money trying to drum up support for this disaster and buy votes.

Nov 1 @ 11:35AM  
Um - pardon my ignorance, but why would he want to buy votes? He's on his second term - he can't run again.


Nov 1 @ 11:35AM  
Sadly this is no joke. I told a friend of mine in Detroit about it and he sent me the same picture with different prices. The station is on Joy road in Detroit.

Nov 1 @ 11:40AM  
For years I've been giving away free sex, is it Obama's fault I've not been charging ??

Nov 1 @ 12:30PM  
Um - pardon my ignorance, but why would he want to buy votes? He's on his second term - he can't run again.

It's very simple.

Obama belongs to a party called the Democrats. Whatever he does gains or loses votes for other people in that party.

Nov 1 @ 12:34PM  
"Supposedly access to the station is determined by income," says Ebony Jackson, manager of the first Obamastation. "But it's pretty unrealistic to do an income check on each and every driver. So what we do is basically let all the black people pump for free, and charge all the white people the market rate."

Yeah, I get it.

Nov 1 @ 12:38PM  
Well now, wait a minute.....if I'm already paying for this...then I get to fill up my car too.

No....that's about a 90 mile drive.......sigh....guess I'll stick with paying for it here.

Nov 1 @ 1:20PM  
Is Obama really opening free gas stations in poor neighborhoods? Dubbed Obamastations, a few gullible readers were in an uproar after being fooled by a post on the joke website The Daily Currant alleging that the free gas stations would soon be opened in rural and impoverished areas of the country for minorities and the poor.

The article cites The Detroit News as its source, claiming that the Obama administration "is using its authority under the Affordable Care Act to 'improve transportation routes to hospitals' to dispense gasoline free of cost in disadvantaged neighborhoods."

Hoax revealed. Willy, how'd you get fooled?

Nov 1 @ 1:26PM  
MA. Read my previous comment. A friend of mine from Orntonville sent me a picture of the same station he saw on Joy road in Detroit. He said it was in a part of town he would not like to be in outside the safety of his car.

Nov 1 @ 1:32PM  
MA. Read my previous comment

I saw your comment. The story's still a hoax. There's been a gas station in Detroit with an Obama label since 2008. They changed their signage to reflect their support of presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Nov 1 @ 1:37PM  
How is it a hoax ?? My friend saw it and took a picture of it. What part of that don't you get. I believe my friend and not some snopes story. Snopes has been proven to be wrong on several occasions.

Nov 1 @ 2:22PM  
Where I live, they'd have to give away free bicycle tires.

Poor people here ride bikes, because they cant afford a car or gas.

Nov 1 @ 2:26PM  
How is it a hoax ?? My friend saw it and took a picture of it.

That's good that you have a picture. Here's a video too. The guy's quite the entrepreneur. He sells Obama coffee mugs, Obama T-shirts and oh yeah... Obama Gas.

Obama Gas Station - Detroit, MI 2008

Nov 1 @ 2:27PM  
I used to live in Detroit growing up there for the first 1/3 of my life. I lived about two miles North of Joy Rd. off of the Plymouth and Greenfield Rd. area. A few miles North on Greenfield at 8 mile Rd. (division line between Detroit & the Northern burbs) is the Hard Core Pawn store series (American Jewelry and Loan) you've probably seen on TV. Even back when I was growing up and driving, I always tried to stay North and West of where I used to live.

I would not go anywhere in Detroit these days, even for free gas, especially since I'm a Nabisco Saltine "cracker!"


Nov 1 @ 3:40PM  
Just imagine Choc, DR, Texasgal, and the other members of the famous 12 on here ever got together.
Just who do you think would tell the biggest lie???? That would be better show than Duck Commander, The Turtle Man, Cruz, McConnell, Fox Media with their blond bimbos,
I think they would be a ###! hit on TV

Nov 1 @ 3:51PM  
Detroit Woman Erupts on News Reporter

Nov 1 @ 3:58PM  
Kentuck, I actually rolled over laughing at what a stupid comment you made.

Nov 1 @ 4:06PM  
Some people will believe anything as long as it what they want to hear

Nov 1 @ 4:45PM  
All right, the story might not be true but the picture is. I'm convinced of that.

Nov 2 @ 3:38PM  

I agree the pic is good but the story is a hoax.
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