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Current ACA Numbers

posted 12/12/2013 2:04:08 AM |
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These figures are for November 30, 2013

Govt. estimated ACA enrollment at this date - 1,200,000

Actual real enrollment - 365,000

Number enrolled in Medicaid - 802,000

Actual enrollment is 30% of estimated number

For every person paying, 2.2 people get free coverage

Source of Data

Draw your own conclusions

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Dec 12 @ 8:53AM  
Within the past month or two I'd read an article which I believed to be nothing but the
truth in which the composer of that article claimed only 1 member had sucessfully
joined the ACA ! However, that article has seemed to have vanished ! However,
anyone might try their search of that related article by clicking on the link below !!


Dec 12 @ 9:16AM  
My conclusion is that this ACA travesty will pretty much just collapse & implode on it's own....and it won't take long....if the repubs have enough sense to STFU, sit back & watch and wait for it to happen so when they can say "see, we told you so", it will actually have some credibility.

Whether they have the discipline to do so remains to be seen. Myself, I wouldn't bet much on it!!

Dec 12 @ 9:52AM  
I suspect that many of those who have signed up have pre-existing conditions that make private insurance too costly, or those with low enough income to qualify for partial government payment.

It would be interesting to see a breakdown by age, one by amount paid for premiums, and one by amount of premium paid by government.

This can't work unless healthy young people join. Otherwise, it will just be another tax supported government entitlement program.

Dec 12 @ 10:42AM  
This can't work unless healthy young people join.

Most young healthy folks are very tech savvy. Many of them could design a web site and get it up and running. How much faith are they going to have in a program that can't even get their web site going after 3 1/2 yrs. working on it? Especially when the fine...oppps. I mean a whole lot less.

This ACA farce will collapse under it's own weight if for no other reason, there won't be near enough healthy paying customers to support the subsidies that will have to go to those with pre existing conditions, a good number of the 6 million (& counting) who have already lost their health insurance and can't afford their new options (let alone who knows how many millions more when the employer mandate kicks in), those going in on Medicaid, & the usual parasites looking for their next freebie.

Dec 12 @ 1:08PM  
Could be some are not enrolling because they don't trust it.

Dec 12 @ 9:55PM  
For every person paying, 2.2 people get free coverage

Isn't this an obvious indicator that we're overpopulated a tad ??

Awww, heck fire, "Go forth and Multiply".............anyway !!

Dec 12 @ 10:21PM  
Yes we are overpopulated, but other countries manage to keep most of their citizens employed.

We are undereducated. We have a subculture of indolence and anger.

How can an employer get a return on an employee who can't speak decent English, can't show up on time, has no idea of appropriate attire, and is a racist against most of the customers.

So lots of idlers ride on the government, including for medical care.

Dec 12 @ 11:03PM  
So lots of idlers ride on the government, including for medical care.

Could be that if the giverment created jobs to build these devices fitted with
an alternator and for freeloaders to earn their food stamps by pumping some
current into the local grid we wouldn't mind their sloven lifestyle so much !!
Especially the one in the upper left of this link !!

Maybe they wouldn't be so eager to swap their stamps for $$ to
support their local casino !!

Dec 13 @ 10:58AM  
I just don't know why I keep coming back to this blog !!

Only thing I can figure out is that its for the Spiritual Inspiration !!
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