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First he plagiarizes now he gloats

posted 6/25/2016 7:28:03 PM |
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tagged: plagiarism

What a sad sack he is. He gets caught ripping another author and now he gloats about it, Typical libtard. Typical liar. Typical Democrat. Typical phony.

MD doesn't care when a liberal commits plagiarism but they scream bloody murder when a conservative does.

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Jun 25 @ 7:44PM  
he 80 yrs old so he forget. give him a break

Jun 25 @ 8:18PM  
Willy forgot about the time he was being on
slammed on a blog of mine and he begged and threatened me to delete all of the negative comments about him.

Jun 25 @ 10:16PM  
Vdoc just proves that the average leftist is dishonest to the bone.

Jun 26 @ 2:08AM  
So no one noticed that he changed the years from 45 on the original to 55 years, so it would coincide with the lies he tells about being in Nam as an advisor? Of course that makes the weapon description even more off.

Once a fraud, always a fraud, and let me make that a NON-VOTING fraud!

Jun 26 @ 5:22AM  
Clinton and the libs chased Briton away. What's even more hilarious is that it happened on obama's watch. Even the UK is fed up with the lib bullshyt. lies muslim immigrants and failed financial economics.

Jun 26 @ 5:26AM  
copy and paste the stock market crash from a reliable source rev. cause it proves that what the world has been saying about libs is 100% facts.

Jun 26 @ 7:40AM  
and let me make that a NON-VOTING fraud!

One more example of taking one source, believing it and extrapolating without rally knowing the facts..

Jun 26 @ 11:40AM  
what is most funny is what it calls that disclaimer he put on there AFTER he was busted and is not even a real disclaimer

Jun 26 @ 2:57PM  
One more example of taking one source, believing it and extrapolating without rally knowing the facts.

Come on Cloven, that is from YOU! I believe you might have said it more like this, that you were APolitical and did not vote! So I guess it comes down to the fact that you are admitting that you are a liar one way or another.

Jun 26 @ 3:32PM  
This is Gen. Ripper speaking; It looks like we're in a shooting war...eYe want you to submit plan R, R,forRobert, to the wing...and I want all privately owned radios immediately impounded...Dr Strangelove

Jun 26 @ 3:55PM  
He has a long sad history of twisting and bending the facts to suit his political agenda. Why would anyone be surprised that he was caught stealing the intellectual property of another?

Are any of you really surprised by his lack of ethics?

Jun 27 @ 3:35PM  
Another ^^ one who has been kicked off MD several times, who suddenly knows it all..

Jun 27 @ 6:33PM  
^^^ Who cares if he's been kicked off? What the hell does that have to do with you deliberately plagiarizing someone else's writing? You aren't any better than those you're attacking in an effort to take the heat off yourself, and still not accepting responsibility for what you did.

And you did it knowingly and purposely. It wasn't a mistake, because you know how to use the quote button, and you changed the original author's years of '45 years ago' to 55 to adapt it to your own age. It's the most despicable, underhanded and dishonourable thing to do, imo, misleading your friends and readers to believe that the story was your own.

I don't care how close it is to your own story, it wasn't YOURS to take credit for. And if you wanted the message to stand on it's own, you damn well should have made sure everyone knew it wasn't yours from the start.

Your behaviour is beneath low when you can't even apologize to your readers and instead, try to throw sh*t on everyone else in an effort to avoid taking the blame and responsibility for what you intentionally did.

You wanted the accolades and all the admiration that the original writer was due. You've continued to throw accusations and crap at everyone else, trying to take the heat and focus off what you did without once admitting you were wrong. Then still trying to put the focus on the blog, because you're incapable of accepting that what you did was unacceptable.

Fay is right. It takes a big man to admit they're wrong, and an even bigger one to apologize.

Your deliberate and intentional behaviour showed exactly who you are and you have absolutely no right to point fingers anywhere but at yourself.

What you're reaping right now you've sown yourself. Own it.


Jun 27 @ 9:05PM  
You must be going through one tough bout of PMS


Jun 27 @ 10:21PM  

Rule #8.Your blog can not "target" a specific user.

(1) A person who engages in the same behaviors he condemns others for.

(2) A person who professes certain ideals, but fails to live up to them.

The epitome of you,Wee Willy

Jun 27 @ 10:29PM  
RDL, you are such a fool. Please just stop posting. You are making yourself into even a bigger crybaby with these stupid posts. If you can't take it, then you shouldn't dish it out in the first place. Stop choking on your own medicine, its making us all sick watching you spew the lies and insults and whiney attempts to place your blame on anyone else.

Also, you are the biggest hypocrite on here, you target others all the time.


Jun 27 @ 10:51PM  
You must be going through one tough bout of PMS

You just keep proving my point. Typical childish response. smh

There is no explanation or excuse for what you did. I didn't 'miss' anything, but you sure have. The part where ethics, integrity, honour and courage comes in.


Jun 27 @ 11:09PM  

Jun 27 @ 11:37PM  
such drama! talk bout beating dead horse to death and thensome more. sad when a offence is made such moutain outa it and cant be let go. must keep it going forever and ever amen

Jun 28 @ 12:10AM  
Sorry losers who can't realize that
it's checkmate..

Jun 28 @ 9:56AM  
The only thing that has been checkmated on here is your credibility and your honesty. I give both 2 thumbs down.

Jul 23 @ 2:07PM  
Oh the shame...the pure shame of it all. I just had to read this thing again. It simply amazes me that when you're hand is firmly in the cookie jar, how can you deny that it's your hand, with a straight face?

Jul 23 @ 2:42PM  
In truth I used to like him. But then this crap happened. If he would just have admitted it and moved on, I could have lived with it.
But he didn't instead he denied and stonewalled, all the while trying to deflect by blaming others.

At the end of the day he showed himself to be a fake, a charlatan. At the very least he proved that he is a dishonest person, and one that I can no longer believe in.

Jul 23 @ 4:17PM  
I even defended him.... because the attacks did not seem to justify the "offense", and because in my culture.... we respect his advanced age, if nothing else. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, as long as his behaviour did not affect me personally, and I stayed out of it.
But then... and for no reason I can still comprehend... he turned on me. Threw in some insults, attacks and unfair accusations. Refused to budge... even less to apologize... and showed his true character to be petty and smug. I misjudged him.... until he revealed himself for what he is. Certainly not someone who would have your back here....

Jul 24 @ 8:05AM  
MD doesn't care when a liberal commits plagiarism but they scream bloody murder when a conservative does.

It's true that MD doesn't care about anything, however both sides are guilty of screaming bloody murder over what the other side said or did. Both sides are guilty equally.

Jul 24 @ 12:48PM  
MD doesn't care when a liberal commits plagiarism but they scream bloody murder when a conservative does.
It's true that MD doesn't care about anything, however both sides are guilty of screaming bloody murder over what the other side said or did. Both sides are guilty equally.

If what you say is true then show everyone where anyone here on the right has purposely plagiarized someone.
I don't think you can. But we can prove that vdoc did and so far has not admitted to doing so in spite of the proof that he did.
So in essence the left "screaming bloody murder" over this is just them trying to deflect from the truth of what vdoc the plagiarist did and the right is "screaming bloody murder" because the left thinks they are above everyone else and can do no wrong.
So are you one of the one's who thinks they and you are above everyone else?

Jul 24 @ 11:33PM  
I am so sick of the way this plagiarizing old man behaves on here. It's like he feels that he owns the damn site, and tries to run people off by threatening and harassing. He really is a spiteful old guy full of pure hate.

Jul 25 @ 9:58AM  
So are you one of the one's who thinks they and you are above everyone else

Of course not Prepper- I don't see anyone here as superior, myself included. Also you missed my point regarding both sides being guilty of screaming bloody murder about what the other side said or did - it doesn't matter what the subject is, again I say both sides are EQUALLY guilty of whining and pointing fingers over something/anything.


Jul 25 @ 10:07AM  
right on Fay

really this blog is dumb...

( mostly those who attack doc are doing it not for the lesser crime he may have committed...(more a faux pas rather than a crime...)

but because he knows everyone's number.. and calls it like he sees it...( while supporting Hillarry over Trump....)

beware the ides of... grouchybill.... and those who pretend to be posh admirers...

RDL.. is who he is... and mostly is not... a simple man....


Jul 25 @ 10:46AM  
Of course not Prepper- I don't see anyone here as superior, myself included. Also you missed my point regarding both sides being guilty of screaming bloody murder about what the other side said or did - it doesn't matter what the subject is, again I say both sides are EQUALLY guilty of whining and pointing fingers over something/anything.

I got your point that you think you look superior by saying both sides have no right to complain.
The problem with that logic is one side is clearly right and has proof of that and the other side was proved to be wrong.

Jul 25 @ 2:06PM  
really this blog is dumb...

Yeah, it's so dumb it has had legs for over a month now.

Jul 25 @ 4:42PM  
I don't feel like this blog "is dumb" at all. I have found it to be informative. Not from a factual point of view, but rather from a personal point of view.
The person that I used to think was such a good person, so wise etc. has been proven to me on this blog to be anything but.
I do thank the OP for reveling the truth about this person, as this blog has done.

Jul 25 @ 11:36PM  
I am so sick of the way this plagiarizing old man behaves on here. It's like he feels that he owns the damn site, and tries to run people off by threatening and harassing. He really is a spiteful old guy full of pure hate.

Right ! ! !

He is giving crazy old farts a bad name.

Jul 26 @ 12:07AM  
Some really stupid people are harassing me, not the other way around..

Willy, I'm going to go back in my blogs and repost the one where everybody was giving you a hard time
and repost it so people can see how you begged me to delete all the nasty comments about you.

Jul 26 @ 12:56AM  
Some really stupid people are harassing me

Doc there is not one stupid person on this blog, I know cause I just checked.

The problem is that everyone wants to be right.

As Dr Phil would say.


It's your choice, everyone gets to make a choice.


Jul 26 @ 9:37AM  
Willy, I'm going to go back in my blogs and repost the one where everybody was giving you a hard time
and repost it so people can see how you begged me to delete all the nasty comments about you.

As I recall it was just one person who was viscous and you encouraged it. I doubt you can even remember which one of your profiles it was on.

Jul 26 @ 9:49AM  
I dizzy doll says Doc is a bad man...

I know that the opposite is true...

yep... this blog is still dumb..


Jul 26 @ 9:50AM  
oops....I inadvertently left out an "F"....

send out the spelling police now....

Jul 26 @ 10:10AM  
As I recall it was just one person who was viscous and you encouraged it. I doubt you can even remember which one of your profiles it was on.

As I've had only one, they're identical,
it's easy for me.
And I did delete many of the really
nasty ones..

And now here you are denigrating me after I did
you a favor like that..
What an assh*le you are.

Jul 26 @ 10:18AM  
It was a comment I asked you to delete, not an entire blog.

Jul 26 @ 10:21AM  
BTW Mr. Know it all, it was YOUR plagiarization of someone else's work that started all this.

Jul 26 @ 11:15AM  
BTW Mr. Know it all, it was YOUR plagiarization of someone else's work that started all this.

And for all we know that wasn't the only time he's done that.

Jul 26 @ 3:37PM  
All he does is copy and paste, like a 5 year old.

Jul 26 @ 4:18PM  
All he does is copy and paste, like a 5 year old.

Copying & pasting is not a problem.

The problem is when you plagiarize what someone else wrote . And then to make matters worse when you get caught you attack others claiming they also do it in order to deflect from your own guilt.

All the while never owning up to what you did.

And let's not forget the one's who claim people here who are on the right also do it and give him a pass.

Jul 26 @ 4:53PM  
Plagiarizing is one thing but...I am reading all over this site how MANY members are claiming that Rev is a hacker. My God but how could I have misjudged someone so much?
I will never send an e-mail to him again via this site. I suppose this is how one gets tagged.

Jul 26 @ 7:24PM  
A few have lost their computer due to the hacking. It's part of why so many left and never returned!

Jul 26 @ 10:22PM  
After all this still no admission of guilt, let alone any sort of explanation.

Jul 27 @ 10:17AM  
Well Sap or GrouchyBill or whoever you are today....there are some who believe that admitting fault is tantamount to weakness. It's not a weakness at all but has more to do with humility.
The person in question appears to possess none of that. But then again if you steal someone else's intellectual property, and attempt to pass it off as your own what does that indicate about your overall character?

If you're waiting for a bout of humility of a repair job on his broken moral compass, you will have a long wait indeed.

This blog has been a bit of an eye opener for me. I am far from perfect but at least what I write is my own. What isn't I will give credit to the author for.
Why wouldn't I? Unless of course I was trying to puff myself up as bigger or better than I actually am.

Jul 27 @ 11:54AM  
@Zulu, I don't know if you are @Teq or just someone's sock pretending to be Teq. I don't give a rat's behind one way or the other.

But on your last post I have to agree with what you wrote. I truly don't dislike anyone on this site. In fact I have a great deal of respect for many on here. But as to @Rev, the guy is just a bad dude...this I truly B.S.

Jul 27 @ 12:56PM  
I've been away for a looooong time. Tried to come back but I forgot my password.
Anyways Revdoc was always real mean to me. I know for a fact that his family don't like him and have nothing to do with him. I was told that his neighbors and those forced to live alongside of him don't like him either.

He has had a reputation of being a hacker for a very long time. And of course there are those allegations of.....(I'd rather not go there)

It seems that nothing has changed on here, and Rev is causing havoc as he always did.

Jul 27 @ 3:41PM  

@Zulu, I don't know if you are @Teq or just someone's sock pretending to be Teq.

Isn't this fun!!! It's like coming to a Halloween party every day.

You know what they say ..




Jul 27 @ 3:43PM  

2 hrs 36 mins ago
I've been away for a looooong time. Tried to come back but I forgot my password.
Anyways Revdoc was always real mean to me. I know for a fact that his family don't like him and have nothing to do with him. I was told that his neighbors and those forced to live alongside of him don't like him either.
What a farce you are..

Interesting..As I have no family and I only know a couple of my neighbors slightly..
And I've never been mean to anyone..
Just exposed all the fakes, phonies, trolls and sock puppets who idiotically follow the worst of the Troll/Fakes, probably from your stupid, uninformed post, you were one of the above categories.

The only two Ga. ladies I've ever communicated
with on MD are now close, personal friends
who always speak highly of me when they do post here.

Jul 27 @ 4:13PM  
That is true.... he did lump me with all the
fakes, phonies
.... if not the rest of them because I made the mistake of telling him I was in CA, but not in the Hills (and even explained WHY I put that on profile, to no avail).... and not 99 yrs old! . That earned me the labels of liar, mendacious and fake ... as a thank you for overtly supporting him about the abuse he took for plagiarizing, as being way overboard for the offense. I hold no grudge (as someone here already figured out ), but I am no fool.. I made an error in judgement of doc's character... so lesson learned... and well!

Jul 27 @ 4:14PM  
Revdoc don't assume that you know all from Georgia, because you don't. And do not assume that I've been here forever because I haven't.
As to your family, you don't have any left because they all disowned you. And your neighbors avoid you like you're contagious.

Jul 27 @ 4:27PM  
Sweet lord Jesus! Rev you old've even got sweet southern bells pissed off at you. If you can't get along with Charlotte O'Hara then you'd best be gone with the wind!

Jul 27 @ 6:05PM  
Rev, I am reading your posts and shaking my head as I do. You state that you have no family, no friends and you don't interact much with your neighbors. And it appears that you can't get along with anybody on here either.
The portrait that you paint is of an anti social misfit.

The question begs to be asked. Is there something wrong with the entire rest of the world, or is it you? Hmmmmm,

Jul 27 @ 6:13PM  
Doc. I never realized just how many loving admirers you have on this site.

Jul 27 @ 7:09PM  
Oh so now Rev is stating he's never been mean to anyone? Is that so? Liar! He stalked, harassed and targeted me for months. Called me on day one, transgender misfit, and for no apparent reason! He and his nitwit shadow wrote many blogs targeting me and I did nothing to them or anyone. I'm glad to see he is getting a little karma. I don't wish ill on anyone, but he should see how it feels. They harassed me for months, and I stayed around trying to figure this place out. Never did figure it out, and couldn't care less now. Still giggling at all of this!

Jul 27 @ 7:44PM  
@Rev, not mean to anyone? I remember what you did to @AbbyDabby. First off you said that she was transgender, then you claimed that she was a man. You made her life so bad on here that she left MD for good.

What you don't know is that @Abby and I skyped on several occasions, and I can assure you that she is very much a woman just as you are very much a s.o.b.


Jul 27 @ 9:37PM  
And do not assume that I've been here forever because I haven't.

New people are his speciality. Adult MD was where I first witnessed his "do or die" tactics. Since this was the vanilla site I guess he toned it down over here.
Of course over here he didn't have his frogs and his squirrels and his sheep to back him up. He's still got Strega in his corner though.. If you wanted a private site you could have had that, but to try and make a public site private, by tricking new people into arguments just to turn them in and get them kicked off, was very unethical. You say you haven't changed your name, I believe if I had your reputation I would seriously have changed my name years ago.

Jul 28 @ 10:26AM  
Old Rev's body lies a moulderin' in the grave,
Old Rev's body lies a moulderin' in the grave,
Old Rev's body lies a moulderin' in the grave,

But this blog marches on,

Glory, glory, hallalulia,
Glory, glory, hallalulia,
Glory, glory, hallalulia,

This blog marches on.

Hiya Rev honeychild.

Jul 28 @ 10:36AM  

wow... some people need to get a life..

btw dizzy... that was not nice what you posted..

just maybe the rev has many acquaintances... but few that he would call real friends in real life...

my point is...

some here live in this fantasy world 24/7 where online relationships are so very real to them...

otherwise... they would have...NO LIFE..

I'm betting that the rev chooses to live his life on his terms... no some dizzy tec women's....


Jul 28 @ 10:47AM  
You nailed it ASM


Jul 28 @ 10:50AM  

Jul 28 @ 11:09AM  
Simpleton, what's the matter, did my post hit too close to home? Based on the way you fail on here and how everyone responses to you, I have a news flash for you.
Your miserable, pointless existence is not ever going to change.

You will end up just like Rev. A pathetic lonely, hate filled old man.

Jul 28 @ 1:43PM  
Seems that this blog has strayed a bit from the topic, so I'll attempt to get it back on.
There is a double standard. One for liberals, the other for conservatives.

Take CNN as an example. They have their so called political panels but it's always stacked against conservatives. You will have 2 or 3 Crooked Hillary Supporters and only 1 Trump supporter. I've even seen panels with 6 Dems debating against only 2 Reps. I am neutral in this election being Canadian. But I don't like this crap and always have believed in fair play. CNN does not!

Jul 28 @ 2:13PM  

What we are dealing with now is quite honestly, the worst Republican candidate in the modern history of the United States of America.
Bernie Bernie Bernie! you have room in Canada for a naturalized little Dutch girl?

Jul 28 @ 2:45PM  
@Willowy if you are indeed a "Little" Dutch girl then come on over darlin'. But if you are 300 pounds with no teeth...then stay at home Yankee!

Jul 28 @ 4:31PM  
Revdoclove1..Jesus has come to you to show you the way of righteousness, but you did not believe him.
Your heart is as of the tax collector and the prostitute. Even so it is still possible for you to repent. If you believe on him who died for your sins.

God bless you Rev.

Jul 28 @ 8:28PM  
Yo Fred!...Jesus might have disliked those filthy tax collectors and went all Hulk on their azz but....he loved the prostitutes ..verily I say onto you!!

Jul 29 @ 9:27AM  
Sister Willowy. We must remember to do onto others as we would have them do unto us.

God bless you Willowy.

Brother Rev. Admit your sins, accept your faults and find the love that is in your heart so that others here will love you also.

God bless you Rev.

Jul 29 @ 12:17PM  
Well well well what have we here now

Jul 29 @ 1:24PM  
Sister Posh I send my love to you with no conditions. Your happiness gives wings to uplift my saddened heart.
Let us offer joy and wellness to all on here together, as brother and sister.

God bless you Posh.

Jul 30 @ 12:14AM  
And I'm still gloating!

Jul 30 @ 11:00AM  
Brother Rev, no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.
The tongue can be the most wicked weapon on earth. So use it wisely and speak your words with caution.
And brother Rev, always seek to use your own words, not the words of another for this is theft and theft is sin.
It is hard to avoid lies when your soul is filled with sin.
I shall pray for you.

God bless you Rev.

Jul 30 @ 11:20AM  
Thank you Fred, we are waiting on your return.

Jul 31 @ 10:01AM  
Brother Rev, it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have come not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.
Woe unto thee who will not repent of their sins.
Woe unto thee oh cloven one!
You are of four score years and your time is at hand.
Woe unto thee lest ye repent forth right!

Ego and pride doth stand in your way, the way of righteousness.
Cloven one your throne is not the throne of light,
It is the throne of darkness.
Repent before the curtain of life descends apon your weary soul!

God bless you Rev.

Aug 4 @ 3:48PM  

Nov 5 @ 10:29AM  

Nov 6 @ 10:53AM  

Nov 6 @ 10:56AM  
You know Willy, Doc doesnt care. Stop bringing this up to the top on "wait for approval comments". You are a real dofus.

Nov 6 @ 10:57AM  
HE DOESN'T CARE, get it in your thick head.

Nov 6 @ 9:28PM  
Winglets, you are for all the world acting like you are Rev's sock......could it be? Naw....that's just too far fetched.

Nov 7 @ 10:16AM  
Man this is an interesting blog if you want to know what's going on around here.

Nov 7 @ 11:31PM  

Nov 8 @ 1:28PM  

Nov 8 @ 11:36PM  
Rev: 0

Nov 9 @ 1:33PM  
Let us all band together to ban Rev!

Together we can make Matchdoctor great again!

Nov 9 @ 9:21PM  
Do we get to choose who gets banned? If so I vote to ban Jim. He's on here howling like a coyote because his candidate lost.

In life we need to have the courage to accept what we cannot change, and the determination to change what we can. We also need the wisdom to know the difference.

Nov 9 @ 10:47PM  
I want in on this! I nominate Simpleton to get banned as he is a stupid ass....ass....ass.....AaaaaaaSsssssss!

Nov 10 @ 11:26AM  

Nov 11 @ 9:04AM  

Nov 11 @ 10:44AM  
just so you know...

I saw it when it was posted...

no reason to keep bumping it

Nov 11 @ 10:57AM  

Like you just did.

Nov 11 @ 11:13AM  
yeah willy...

I figured if they saw I saw it... they would let it die a simple death...

but you even decided that it was worth a comment....


Nov 11 @ 11:26AM  
My guess is that the bumper is attempting to make a point, I sort of get it. The member that this blog was written about is a person who appears to have a double standard. And if bringing this blog highlights that, then so be it.

Nov 11 @ 11:30AM  

Nov 9 @ 7:47PM
I want in on this! I nominate Simpleton to get banned as he is a stupid ass....ass....ass.....AaaaaaaSsssssss!

it's simple....

comments like this...^^^^ should have been deleted....but the blogger chooses to leave them in...

(his call)

Nov 11 @ 11:38AM  
I've just noticed the number of views on this blog.....quite impressive. Also the fact that it's received so many kudos tells me that this blog is being looked at and frankly, agreed on by more than a few.

If the blog is alive and being viewed/commented on as it clearly is then the OP ought to leave it alone, without any censoring in my opinion. But as you ^^^ wrote....his call.

Nov 11 @ 7:19PM  

Nov 12 @ 1:48PM  

Nov 13 @ 12:14PM  

Nov 14 @ 1:33PM  

Nov 15 @ 1:04PM  

Nov 15 @ 2:03PM  
as you think you speak for trump...

you nare saying this..grass roots organization..

has merit??

just like trump.... you spurt out nonsense before thinking of the ramifications...


Nov 15 @ 3:11PM  
^^^ Personally I wish California, Oregon and Washington would join with Canada, then we'd be rid of you degenerate liberals once and for all. The Democrats would then lose their swag. We would have congress and the senate locked up for eternity.
Let us hope that the west coast goes their own way.

Nov 15 @ 4:04PM  
yep... and rather than gloating... you would realize that the worlds sixth largest economy went to Canada...making that group bigger.. better and more powerful...

who you gonna call.. to fix these??

Report: Repairing U.S. bridges would cost $140 billion

insult Californians all you want.. as the adage that "he who has the money.... wins...all the marbles..." is true...

btw.. washinngton and orewgon are no slouches when it comes to world markets either...

and then of course... las vegas would have to decide which side of the fence they want to be on....too


Nov 15 @ 4:30PM  
^^^ "Washinngton"......."Orewgon" ???? Enjoying that pot now that you liberals have legalized it in 9 states?

Nov 15 @ 5:33PM  
I thought that this blog was supposed to be about a creepy old plagerizer who refuses to admit that he was wrong.
Instead you two above, are debating the election.

Nov 15 @ 5:44PM  
^^^ Ever hear of free speech? That is what the OP believes in as he has not deleted anything. So take a tip and chill.

Nov 16 @ 9:57AM  


Nov 16 @ 10:07AM  
nope... you can be as proud as you want...

being white was a spin of natures dice....


remember that you are going against the constitution.... and religions...

saying it another way.... you are a small minority... in a big blue marble....

Nov 16 @ 10:14AM  
^^^ The constitution was written by white men. Are you aware that our constitution claims that African Americans are only 3/5th human?
I realize how racist that is, but if you doubt what I'm saying, please download the constitution as it was originally written and read it for yourself.

So do we follow the writ or do we think for ourselves? It's like the bible....cherry pick what you like....ignore the rest.

Nov 16 @ 10:20AM  
wow... I can tell that you are not an American...

Lincoln changed that to go with the times...

the south lost the war...

and blacks were given equal status to the rest of mankind.,.

it took susan to make women equal though...

all praise Lincoln and Susan....

they are TRUE Americans...


Nov 16 @ 11:15AM  
"As it was ORIGINALLY written". I know about the history of our country.
"Blacks were given equal status"? They were not allowed to read and write until 1865 when they were freed. They had no education or assets to speak of. Poor folk who begat poor children and grandchildren. Equal status, are you kidding me? Ever hear of segregation?

One acre and a mule...that government program was scrapped in 1867. They (emancipated slaves) were given no leg up by our government and never really have.

Nov 16 @ 11:26PM  
Trump is going to deport Rev & Jim, then he's going to build a wall around MD to keep them out.

Nov 17 @ 10:11AM  
I didn't know that the commander in tweet logged on to MD. I presume that it's going to be a cyber wall? Or is he going to save $$$ by using some fencing?

Nov 17 @ 11:07AM  
^^^ Careful there Zulu, otherwise some uptight, nitpicking do-gooder might accuse you of going "off topic".

Nov 17 @ 4:31PM  
This just in: Reuters News agency has reported that president elect Trump is going to deport all plagiarizers. He wants to make MD great again.

This means that crooked Rev will soon be getting the boot.

Nov 18 @ 10:52AM  
We've got to drain the swamp! Let's ban all plagerizers and gloaters! Together we can make MD great again!

Nov 18 @ 12:46PM  
Gloaters and gluttons shall be denied entry into the kingdom of heaven

Those who plagiarize shall burn in the eternal lake of fire.

With all of Rev's fat, he will stew for a goodly time until well cooked.

Nov 18 @ 3:56PM  
I like this blog, it has it all. It contains info, it has political satire and some pretty good humor too. All in all an entertaining blog in my view.

Now that I can give kudos I'm giving you one...gave you one yesterday also.

Nov 19 @ 10:59AM  
Plagerizer elect Rev has announced his new cabinet, they are:

Worst of all, he is going to give them security clearance!
We've got to stop this and drain the swamp here at MD!
We're going to make MD great again!

Nov 19 @ 2:00PM  
Hot off the press, ASM is infact-------> rev's sock.........

We have a revelation.

Nov 19 @ 8:39PM  
^^^ Not 100% sure about your theory Drac. But one thing is for sure....those 2 sure think alike.
Their writing styles are different, but that could just be an attempt at clever disguise.
One is a "plagerizer" the other is a "gloater", so really this blog is about both of them.

Nov 19 @ 10:42PM  
We won the election!
You lost the election!
Suck it up bitches!
Bend over and take it!

Nov 20 @ 8:55AM  
Iam like......the walrus....
I have never gloated...
I just call it like it is,...

and see things for what they are....

people with little comprehension....who have to resort to attacking or blocking posters... when they have been proved to be the idiots they are...

as well as creating multiple screen names /sock puppets.... to reinforce wacko political positions...

are the problem....

Although it has been reported that .. "I Am the Walrus" to confuse those who tried to interpret his songs, there have been many attempts to analyse the meaning of the lyrics.[22][23]

Seen in the Magical Mystery Tour film singing the song, Lennon, apparently, is the walrus; on the track-list of the accompanying soundtrack EP/LP however, underneath "I Am the Walrus" are printed the words ' "No you're not!" said Little Nicola' (in the film, Nicola Hale is a little girl who keeps contradicting everything the other characters say). Lennon returned to the subject in the lyrics of three of his subsequent songs: in the 1968 Beatles song "Glass Onion" he sings, "I told you 'bout the walrus and me, man/You know that we're as close as can be, man/Well here's another clue for you all/The walrus was Paul";[24] in the third verse of "Come Together" he sings the line "he bag production, he got walrus gumboot"; and in his 1970 solo song "God", admits "I was the walrus, but now I'm John."

and there can be only one.....of me.....


Nov 20 @ 10:13AM  
^^^ If I might be allowed to play devil's advocate.....a___simple___man is not Rev in my opinion....there is only one of him.(thank God)

He is not the walrus either, on the contrary, he is the Simpleton.

Nov 20 @ 11:04AM  
CNN reports: Vice president elect Mike Pence a good and decent man, was rudely heckled the other day as he attended the broadway production of "Hamilton".
Rev and ASM who were sitting in the front row holding hands, actually booed Pence.

This is unacceptable...APOLOGIZE NOW!

Nov 20 @ 10:54PM  
Trump's presidency:

Year 1" "Gee he's not as bad as I thought he'd be".

Year 2: "I'm beginning to warm up to him".

Year 3: "I can't believe it but he has really turned things around!"

Year 4: "Even though I've been a life long Democrat, I'm voting for Trump!"

Nov 21 @ 11:37AM  
Will Trump select Mitt Romney to be secretary of state?

Will Rev ever stop plagerizing?

Will Jim ever become open minded?

Will ASM ever stop being irritating?

The answer to all 4 questions is:


Nov 21 @ 11:47AM  
the truth hurts...

only you...


Nov 21 @ 11:51AM  
trump and his cronies...want.... this guy

whereas the republican party wants...

Mitt Romney

it's going to be a showdown at the ok corral.....


Nov 21 @ 1:30PM  
Trump just had a meeting with Democratic Tulse Gabbard (Hawaii). She was a big Bernie supporter. Anyone know what's up with him and Gabbard?
I can't make any sense out of it. A fox and a hen sharing the same den is unnatural.

Nov 22 @ 11:17AM  
^^^^^^^ Trump is reaching out to the Bernie people. He has also reached out to the Republican establishment with the talk with Romney.
A lot of people suggested that Trump was politically naïve, all this suggests that he is a quick learner and is learning the rules of the game.

If he can get both houses to work together, the Bernie people to give him a chance and get the establishment on board, he truly can make America great again. In essence what Trump is trying to do is to break the God damned gridlock in Washington that prevents anything worthwhile from getting done!
Yet there re STILL idiots that want to put up roadblocks because of a bad case of sour grapes.

To all these morons I say grow the hell up and get with the program!

Nov 22 @ 11:38AM  
Gabbard ran from the meeting screaming "He tried to grab my pussy! Trump tried to grab my pussy!"

Trump will make America great again but in the meantime, he may have to work on his diplomacy a bit.

Nov 22 @ 11:47AM  
which agenda are you talking about.. as trump waffles all over the place.. while only idiots try to figure out... and promote....just what trump is about....( based on their perceptions....)

the guy is all about ......HIM.....and no one else....


Nov 22 @ 3:05PM  
VwV haha! Thanks for the laugh...your comment about Gabbard and Trump really cracked me up!

Nov 22 @ 5:27PM  
Whew!! it's a long trip to get down here to the basement without an elevator.

Now that I'm down here I can't think of nothing to say.

oh wait .. Thanksgiving is just 2 days away!


Nov 22 @ 5:49PM  
^^^ Instead of a thanksgiving turkey(Jim) why don't we roast a thanksgiving pig?(Rev)

At least he has stopped plagerizing for now, but that's only 'cause he got caught. He is still on here gloating...oink...oink...oink!

Nov 22 @ 6:16PM  


Nov 23 @ 10:25AM  
Trump has recanted his pledge to indict Hillary Clinton. I'm not too happy about that. I'm telling myself that he is doing this to try and heal the political divide in the country, trying to show leadership but I am still not happy.

Do ANY politicians once they get in ever keep their word? No they don't.....

Nov 23 @ 11:42AM  

Trump went back on his word.

Rev plagerizes.

ASM gloats.

Jim sells cheap jewelry.

Whatcha gonna do?

I know momma told you that's not the way to have fun,

But whatcha gonna do?

Nov 23 @ 7:26PM  
The lake of fire's coming and unclean cloven can't make it to heaven............sizzle sizzle snap snap.............

Nov 24 @ 11:32AM  
During the campaign Trump said that he was going to make MD great again.

He told us that he was going to deport Rev for plagerizing and gloating.

Now he has backpeddled and said "I don't want to hurt Rev".

Well I guess I can swallow that but.....

I say no amnesty for plagerizers!

Amnesty is my line in the sand!


Nov 24 @ 7:26PM  
Rev is not just a plagerizer.

Rev is not just a gloater.

Rev is also a glutton.

In fact his ass has gotten so big,
that it actually has it's own area code.

There is talk in Washington about declaring
Rev's ass as the 51st state.

Maybe we can shove all the illegal immigrants
straight up it?

Nov 25 @ 9:27AM  
just for Kentuck..... a bump to the top...


Nov 25 @ 11:37AM  
Here we go gang, another round of trivial pursuit!

What 2 things can be seen by the international space station thousands of feet in the air?

The answer:

(1) The great wall of china
(2) Rev's big fat ass.

Nov 25 @ 3:04PM  
^^^ Bro, you seem to have this strange fascination with Rev's ass. Maybe you need to be spending more time with women?.............Just sayin' is all.

Nov 25 @ 7:30PM  
About 20 years ago Rev developed a serious bladder control problem. Embarrassing leaking occurred so he started wearing adult diapers.

Because of the diapers no one can access Rev's ass. And that includes me, so I have no interest in it.

Nov 26 @ 1:16PM  
While it is certainly true that Rev is still plagerizing whenever he gets the chance, he is no longer gloating since Hillary Rodham Clinton became a two time loser.

As for me, I'm dancing in the streets.

Nov 26 @ 7:04PM  
Sad thing is the "losers" just can't accept the fact that they lost. Now they are demanding recounts in 3 states. So much for respecting the rule of law and democracy as a whole.

They are disgusting, the whole rotten lot of them.

Nov 26 @ 7:11PM  
LOL......after a number of absent years from AMD, I'm not surprised to see that there is one member who is still universally despised and disliked. Those allegations 'georgiagal' spoke of are true. I proved them and he was booted from AMD only to land here much to everyone's misfortune.
Not surprised to see 'rdl' still battling to defend himself, still spewing hate, lies and distortions. Sad case, and an even sadder history of crimes.

Nov 26 @ 7:11PM  
LOL......after a number of absent years from AMD, I'm not surprised to see that there is one member who is still universally despised and disliked. Those allegations 'georgiagal' spoke of are true. I proved them and he was booted from AMD only to land here much to everyone's misfortune.
Not surprised to see 'rdl' still battling to defend himself, still spewing hate, lies and distortions. Sad case, and an even sadder history of crimes.

Nov 26 @ 7:34PM  
^^^^^^ Could you be a bit more specific as to what these "allegations" that you are GeorgiaGal are alluding to?
I'm sure that many on here would be interested to learn about them. Can you at least give us a hint?

Nov 27 @ 11:38AM  
"Allegations?" Now the plot thickens......... This blog is like a juicy soap opera.

Dec 9 @ 2:52PM  
Hi Winglets ....say hello to Rev for me will ya!

Dec 13 @ 5:40PM  
A very merry Xmas and a happy new year to all the hacker/plagerizers out there!

Oh wait....I'm a bit early......oh well.

Dec 28 @ 4:26PM  
Hi Winglets ....say hello to Rev for me will ya!

Speaking about Doc, we haven't seen him for a while. If this blog is responsible for making him unwell.... you have to know, it's coming back to bite YOUR pickled willy.

Dec 28 @ 5:59PM  
Oh Winglets of the bitter heart. Know ye not that Rev is an evildoer? If this wicked man is unwell, then it is surely the evil in his heart that has made him so.
Therefore no one or nothing is to blame, except for the evil itself.

Dec 29 @ 5:53PM  
Rev....Rev...wherefore art thou? Thy parting doth bequest us such sweet sorrow.
But as gaseous flatulence from eating too many burritos, you have drifted off to the nether world.......and left us to our own devices.

Dec 31 @ 5:07PM  
Brother Drac I wish you a happy and prosperous new year. The same goes to Willy, Doc cock, Firstwatch, DR, Hooks, Beetle, Prepper, Lover, and all those who seek a new better America.

God bless all of you, and may God bless AMERICA.

Dec 31 @ 5:30PM  
Thanks Fred... I like the company you've put me with Don't forget Northern and DixiePixie, good people all

Dec 31 @ 6:06PM  
FirstWatch, you are a scholar and a gentleman sir. Thank you for reminding me of Northern and could I have forgotten those two? Also a shout out goes to Hpylady.

Dec 31 @ 6:44PM  
Fred, thanks for the kind words IL_gal is AWOL for now. Wanted to know if she's heard from Frank, now THERE is another good man!

Dec 31 @ 6:57PM  
Thank you Fred and thank you every one.

Dec 31 @ 7:50PM  
Thank you Fred...I will be bringing in the New Year's with my daughter and her husband with a nice bottle of chilled wine.

Happy New Year to all. And remember, it doesn't officially start until Jan.20.

Dec 31 @ 10:42PM  
Lawman the last time I talked to Frank, he ask that I not talk to him about this site anymore .. he's really busy right now and seems happy. Thank you and Fred for your kind words and also Willy and Hooks two of my favorites but I wish you all a great 2017.


Dec 31 @ 10:54PM  


Dec 31 @ 11:47PM  
^^^^^^^^ILgal.......WOW! Thanks for the graphics.....that was awesome!

Jan 1 @ 1:26AM  
Thanks Fred ..


Jan 1 @ 10:34AM  
Here we have New year's day. But some refer this as National Hangover Day as fully half of the world is awaking to a splitting headache, upset stomach and feeling foolish for their drunken antics last night.

I trust all of you are not in this shape? ........Carry on my abstaining friends.

Jan 1 @ 5:00PM  
Happy new year to everyone........well almost everyone........not to Rev as he is on here bending and twisting the facts, and has no love for our new president.

Jan 2 @ 7:28PM  
Rev is m.i.a. due to his hemorrhoids acting up again. Seems like poetic justice as he has been a pain in the ass to most of us here on MD for years.

Jan 3 @ 3:08PM  
174 posts.......This I understand......but how the hell does a blog get 149 kudos?

Jan 3 @ 4:01PM  
^^^I'm going to hazard a guess here North. I'm presuming it's the same 10 or 12 members who don't like Rev who keep giving out kudos. You see you can give out a kudo on the same blog if you wait 24 hours or longer.

Jan 3 @ 7:36PM  
I'd like to thank all the many, many members of the Rev fanclub for keeping this blog alive and well.

I'd also like to give Willy a big thank you for creating this blog in the 1st place. It was a stroke of sheer genius. Rev now knows what can happen if he f***s with you.

Willy he who laughs last, laughs the loudest and longest.

Jan 3 @ 9:44PM  
This is getting so long that I think it best to take a short musical interlude. Here is a little song to be sung to the tune of Johnny Cash's "Five Feet High And Rising":

How high's the kudos Willy?

One fifty three and risin'

How high's the kudos, Reverend?

He said its one fifty three and rising

It's as mean a blog as mean can be

Most everybody's here from old MD

I'm damm sure glad they ain't talkin' 'bout me.

One fifty three kudos and risin" ! ! !


Jan 3 @ 10:38PM  
^^^Good song.....but then again I am partial to Johnny Cash.....153 so only 847 kudos to go to get the big 1,000. So c'mon everybody......lay on those kudos!

Jan 4 @ 9:46AM  
1,000 kudos! Can it be done? Well let's is one from me.

Jan 4 @ 7:43PM  
Rev come and join in the fun! Give us a too Jim, don't be cheap.......out with the can't take them with you when you die.
Wingnut .......give us a kudo....oh wait you can''ve given them all to yourself on your own stupid blogs, that no one reads.

C'mon cloven one....this blog is dedicated to you....the least you could do you fat f***er, is to give out a few kudos.

Jan 5 @ 7:51PM  
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bumping we will go,
A bumping we will go,
Hi ho the merrio,
A bumping we will go,
A bumping we will go.

Cloven one.....why haven't you given this blog a kudo?

Don't have any left? Then get your sock puppet Winglet to give out a kudo.
Get aboard the kudo train Winglet! Choo, choo, chooooooo!


Jan 6 @ 7:59PM  
Winglets.......where the hell is that kudo? I'm no longer asking...I am demanding that you give out that kudo!

Do you know what will happen if you don't give this blog a kudo? See this here dancing banana? If I don't see that kudo from you, then I will insert said banana into an orifice of my choosing.

You probably would not like the orifice that I'd choose. So out with the kudo....or it's the banana from hell!

Jan 8 @ 2:55PM  
Brother V...I fear that you are mistaken. I cannot know for sure if Rev and Winglets are one and the same. There was a time when I suspected such. But sister Winglets though anti American, seems to lack the meanness that Rev has.

How can 2 hearts that are so different beat in the same body? No brother V....... Winglets is not Rev's sock.


Jan 9 @ 1:26PM  

Political wingnuts are a lot like black walnuts. They are so much alike, it is hard to tell one from another.

Jan 9 @ 2:40PM  
Brother Tom, I don't believe that Winglets has any nuts at all. She thinks and writes as a female does.
Rev doesn't have any balls either, but that my friend is another story.

Jan 10 @ 10:24AM  
This is so much fun I have put this blog on my bookmark list so I can easily come back to see the latest comments, and express my enthusiasm.

Jan 10 @ 11:05AM  
Thank you Winglets and your many socks for boosting the kudo count. It is well past the 200 mark. Keep up the good work!

Jan 10 @ 12:13PM  
This blog has been alive for quite some time now. It has been interesting, informative and often humorous.
But...the thesis of the blog was about a member writing up a piece that was not his and changing dates, places, times etc. to make himself look good. This indicates a dishonest character. Yet no where in the blog do we have an explanation from the member. Instead he chooses to attack anyone who questions his motives.

I can only surmise therefore that he is guilty, knows it and simply doesn't care...shameful!

Jan 10 @ 5:03PM  
Woe!.....woe!.......woe to thee who do not repent! Salvation shall be denied to you lest you confess your sinful ways!

Sister Zulu, there has been no such confession from brother Rev. Woe unto him for he will know much suffering and knashing of teeth.

Brother Rev it is not too late! Simply confess that you are a rotten, filthy scumbag and all will be forgiven! For the lord thy God is merciful and just.

Jan 11 @ 10:38AM  
Brother V, I trust that you are well. A few posts up you made reference to shoving a banana into one of Winglet's orifices. As a Christian man and a believer of the most high, I cannot condone this.

I insist that you leave her orifices alone but....if you were referring to her large orifice...that being her big mouth, then you would require more than one single banana.
Therefore brother V, I am prepared to lend you a bunch of bananas. Seeing as Winglet's mouth is so big I think 5 bananas would be needed, so here they are.

God bless you brother V.
God bless you sister Winglets.

Jan 11 @ 10:53AM  

Jan 11 @ 11:12AM  
Brother Moon, it would appear that you suffer from anger management issues. Also your cap button seems to be stuck.

I shall pray for your redemption.

God bless you brother Moon.

Jan 11 @ 11:25AM  


Jan 11 @ 11:29AM  
Fred...thanks for the bananas. Don't worry about old moonie, nobody listens to him anyway.
If he doesn't like your God bless you stuff, then all he has to do is not read your posts.....simple.
And he also has the option to not read this blog.....simple.

Jan 11 @ 11:38AM  
The whole lot of you are all . That's you Fred, VWV,ttom Moon, all of you. The blog is -supposed- to be about plagiarism and gloating.
Here you all are yapping about God blessing you and Winglets.

Jan 11 @ 12:04PM  
Let there be peace and brotherhood in the land of MD.

God bless you sister Zulu.
God bless you sister Winglets.
God bless you brother Moon.
God bless you brother V.
God bless you brother ttom.
But most of all God bless you brother Willy, for never deleting or blocking anyone on this very entertaining blog.

Sorry but I cannot offer a blessing to brother Rev, as he has not admitted his guilt of the error of his ways.

Jan 11 @ 12:06PM  
You write your comments.

I'll write mine.

Jan 11 @ 1:49PM  
Sister Zulu.....awhile back and more than once, sister Winglets has referred to you as a control freak. Perhaps there is some wisdom in sister Winglets assessment of you.
Do not presume to dictate to us what we can or cannot write Zulu. Judge not and ye shall not be judged.

I shall pray that the angel of humility will visit you. God bless you sister Zulu.

Jan 11 @ 3:27PM  
First he plagiarizes now he bloats.

Brother Rev..your body is the temple of the lord. But the temple has gotten too big. The lord thy God wants you to slim down your fat ass, so that it would become a temple worthy of the lord.

Stop plagiarizing food from your fridge and hacking open pizza boxes, and the lord will be well pleased.

See sister Zulu? We are now back on topic!

God bless you brother Rev.

Jan 11 @ 6:26PM  
Amen Brother ! ! ! Preach it ! ! !


Jan 11 @ 7:32PM  
Congratulations Willy on reaching 200 on your comments!

Jan 12 @ 10:59AM  
This blog has had more twists and turns in it than a bag of pretzels. It began well enough where everyone stayed on topic.
Then it began to deviate and took on a life of it's own. As to the soap opera aspect, interesting enough as long as it had to do with the subject matter.

The comedy on display here while immature at times, has made me laugh out loud...I can't deny it.

Who knows where this thing is going to go? But I do agree with the above that any blog that attains 200 comments has got something going for it.

Where will it end....500? Or will this thing go on forever, even after Willy and Rev are long gone?

Jan 12 @ 11:44AM  
Rev you are a star! Imagine having a blog dedicated to little old you!

You are now famous...just like Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler! Like Attila the Hun and Vlad the impaler (Count Dracula to you)

All your many fans have appeared on this blog....must be nice to be so loved by so many.

You are number

Jan 12 @ 1:38PM  
I guess this could be deemed a sock puppet blog. Kind of worthless. But I guess willy is getting off on it.

Jan 12 @ 3:06PM  
^^^^No doubt the above blogger is jealous, as no one comes on his blogs let alone reads them.

Jan 12 @ 5:50PM  
Woe to thee Dr.Cocktail....woe! Thy words are as false as your profile pic. We who know thee know that you are a fat, balding man in his 60's.

Judge not and ye shall not be judged, for we know of your evil works on AMD.

Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

Jan 12 @ 9:33PM  
FRED .. I have a balding man in his 60's sitting with me right here.. and he's not skinny either.. I don't like skinny. I think he is just about perfect.

Personality ..GREAT
Smile .. AWESOME

He can sing, and I love it.. he gives great back rubs and he's a hugger.


Jan 12 @ 9:49PM  
Sister ILgal, at least your man isn't pretending to be 39 like the Cocktail deceiver is. And your man doesn't attack our finest writer and mocks her interaction with her comfort cat, like this evil sodomizer does.

The Cocktail came on here with false smiles...but now is showing his true colors and his colors are transparent.

God bless you sister ILgal.

Jan 12 @ 10:19PM  
FRED .. this site has never been too kind. You have to be very confident in yourself to be on this site, because you will get kicked around a lot. If you find one good friend, count yourself lucky.

Jan 12 @ 11:30PM  
^^^^And I am proud to be one of Fred's friends. Fred don't sweat it dear. You see this is a fun blog, and DrCocktail just isn't a fun guy. It's as simple as that.

Jan 13 @ 10:11AM  
I just can't get passed in my mind why anyone would come on this blog to piss of the sock.(s) Just where is the profit in that?

I've always believed in choosing my battles with discretion, as opposed to knee jerk reactions that accomplish nothing.

Making socks mad at you doesn't seem like a good plan. I hope that it works out for you Dr.Tail. ........something tells me that it probably won't.


Jan 13 @ 10:51AM  
Oh my brothers and sisters...testify!.........testify! Let us not be too harsh on our misguided brother Dr.Cockroach, as he knows not what he doith.

Poor old broken down has been. In spite of his fake pic in which he portrays himself as a handsome tanned 39 year old, we know the truth.

Dr.Cockroach has no social life and spends all his time in pursuit of cyber sex.

Have a care brother Cockroach as ye shall reap what ye shall sow. Plant a bitter seed and ye shall harvest a rotten crop.

God bless you brother Cockroach.

Jan 13 @ 11:49AM  
Well northern every so often you have to come down to the basement and rattle the chains a bit. Keeps them from disappearing altogether. A couple of comments and believe me they love it. Watch......

Jan 13 @ 1:41PM and let live bro.

Jan 13 @ 3:10PM  
Brothers and sisters of the faith. We shall not allow brother Party Pooper anymore time. I now fully comprehend that we was "rattling chains" in order to gain attention.

To my utter embarrassment, I gave it to him. I shall no longer offer over pearls to swine.

Let our sour brother alone, perhaps he may yet find his footing here and ultimately gain knowledge on how things work here.

God bless each and everyone of you.

Thank you once again brother Willy for being so generous as to allowing each of us our say, and for never deleting.

Jan 14 @ 5:57PM and let live bro

DocTail .. I like that one .. that's a keeper.


Jan 15 @ 1:00PM  
^^^I'm partial to it myself and have already used it in my blog so....."Doctail" it is.

Jan 21 @ 4:58PM  

Jan 21 @ 5:02PM  
Long Live President Trump ! ! ! ! !

Jan 21 @ 5:19PM  



Jan 21 @ 8:29PM  
Everyone sing "Hail to the chief".


My president, and yours.


Jan 21 @ 8:42PM  
Hell yea!!

Hail to the Chief, Present Donald J. Trump!

Jan 21 @ 8:44PM  
"DEPLORABLES, UNITE"... some powerful images!
Deplorables, Unite.. SEE AND HEAR!!

Jan 21 @ 10:16PM  
Woe! woe, woe to all the sodomites, degenerates and liberals who would demean our new president.

Hypocrites all of them! They judge the president because of the sliver in his eye, yet ignore the log that is in theirs.

Would that I could send them all to Sodom, the Clintonite capital so that they could all give each other poxes and diseases.

God bless all lovers of the truth and all flag wavers.

Jan 22 @ 2:21PM  
Barney Google,
with the googe, googe, googly eye,
kissed the girls,
and made them cry.

Those that didn't vote for Trump,
ended up getting it in the rump,
Clinton got the shaft,
and made old Barney laugh.

Barney Google,
with the googe, googe, googly eye.

Jan 22 @ 2:30PM  
Hey Fred.... where are you? A bunch of heathens, Trump haters and now... women bashers (the ususal "simple" supect(s), all over the blogs here today need your curses and admonishment! Wake up and do your job, we're counting on you!

Jan 22 @ 10:57PM  
We have Kentuck on the left and Fred on the right. And somewhere in the middle we have Drac.
How I do love this crazy site!

Jan 23 @ 11:23AM  

Jan 23 @ 3:11PM  
I like your banana Socklover! cool.

Jan 23 @ 4:02PM  
Comparing fred to Kentucky is an insult to fred. Kentucky is totally void of any class, reference his last blog. Who is who?

Jan 23 @ 4:18PM  
To DrC... you called it! That blog you refer to is as disgusting as it is ignorant. A showcase to his lack of both class, education and intelligence.

Jan 23 @ 5:55PM  
^^^I agree with the above 2 comments. Yes we all know that Fred is a little over the top with his God and religion stuff, but politically he is on the right side of the fence.
So as Fred might say......testify brother Fred....testify!

Jan 24 @ 11:19AM  
Woe...woe.....woe! Woe to the left leaning liberal lesbians. Woe to the perverted parasites who live on government handouts.
Woe to the dirty degenerate democrats who support the welfare system. Woe to sick, scurvy sodomites and their one washroom agenda.

Woe to abortion advocates and their apathy for the helpless unborn. A pox and a pestilence on these parasites. Godless and morally bankrupt...all of them.

Ye now have four years of weeping and wailing. Drown in a septic sea of sewage you leftist scum! I have much joy over your remorse.

Four years of righteousness is our revenge and revenge is sweet. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
For we had to endure eight years of Hussein Obama.
Payback is a shall ye shall ye reap.

May God bless all lovers of the flag.

Jan 24 @ 4:12PM  
^^^Well said Fred...and let's also give a big shout out to all our men and women in uniform...military and police alike.

And Fred we also ought to curse those who do not support or appreciate them.

This new president is going to remember all of our forgotten vets....I am PROUD of our new president!

Jan 24 @ 4:18PM  
Thanks Drac, I appreciate the thought and your comment. Vets for Trump believe Trump respects and cares about for the military, as attested by the overwhelming military votes

Jan 29 @ 4:37PM  
Trump, lump, or bump.

I think I'll choose bump!

Jan 29 @ 4:53PM  
^^^You can chose bump if you want to V.......just as long as you choose Trump on election day.

Jan 29 @ 4:59PM  
Poor uneducated slob that I am....did I get my "chose" and "choose" words backwards?

Jan 29 @ 5:28PM  
Remember, when you see rev just REPORT ABUSE. God bless the humble.



Jan 29 @ 6:06PM  
Here it is Tom

Jan 29 @ 6:08PM  
Brother not under any circumstances bend over before brother I have it on good authority that he is a closet sodomite.

God bless you Drac.

Jan 29 @ 10:40PM  
This thing has almost 300 kudos! C'mon someone bring the count up....I'm all out.

Jan 30 @ 2:08PM  
Is this a record blog?

Jan 30 @ 3:23PM  
^^^It has 244 comments, 298 kudos and 4,725 views. If this isn't the all time record blog then I don't know what is.

Who will be the one to award the 300th kudo? I'd love to be the one, but am all out until tomorrow I think.

Jan 30 @ 3:45PM  
I gave it the 200th. I am watching closely, to add # 300 too.

Jan 30 @ 4:49PM  
It looks like someone else had the honor of awarding the big 300. I know that whoever it was, it wasn't you or me.

Jan 30 @ 8:18PM  
Rats ! ! !

Looks like I missed being # 300. I'll set my sights on being Mr 400.

Jan 31 @ 7:06PM  
When I checked on this blog at this time yesterday it had 4,725 views. Now 24 hours later it has 4,00 views. It is apparent this while this blog is now old, members are still interested in it.
I guess you could label this blog as an all topic blog. In other words just post whatever your fancy is. I've always thought that this site could use a blog such as this.

Jan 31 @ 7:08PM  
Typo....4,800 views.

Feb 1 @ 3:30PM  
For Rev with love. ........

Feb 1 @ 9:46PM  
I just thought I'd come down in the basement and let you nice folks know..

The U.S. Senate confirmed Rex Tillerson as President Donald Trump's secretary of state!!!

I brought you some coffee too.

and snacks..

cya later


Feb 2 @ 8:08AM  
rev=report abuse

Feb 2 @ 4:07PM  
Woe, woe to the unrepentant! Woe to those who seek not forgiveness from the lord thy God!

Woe to thy pride oh gluttonous one! Brother Rev seek thy salvation while you canst.

Thy time is at hand for verily, you sit in the sunset of thine life! Brother Rev knell down on your ample knees and beg to the angel of mercy to receive your supplications of remorse and forgiveness! (canst thy still knell, or art thou now too fat?)

For the lake of fire awaits thee lest ye repent sinner! Brimstone and much tears await thee oh cloven one!

Repent! Woe to thee if repentance is not forth coming!

God bless thee brother Rev.

Feb 2 @ 4:43PM  
RDL has 'Hank' not Lord God Almighty to talk to, whether he listens or not I don't know. At least he has someone.


Feb 2 @ 5:27PM  
First he plagiarizes then he bloats.

Brother Rev, just how fat and bloated shall thee get?

I have seen the pics that brother Drac has offered us.

Gluttony is the devils work.

God bless you brother Rev.

Feb 3 @ 3:42PM  
Tell it Brother Fred ! ! !

A glutton digs his grave with his teeth.

Feb 3 @ 5:46PM  
Has anybody noticed? This blog actually has more kudos than comments!

Feb 3 @ 7:40PM  


Feb 3 @ 7:43PM  
I wonder what STREACHED the screen.

Feb 4 @ 9:45AM  
Poor Rev,
getting fatter,
and fatter.
Everything getting bigger,
everything except for his,

That stays small and shrunken'
because he can no longer,
get it up.

Feb 4 @ 11:23PM  
rev=report abuse



Feb 5 @ 9:58AM  
Hi Drac! ya!

Feb 5 @ 9:58AM  
Hi Drac! ya!

Feb 5 @ 8:53PM  
^ double posted. Anyway I just checked the stats:

352 kudos

This is without a doubt, the mother of all blogs.


Feb 6 @ 7:43PM  

Feb 7 @ 9:32AM  

Feb 7 @ 9:32AM  

Feb 7 @ 9:34AM  
what's going on?

bing bing

Feb 7 @ 2:43PM  
Why do people keep posting comments here?

Feb 8 @ 1:16PM  

Feb 8 @ 1:17PM  

Feb 9 @ 7:15PM  

Feb 10 @ 3:38PM  
I wonder if the TOAD KING appreciates all this attention and effort on his behalf.

Feb 10 @ 8:29PM  


Feb 11 @ 3:20PM  
Moving right along.....stupid me. I'm just getting the reason for the bumps.

Feb 11 @ 5:58PM  
Whack A Mole.......


Feb 12 @ 8:48AM  
flush the turd


Feb 13 @ 11:38AM  


Feb 14 @ 7:54AM  


Feb 14 @ 10:07PM  

No bacon on a toad, not even the
toad KIng ! ! !

Feb 15 @ 6:54AM  
^ you may have missed the memo, his name is Cloven.

Feb 15 @ 10:04AM  
Goodbye Soupy

Feb 15 @ 10:38AM  
^^^Brother Cockroach,
why pray tell are you suddenly,
and almost daily,
commenting on a "socks blog"?

Double standard? Are do you just enjoy the hypocrisy?

Not really one to stick to your guns eh?

God bless you brother Cockroach.

Feb 16 @ 5:51AM  
Goodnight Fred, Goodnight Drac, Goodnight Tom, Goodnight Jimbob, Goodnight Willy, Goodnight Dr C., Goodnight Lawman, Goodnight Zulu, Goodnight socklover.

sleep good!!


Feb 16 @ 10:34AM  
Thank you good sister ILGal for taking the time out,
to wish us all a good night.
Your kindness will come back to you,
as good karma along with good fortune.

Feb 16 @ 1:51PM  
Good Night Gal from IL... hope all is well on Walton Mountain . And another BUMP UP!

Feb 17 @ 11:01AM  
A one, a two,
a one two three,
bumping we will go,
a bumping we will go,
hi ho the merrio,
a bumping we will go.

a bumping we will go,
a bumping we will go.
hi ho the merrio,
a bumping we will go!

Is everybody happy?
How about you cloven one?
Are you happy?
You should be,
look at all the attention,
you're getting!

Feb 17 @ 9:44PM  
^^Brother Cockroach,
why pray tell are you suddenly,
and almost daily,
commenting on a "socks blog"

Research fool, research.

Feb 18 @ 12:54AM  


Feb 18 @ 3:26PM  
Lordy lordy,
Doc Cockroach claimeth he be 39 not 40. (he be 60)
Oh ye of little faith and small discretion!

We witness thy failings,
you who seek attention at all costs.
Feeling forgotten thy bring up all,
the demons of judgement and self righteousness,
all in a fruitless desire to be noticed.

Poor pitiful lost soul that thy art.
We feel your pain and know of your empty void,
but do not seek to fill it with venom,
no turn to a higher fill.

Your soul is as a wasteland brother Cockroach.
We plodded our way through the darkness,
before you came to offer us your light.
And we will be here after,
yours is extinguished.

I will hereby offer a blessing to,
brother Rev, for he has suffered enough,
and I offer a curse to brother Cockroach.

Your time is at hand sinner.

Feb 18 @ 3:47PM give it your best shot. Spare me your newly acquired religious fervor. Stay in this basement where you belong. Got it!

Feb 18 @ 4:42PM  
Nay brother Cockroach,
you shall witness me dwelling amongst all here,
you shall benefit from my good graces all over,
the blogs of our mutual friends.

For they be of good cheer and Godliness,
unlike you who have been visited by the,
demon of control and the demon of,

God bless all here.
A curse on you brother Cockroach.

We will certainly meet again and again,
in the basement and in the meeting places,
of our goodly friends.

Feb 18 @ 6:54PM  
Doc C ...I have seen you go after Winglets, Fred, Simplyimp, Northern, Willy, Drac etc.
What is your problem? Why not just go to another site, start afresh and see if you can learn to socialize a bit better than you have done here.

Feb 19 @ 5:28AM  
oh snap^

Feb 19 @ 3:41PM  
Zulu if I understand Dr.Cockroach it appears that he has made it his mission to clean up [his] site. I'm guessing that no fun is allowed, no frivolity, no laughter, no levity....only politics.

He comes across as a friendless bore.....His pointless take on his political world won't change a damn thing....nothing. Yet he appears to feel that only his opinion has merit and we all wait breathless for his next post.

This bore means nothing...he has actually become the most hated member here. I'm just going by e-mails and posts. Nobody likes the guy just like in real life. What a complete asshole he is.

Arrogant to the point where he comes on this fun blog, causes problems then mocks Willy for even having it...arrogant bastard...

This site has become far more nasty since Cockroach showed up. I heard he did the exact same thing on AMD until he was finally run off.

Feb 20 @ 12:35AM  
A curse on you brother Cockroach

Is that suppose to make him nicer?

Believe me .. he's holding back. He's not pissed, just slightly annoyed..


Feb 20 @ 11:05AM  
Good sister ILgal, surely,
you have been visited,
by the angels of,
wisdom and forgiveness.

You come to us,
bearing gifts of sage advice,
and charity.

Because of your goodly works,
I hereby lift the curse,
on Dr.Cocktail.

The curse had to do with,
so Dr.C ...the itching,
shall soon cease.

God bless you sister ILgal,
God bless you brother Dr.C

Feb 20 @ 2:07PM  
FRED .. You giveth and you taketh away ..
you're a good man.

and Willy .. thanks for fixing the elevator.
It's a sweet ride to the basement now.


Feb 20 @ 3:20PM  
I find this a redundantly stupid blog..
But then again, that's just Willy.
Redundantly stupid.

Thanks for the pics of me Drac,,
At least I have the balls to post pics
instead of hiding my ugly face and persona
behind several different aliases and a
keyboard in the insane asylum....

Now somebody with intelligence enough
to reformat this ridiculous blog would only do it ..

OOPS !! I just answered my own query..
There are only a couple of people posting
with enough intelligence to do it.
Look, no emotis..I'm too lazy to scroll
a foot to the right on my 46" monitor
to click on them.

Carry on with the comedy.

Thanks for the notoriety..
It's better to be famous on MD than
no place at all like 99% of the posters
on this absurdity..
Thanks for the shit and giggles..

Dr.C, I never thought that all that's gone down
that we would ever agree on anything but
you turned out to be an unwitting ally..Thanks ..

How is this comment for gloating ??

Feb 20 @ 3:32PM  
Look everyone.....Rev and Dr.Cocktail are now in love! Funny thing is....I thought that Rev was straight. As to the other one well.........

Feb 20 @ 8:08PM  
We the socks, want him gone.

Feb 20 @ 10:38PM  
Look everyone...blah blah blah.

That's what happens when idiots attempt to think ..
They tend to type without having any idea what
they're surmising.

It just proves my point that you're all idiotic lemmings..


Feb 21 @ 10:28AM  
It shouldn't surprise anyone that Cockroach,
and Rev have formed an alliance of sorts,
both are troublemakers,
both are self righteous,
both are universally hated,
both are unwanted,

Rats banding together,
because no one else wants anything,
to do with either of them.

It's a marriage of convenience,
my guess is that when it's time to,
consemate their wedding vows,
that Rev will be the one on top.

Feb 21 @ 11:59AM  
Woe, woe, woe to this unholy union of sinners!
Woe to those who would sanction,
this coming together of the plagiarizer,
and the self righteous sodomite.

The lord does not seek nor approve,
of such unnatural couplings.
Brother Rev and brother Cockroach are as,
Sampson and Delilah, and Sampson ended badly.

So as Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed,
by the avenging angel of the lord,
so shall the union of rev and Cockroach,
for the lord thy God does not,
smile on this aberration.

Brother Cockroach do not seek to corrupt brother Rev,
take your perverted lust elsewhere.

God bless you brother Rev,
God bless you brother Cockroach

Feb 21 @ 4:37PM  
Drac/Fred........ thanks for all the laughs!

Bumpity bee,

Bumpity boo,

I bump this blog for me,

I bump it for you!

Feb 21 @ 7:14PM  
Dr.C, I never thought that all that's gone down
that we would ever agree on anything but
you turned out to be an unwitting ally..Thanks

Deal me in too, Doc,
I gripe about cut and paste, but this drivel is the most boring trash I have ever seen. It is like what would come out of a pre-teen skateboarder who hit his head on the concrete too often.

It looks like MD has been taken over by a bunch of 12 year old trolls.

Feb 21 @ 7:26PM have posted on this blog no less than 1 times. You've come out and told us what a "fun blog this is". And let's face it...some of your posts are not examples of many hypocrites on this site.

Feb 21 @ 7:27PM less than 16 timers.

Feb 21 @ 7:56PM  
ZS, If you noticed, most of my comments were a lot earlier in this blog. I suspect the more astute readers have noticed that RDL and I are not good buddies, and I am not above poking a pin if I feel he is getting overinflated, a favor he sometimes returns. But as the level deteriorated, I stopped.

But this blog has become dumber than dumb, stupider than stupid, >IMMENSELY BORING<

When traditional critics of RDL, Dr C and myself lambaste this blog against RDL, you know the comments have gone over the line, from merely inane, into vacuous. The fact that many of the comments are from sock variants of some profile, talking to itself, moves it into the realm of the ludicrous.

The comments have taken on many of the characteristics of childrens' comments…. Endless mirth at a repetitions of the same joke, a level of creativity somewhere between imbicilic and moronic, and the vocabulary of a mentally challenged 4th grader.

If it were my blog, I would have pulled the plug sooner, but Willie has never been notorious for being quick on the uptake. So rant and rave and play on, children, but you will do so without my company.

Feb 21 @ 10:23PM  
@ttomtar if it where your blog it would not be fun as this one is. Instead it would be a monologue of anti Semitic, anti black, anti Hispanic and anti gay propaganda. We've all become almost immune to your white supremacist views.

Listen killjoy, if you and your cockroach buddy don't like this blog...just stay the hell off. Is that so complicated for you?

In the meantime we will have a bit of fun on here, whether you like this brand of humor or not.


Feb 22 @ 12:30AM  
I will do what I please, when I please, where I please and how I please. Your opinions are a matter of indifference to me, as you no authority and even less sense.

All that you can control is yourself. If you object to my comments feel free to go elsewhere.. Or to put it at a level you can understand:


Feb 22 @ 8:06AM  
Boot revdoclove1

he is a shame to this wonderful site.

Feb 22 @ 10:35AM  
Congratulations ttomtar, you have now posted your 18th comment on a blog that you consider to be childish.
As stated earlier, some of your useless comments have been not only childish but boring as well.

It seems that you were willing to play along well with the rest. But as soon as you determined that the playing was no longer to your liking, you decided to come on here and run the playing down.

Again I say..if you no longer wish to play then don't try an d ruin it for everyone else...killjoy.

And this is for you and all other white supremacists.........

Feb 22 @ 12:20PM  
First of all I want to thank my sometimes buddy
Stutterin Tom..

Now my 2 cents worth to this childish display of
inane bullshit authored by the worst plagiarist
on MD..Willy, or whatever of his many personas
he is going by now.
At least I have only two and they're identical.

As everyone with the ability to think knows,
I've been exposing phonies on MD and AMD for probably 10- 12 years..
Nothing from the bullshitters and trolls surprises
me and never has..

Anyone who actually knows me knows
I can back everything I post with well
researched documentation..
unlike 99.9% of my detractors who just make
shit up as they go along..Knowing full well
that their cronies will believe their bullshit
instead of the actual facts.

That just makes them gullible and ignorant
instead of wanting to hear facts...
I haven't lived 81 productive years on
this planet by being naive` and stupid,
contrary to what the multi
profiled idiots who think they're clever think.

The people who follow the likes of willy and
cohorts deserve the miserable boring lives
they have by being constant habitues` of MD.

And as Forrest would say,
"And that's all I have to say on that subject !"

Carry on with your bullying, childish,
inane behavior..
It just proves my point to the sane members
that you're all blubbering idiot children

Feb 22 @ 2:09PM  
First he plagiarizes now he gloats
posted 6/25/2016 7:28:03 PM |
478 kudos

what's this?
    report abuse    kudos left: 5
tagged: plagiarism

What a sad sack he is. He gets caught ripping another author and now he gloats about it, Typical libtard. Typical liar. Typical Democrat. Typical phony.

MD doesn't care when a liberal commits plagiarism but they scream bloody murder when a conservative does.

This person is in fact revdoclove1

Feb 23 @ 6:55AM  
Take out the trash.

Feb 23 @ 8:54AM  
Thanks Drac..I knew I could count on you
to be the first to prove my point about
childish bully behavior..

Feb 23 @ 12:07PM  
Bye, bye Rev....don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Feb 23 @ 9:14PM  

Feb 24 @ 11:29AM  
Count your days willy and the rest.

Feb 25 @ 5:57PM  
500 KUDOS!

Well done Willy!

Feb 26 @ 4:42PM  

Mar 1 @ 3:49PM  
All during the life of this blog Rev never once admitted any wrong doing. Instead he chose to attack everyone and any one who agreed with the OP.

When that failed he then made fun of the blog. When that didn't work he tried to gain allies amongst former foes.

That didn't work so he created a sock (Trollkiller). When that also failed he then deleted his account.

But he was never able to admit that he was wrong.

Mar 1 @ 3:51PM  
Threats, intimidation, mocking, denials....everything except admitting that he was wrong.

Mar 1 @ 5:41PM  
I'm a jolly ol chap, but when I see you starting shyt with people, Imma come at you bro. and when I come at cha, there'll be twenty seven trillion barrels pointing at cha.
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