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Stairway to Hell

posted 12/16/2016 12:23:15 PM |
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tagged: photography, christmas, trains, stairs, travel

Every month, the photo club I belong to has an assigned topic to photograph. I don't always enter something, as some of the assignments I don't like the subject, or mostly, I just forget until it's too late.

January's subject is stairs, which has me wracking my brain for unique stairwells that I've come across in my travels. Normally, I avoid stairs as they kill my knees, but, I figure I can photograph them without necessarily having to climb or descend them. There is one place I could go, which is the Belwether Hotel in Fairhaven. It's an old lighthouse that has been renovated into a hotel. I don't know if the entire staircase was kept intact, but I know part of it has been. I don't know of any lighthouses that are close by me that allow people inside.

I know there's an eye-catching staircase at the public library in downtown Vancouver, but I think many will be taking that. I prefer not to have the same photo as everyone else. There are 1001 steps in White Rock, down to the beach, which I've never seen and may be worth a visit, although I'm not sure they're all that photogenic.

I was looking for old buildings in my area, which seem to be few and far between. Some of the heritage buildings have great staircases and banisters. I know in Washington state, in Fairhaven, there are a number of old buildings that have extremely interesting features, including stairs.

There are several old brick buildings with old exterior fire escapes that I find interesting, particularly when you catch them in the right light. I can't think of any outdoor stairs here, that are really all that inspiring with regards to taking an image of them.

With the latest arctic blast of cold weather and wind, it's not really conducive to wandering around anywhere to take photos, unless one is inside. I don't mind it being a little cold and sunny, but this cold just isn't fun anymore. Brrr!

Tonight, the CP Holiday train is scheduled to arrive in the valley. I'd never seen it until a couple of years ago, and was looking forward to seeing it again this year. CP 'dresses' up some of their boxcars with lights and makes a tour from back east to the west coast, collecting donations for the food bank every year. A band plays in a converted box car, then off they go to the next stop.

It's pretty cool to see the train pulling into the station, it's bright lights gleaming in the dark. Tonight, it's going to be downright cold, though. I'm hoping to find a spot where I can take a photo of it as it crosses the valley, and not just as it pulls into the station. I'll be leaving here early to scout out the train tracks in the area, and where I can park to set up my camera.

I dont' know if my friend is coming with me tonight, due to the cold. It's not important if she doesn't, as I've seen the entertainment before, and for me, it's just about getting a photo of the entire train. It'd be so cool if there was a place to take a photo with Mt Cheam towering behind it in the dusk. I may have to go even earlier than I planned to scout that out.

The wind was blowing so hard last night, my wind chimes woke me up. I had to get up to shut the window and block out the noise. I could hear them even through the ear plugs I wear.

I have to go south with orders today, as usual, and best get on with it so I'm back in time to head out to the train. I'll definitely be looking like the Michelin man today, with all the layers I have to add to keep from freezing my butt off. I best take advantage of these sunny days though, because next week, the rain is due back.

The quest for a stair image will commence tomorrow, and for me, any staircase is a stairway to hell, not heaven.

Back to your regularly scheduled politics.

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Dec 16 @ 12:42PM  
There's a lady who's sure
that photo assignments suck
and she's delivering her product to buyers.....

How about a Slinky coming down (long shutter speed) stairs ?

Aesthetically, I like spiral staircases.
Perhaps one fully decorated with Christmas seasonal decorations
with Santa carrying Mrs Claus up the staircase ?


Dec 16 @ 1:03PM  
I suspect the winner will go beyond the literal.

Perhaps a line of stair step brothers and sisters?

Five diminishing sized piles of white powder on a mirror, with a razor blade among them would be a true "stairway to hell".

Think multiple objects of changing sizes.

Good luck ! ! !

Dec 16 @ 2:06PM  

there are places in LA that have stairways to nowhere..... old staircases....going from one street level to another higher level........ with newer buildings (closing off the landing ) built at the top level...

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