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Taking Action

posted 12/18/2016 1:44:39 PM |
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tagged: action, dreams, reality, plans, goals

Snuggled in my new full length bathrobe, I'm watching the leaden grey skies release the promised flurry of white flakes, furiously attempting to cover anything that has peeked through the last blanket of snow. My little hummingbird landed on my wind chime today, before falling below eye level of my balcony.

Steam clouds my glasses as I sip burning tea at the lip of my favourite blue mug while perusing favourite online places and go over plans for the day. A great indoor day to be creative in whatever fashion inspires one. Cooking is the first order of the day and filling the crockpot to simmer all day, filling the condo with mouth-watering scents.

I have a couple of writing assignments to get going on, one being a contest due in April. A 5,000 word essay, I know from my experience last year with writing, that five thousand words takes time and several rewrites. A non-fiction piece, it will require adequate research and editing to ensure the piece is concise.

I have been procrastinating on the guide to the Fraser Valley that I've been encouraged to write. Perhaps part of the reason is one of my former friends has been bad-mouthing me all over the city in her business networking. It's her way of feeling powerful and important, I guess. Making sure other people see me as she does, mad because when she unfriended me on fb I asked for money she owed me for product. Bet those people have never heard about that, though.

Whatever. My fault. I should have broken off the friendship a long time before that, as there were things that really pissed me off about her. Like taking credit for my ideas and constantly interrupting me. I could go on, but it's my fault for not saying to myself, hey, you don't need this control freak in your life.

Anyway, I haven't made the appointments to interview people in the local businesses, partly because of this, as she makes sure she's 'seen' in these places and fancies herself the person who knows everything in this city. Why else? Well, I guess I'm just a little intimidated at setting up my first interview. Making sure I ask the right questions and get the information I require to write an interesting article that would encourage people to visit the place.

Funny, I have no problem in meeting people I don't know and asking them about themselves, and yet, this interview process seems to have me stopped in my tracks. I guess now that I've identified it, it's time to take the bull by the horns, make some appointments for the new year, and get on with it. Oh yeah, that 'friend' wanted to be part of the guide, and yet, she would have contributed nothing.

The very reason I stopped collaborating with any other writers. They figured they'd get half the proceeds of the sale of the book, and yet, I was the one doing most of the writing, I was the one setting up the content and doing the cover, taking photos and going back to take other photos to ensure they were quality images. When I thought about it, I realized I didn't need anyone else to 'help' with the book, as I was doing most of it anyway.

Today would be a good day to plan out my writing schedule and get who and what I want in the guide. It's fine to be encouraged to write a book, but without a plan, it's just ideas and stuff wandering around in my head, many times lost amongst the forest of thoughts and ideas that crop up daily.

On my last mug of tea, it's time to get on with the day, get the honey garlic chicken in the crockpot, prepare the meatballs for cooking later, and generally, get stuff done!

So true, with action, dreams become reality.

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Dec 18 @ 1:59PM  
Putting things off, rarely accomplishes anything, except wasting time.
Get inspired, organized and busy.

Dec 18 @ 6:10PM  
Whenever I've had to do writing assignments, I always started out with just jotting down topics and ideas that were to be part of the assignment and then go through and toss out what is irrelevant and refine what I wanted to keep and expand on. Yes it could be tedious, but in the end the finished product was what I envisioned.


Dec 19 @ 11:12AM  
Steam clouds my glasses as I sip burning tea at the lip of my favourite ... mug while perusing favourite online places and go over plans for the day.

some write.....

...some read....

but it is all about MD....

my morning cup of coffee is drunk..... time to log out and get on with my living life....

~kudos~ great blog..... again..and again........and again....


Snuggled in my new full length bathrobe,......


Dec 19 @ 5:37PM  
They figured they'd get half the proceeds of the sale of the book,

That's why contracts are so important so there is no miscommunication. At work we call it an engagement letter. We find out what they need, we provide it and in return they will owe us yada yada on the first of every month. No questions asked.
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