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Creativity - The Cornerstone of A Progressive Society

posted 12/21/2016 2:04:31 PM |
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tagged: creativity, innovation, ideas, motivation

As an inventor and problem solver, I admire those same traits in others. Not just someone that dreams up ideas, but people that act on those ideas and bring them to a working model. I laugh at so many people that dismiss creativity as being something woo woo and nothing of value. Without creativity, we'd still be living in caves. (Some behave as if they still do, but that's another subject altogether).

My Mom has had macular eye degeneration for many years, although still manages to live independently despite her loss of vision. Yesterday, I took her to drop off the Christmas cake to a stainless steel place that made her some custom measurements so she could place the appropriate square of metal onto a pound of butter (or whatever) and measure out exactly what she needs. Yes, I know the boxes have the measurement on them, but she can't see it to read it, and these stainless steel squares are perfect for what she wants.

Mom went there with an idea of what she wanted, and told them what it was. They made them up tout suite (right away), and when she went back to pick them up, they told her it was free of charge - their community service. She baked an extra Christmas cake in gratitude, using her measuring disks .

As usual, necessity is the mother of invention. She needed something, she thought of what and how something would be best suited for her, and found someone to make it. A relatively simple and easy thing to make, and something that has made baking a lot easier for her. It's all about keeping those things that you can still do, attainable for as long as you can.

One thing that bugs Mom to no end is that her condo doesn't clean the outside of the windows unless she nags at them. They do it maybe once a year. Maybe. The two bedroom windows in the condos are not accessible to the outside by the condo owners. No one seems to care if their windows aren't washed, but it's something that my Mom is a bit of a stickler on.

The amount of rain we get here, windows can look grimy very quickly. Although one wonders how she can see if they're dirty, she has peripheral vision, and obviously can. Unfortunately, due to the limited opening in the window, no one can get their arm out enough to wash the entire window.
I know what a problem this can be when I had my townhouse and had to wash the glass panes on the deck. The inside was no problem, but they were at such a height that I almost had to stand on my head, bending over the deck, to wash the outside. I do not miss that in the least.

This morning, someone posted a link to a magnetic window washing device, that you put one side on the outside of the window, and the other on the inside, and as you wash the inside, the outside is done at the same time. Awesome!

I knew, immediately, that this was something Mom would love, as she'd be able to keep her windows clean, without having to rely on someone else to do it when they felt like it. Anything to make life a little easier.

How ingenious! I just love it when people come up with solutions to problems. I had no idea there was this handy gadget available. Even for someone that doesn't need one because I can reach all my windows. The simple fact that I could do both sides at once and therefore spend less time on something I don't like doing anyway, works for me.

Creativity - the cornerstone of every progressive society.

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Dec 21 @ 2:29PM  
Great blog.

I love a good gadget, a neat invention. I bless the people who invented post-it notes, suitcases with wheels and the rubber cylinders that help you peel garlic.

Dec 21 @ 2:52PM  
Thanks, east! Yep, post-it notes, and suitcases with wheels, and now ones you can ride on too, and I didn't know about the garlic peeler - I'm going to have to check that out.

After grating the orange the other day for the cranberry orange loaf, Mom told me about a zester she picked up in a second hand store. She showed it to me when I took her grocery shopping, and stopped in at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and yup, they had one. So now, I can try out my new zester on the next loaf - the first one was so good, I'm making two more (to use up the buttermilk) to stick in the freezer. Or maybe give away.


Dec 21 @ 3:19PM  
My mother wants a zester for Christmas.

Dec 21 @ 3:32PM  
$11.99 Cdn at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Probably $5.00 in your country.


Dec 21 @ 6:22PM  
My mother wants a zester for Christmas.

That is NOT what she meant by, "I wish I had more zest in my life.'

Creativity & innovation are attributes that signify intelligence to me.

Dec 21 @ 9:51PM  
Last year, former SCOTUS Justice David Souter gave a talk to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in which he discussed the merits of a classical education in an age where STEM has the upper hand.

He noted that in China, which is renowned for building things others have designed, has decided to push more students into the classics rather than engineering and the sciences. The Chinese government has realized that broadly educated students possess more or an imagination and are more likely to possess the creativity necessary to imagine the next great invention.

Dec 21 @ 10:00PM  
oops...meant more of an imagination.

Dec 22 @ 7:56AM  
damn screens always get in the way.....

and the device will not work on dual pane 9or triple

washing windows is a pain.... no matter how you look at it....



what a problem it's become.....and no solution in sight.....

btw... size ( thickness) ........matters...

as all pounds are not the same size....or worth....
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