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Why So Many Liberals Run Away From MD Crying And Whining -WAHHHHHH WAHHHHHHH

posted 12/26/2016 4:28:02 PM |
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So here we go yet again with the latest round of liberals having hissy fits because of "political" blogs. Yeah right. They've been doing this ever since I've been on the site. There are spontaneous lib outbreaks of this that seem to be triggered by some political event that they are not happy with. It's like a mass plague of some kind. One of them starts it and then they all chime in like lemmings. A psychologist could have a field day here trying to diagnose their mass mental disorder phenomenon.

Wahhhhhh... Wahhhhhhh ..... Wahhhhhhh

Stop talking about politics!

Wahhhhhh... Wahhhhhhh ..... Wahhhhhhh

You better stop it because I SAID SO!

You better stop, I'm serious!

I'm going to hold my breath until you stop!
(how I wish).

In all the years I've been here I haven't heard A SINGLE non-liberal whine and cry like a baby about this. It's only liberals.

They whined until they got the political forums closed. Then, when the mods said it was okay to write political blogs they were perfectly happy with that until they learned they would also be cremated in debates here... then they started whining about that.

Mind you THEY think they can write all the political blogs, or political blogs disguised as non-political blogs they want. THEY can spout THEIR political views in some of the most disgusting, disrespectful terms. But don't you dare write anything that doesn't agree with their point of view or they turn into thumb sucking 2 year olds who demand that mommy shut it off.

I'll tell you the reasons libs are such phonies about this.

1. They lose. I mean how many times can you lose an argument before you too revert to a mentally ill 2 year old thumbsucker who puts their hands over their ears and keeps yelling "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA MAKE IT STOP!"

2. They are control freaks... arrogant little tin can dictators. It goes hand in hand with the liberal mindset and ideology. They need to be in control of everything and other people just have to go along because they are so much smarter and more enlightened than everyone else. They think that their point of view is the only one that's allowed to be heard and they use fascist tactics to try to prevent people from hearing any opposing views. Everywhere they go on the net they think they were anointed moderator and everyone else has to do what they tell them to do. They are OBSESSED with preventing free speech and the free exchange of ideas because they know that in any fair trade of views, their views will not win majority support. So the only tool they have is to prevent people from hearing those views in the first place.

Oh WAHHHHHH WAHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHH... stop talking about politics or I swear .... I'm warning you! .... I'll leave the site!!!!!!!

... Could you put that in writing?

This is for all the little arrogant liberal tin horn dictators on MD who think they decide what everyone else can and cannot talk about, can and cannot say and when and how they are allowed to say it.

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Dec 26 @ 5:16PM  
Time to go back on your meds DR. I recall you and your cronies crying for 8 years while President Obama in the hot seat.

Dec 26 @ 7:05PM  
Politics would be much more interesting to discuss if we had an objective opponent. We don't. First, you can't have a debate with someone who just makes things up as they go. They ignore the facts, the reality. And along those lines, I've found them to be extremely irrational, some obsessively psychotic but mostly boring.
It's become a shouting match for them on paper with one outrageous statement after another. I rarely engage them. Not only is it tedious but it's unfair and no sport. Nothing to be gained by talking to an idiot.
No, they are just amusing, not to be taken seriously. When I post a blog, well, that's my space and all are welcome save for members who contribute nothing positive to the narrative.

Dec 26 @ 8:36PM  
Kudos for telling it like it is with them.

Dec 27 @ 1:23AM  
Of course, what would this place be like without the rethuglicans opening fake accounts to give themselves a 100,000 fake kudos, as if it's deserving.

You cried like babies for 8 solid years and NOW all that's forgotten by the babies, just like the truth, it gets lost.


Dec 27 @ 1:29AM  
Well, we certainly can't expect better from a bunch who voted for a crook and a liar. Kudos for living up to his potential.

Dec 27 @ 1:31AM  
I didn't give this blog any kudos. Someone else did it.

Dec 27 @ 1:34AM  
^^ effen liar.

Dec 27 @ 1:35AM  
Not "someone" a fake one gave this blog 100,000 fake kudos, on a blog that offers no value, just lies.

Dec 27 @ 1:35AM  
Ask me if I give a fvck what you believe.

Dec 27 @ 1:39AM  
Too bad, I'm sorry about that. At least I've exposed the fake accounts, which is pretty obvious really.

Dec 27 @ 7:36AM  
I see Wingbat hijacked another good blog. Just go away.

Dec 27 @ 8:12AM  
Picked Willy

Dec 27 @ 10:57AM  
^^^One of those kudos came from me. And if someone somehow piled on a bunch of kudos, so what? All that would mean is that the person [really] liked the blog content.
And by the way, who says that there aren't at least 12 like minded members on here?
I think that your kudo fixation is just a silly attempt at high jacking yet another blog. If you ever show up on one of mine I'll block your worthless ass so fast, your head will spin!

As to the blog topic, liberals are all cry babies who are not too tightly wound. Wingnut is a prime example.

Dec 27 @ 5:09PM  
When I first came to MD it was normal to have about 1,500 members online.

Judging by the numbers online today, about 60 people agree with you, and like the political blogging.

However, about 1,440, lefties and righties, seem to have left the site.

Any idea why?

Dec 27 @ 5:56PM  
^^^Twitter & Facebook. [All] sites such as this one are dying a slow death.

Dec 27 @ 6:03PM  
And if someone somehow piled on a bunch of kudos, so what? All that would mean is that the person [really] liked the blog content.

Nope it shows more than that, it shows deceit and an attempt at misleading others. But hey, we can't expect better from the rethuglicans but lies.

Dec 27 @ 6:08PM  
I think that your kudo fixation

It's not the kudo itself, it's what it represents in order to deceive.

Dec 27 @ 6:10PM  
^^^^About 2 months ago I remember seeing one of your blogs. You were the only one who commented on it, yet it had 30 kudos. Hypocrite much?

Dec 27 @ 6:14PM  
I've never had 30 kudos in my life liare. Bring that blog and post it here. One blog surprised me by 8 kudos if I recall, it was a blog listing Donald Trump's lies.

Dec 27 @ 6:15PM  
P.S.....The blog was posted by one of your socks [Posh] but it was still written by you, and you put all of those kudos on.

Dec 27 @ 6:15PM  
I might have commented on that blog... if so I'm the only one who is allowed to comment on my blogs.

Dec 27 @ 6:17PM  
Please I am not Posh, but I do agree she loves kudoing herself too. Delusional, all of you who need to overdo the kudoing.... a dead giveaway.

Dec 27 @ 6:23PM  
Winglets/Posh....I know who you [really] are Mister. Yes that's right folks....Wingnut is a man.

Dec 27 @ 6:24PM  
Proof, where is your proof? There is none fool because I am a hot blonde babe.

Dec 27 @ 6:27PM  
But believe whatever you wish... you are still wet behind the ears, still time to grow up. Remember just one thing, if you lie nobody will trust you. I'm so over your idiocy, goodbye.

Dec 27 @ 6:47PM  
Here is a blog I did with 121 kudos. It is on my former username. I don't take it down because it gives RDL such a thrill.

First he plaigarizes then he gloats

Dec 27 @ 6:51PM  
Another effen rethuglican with a dozen fake accounts.

Here is a blog I did with 121 kudos. It is on my former username. I don't take it down because it gives RDL such a thrill.

First he plaigarizes then he gloats

All this shows is that you are consumed with hate., You are guilty of plagiarism, I bust you but you shout foul.

Dec 27 @ 6:58PM  
You are a piece of sh!t s!ut.

Dec 27 @ 7:01PM  
Have another drink pickled willy, you are pretty much sloshed all day every day.

Your anger shows you can't handle the truth.

Dec 27 @ 7:17PM  
Shame pickled willy is so upset he's taken to advertising my profile/ That is public knowledge, I'm hiding nothing and have nothing to be ashamed about.... if anything you guys should be ashamed, but I can't respond on his hate blog about me because the hater blocked me. .

Dec 27 @ 7:22PM  
Why did pickled willy block me...,,, because I bust him for plagiarism on his blog and he tried to hide the truth, so gone was me and my comments pointing out that he is guilty of plagiarism.

Dec 28 @ 1:50AM  
By your comments DR on Pickled Willy's blog I sense more than one of them have requested that you to block me.

Dec 28 @ 3:02AM  
How is this for a rethuglican liar and a schemer? Yea, 19 kudos but their arent even 19 people on these blogs. If you claim there are name them liar.

Dec 28 @ 3:04AM  
You people are such fakes, with all your fake accounts... every one of you.

Jan 3 @ 2:33PM  
only one thing to say OPENyour eyes people we are being shafted by a race of people who did the same in germany and after the war did nt learn the lesson they fail to abide by the un anyone else does that they are removed why? ,These maggots have far too much power and need to be sorted again big statement but i ll stand behind it


Jan 3 @ 4:47PM  
Is that still on ??
Remember when you begged me to take down and delete several comments bashing you a few years ago willy ??
You're just an assh*le who happens to be the
worst plagiarizer here..

I just checked it out and all I see are several other losers just like you posting.
You're a sorry excuse for wasting earth's oxygen.

Jan 3 @ 4:57PM  
Doc I asked for a comment to be removed. You want me to take down an entire blog. It's up to 150 kudos and I intend to leave it up until it reaches 1,000 kudos.

Jan 3 @ 5:00PM  
Nevermind Doc, the blog says more about pickled Willy than it does about you. We bust the hypocrite for plagiarizing but he's obviously forgotten because he's sloshed all day every day. leaving his willy pickled pink.

Jan 3 @ 5:42PM  
VIVA 1,000 KUDOS ! ! ! !

Jan 3 @ 5:52PM  
175 comments, 3,500 views, 150 doubt the most successful blog in MD history I'd wager.

Willy please leave the thing up as everyone seems to enjoy interacting on it from time to time. It's a fun blog......

Jan 3 @ 6:03PM  
It's no wonder nobody in the world cares for the rethuglicans, the little alt right movement or arrogant bullies.

Jan 3 @ 6:13PM  
You are all like little Hitlers and you think you're so smart, but in fact you are childish. I'm embarrassed for you. .

Jan 3 @ 6:33PM  
The new ASS = the American Schutzstaffel, aka the Republican Party.
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