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Holiday Ha Ha's

posted 12/26/2016 11:36:19 PM |
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Christmas morning was wonderfully relaxing. I made my pot of la la lemon black tea, as usual, wrapped in my new full length bathrobe, enjoying the sunrise and bright sunshine of the day. I turned on my fibre optic Christmas tree and my electric fireplace, enjoying the festive ambience.

I didn't phone my daughter, and usually wait for her to phone me, as her and her b/f never get up before noon on their days off. I organized my ingredients to make another orange cranberry loaf, and the sweet potato and parsnip mash I promised to take to my sister's place for dinner.

Just as I was heading out the door for a walk around the lake in the sunshine, my daughter called (about 11:00 am). Early for her - lol. We spoke for almost an hour, and I think she was feeling a bit sad and un-Christmassy. She confirmed that today. Her first Christmas without any family, and, as her b/f refuses to purchase gifts for any occasion, no gifts either. Because of her b/f's scrooge attitude, she's also adopted the same credo, saying she's cheap. I know this isn't true, at all. She's one of the most generous people i've ever known. But, as she's said 'no gifts', I've honoured her request. Sort of.

I had sent her a parcel of some things, and included a necklace and pair of earrings in it. Last year, when I was there, we baked prior to Christmas day and then had a wonderful Christmas dinner. Although we'd said no gifts, I still gave each of them a little something to open on Christmas morning. She may say she's cheap, but I know she still enjoys opening a gift.

After our conversation, I hightailed it out of here for my walk around the lake, wanting to enjoy the sunshine, take some photos and get back in time to make the dish for dinner. I thought with the milder weather and rain we've had, that the pathway and sidewalks would be clear. Not.

With the amount of foot traffic around the park, it's been packed into a rough icy mess, making it treacherous for the most sure-footed. I was determined to walk the lake, anyway. Walking clockwise, as usual, the boardwalk across the western part of the lake is my first view of this habitat to many species of birds. The long bulrushes at the edge of the lake stood like straight yellow sentries through the ice. Duck prints across the mushy snow travelled evenly along the perimeter. Glancing towards the bridge, two girls skated and twirled on the ice, despite the numerous postings of signs that warned of danger, thin ice and keep off.

Fortunately, the ice held and after taking some photos of them and the long shadows behind their forms, I continued on my way. Fortunately, I had taken my walking poles which I definitely needed on the icy walkway. Stopping several times, the benches and again, long shadows of the trees across the ice, the brilliantly blue sky, captured my eye. The last remnants of the latest snowfall lay wetly on the bamboo leaves, the sun illuminating it for the first time in days.

About 3/4 of the way around the lake, I was at the pier where the ducks and geese hang out when the lake is frozen, and a man with a young child, about 4 years old I'd say, were out on the lake, despite the red warning sign posted in front of them. It looks like they'd smashed a hole in the ice, for fishing maybe? No idea. But the little boy was standing near the hole, and the man (Dad?) was on the shore. It's all fun and games until the ice gives way. Fortunately, it didn't.

Near the pier, a homeless man lay sleeping on one of the benches. A young family sat at one of the picnic tables, enjoying lunch, bundled up in winter parkas with snow covering the ground. It was cute, seeing them enjoying the day with a picnic in the park. It just happened to be winter.

I managed to make it home in the time I'd allotted myself, but had to quickly peel the potatoes and parsnips and get them cooking before I left to pick up Mom and head over to my sister's.

Dinner at my sister's was delcious and fun. My nephew is an absolute tease, and funny as all get out. My niece and her hubby were busy with a very active 2.5 year old, who thoroughly enjoyed the process of opening gifts.

All in all, Christmas was an enjoyable and fun day, spent with family and getting to know my nephew-in-law (is that a thing?). It was a great visit and a fabulous dinner with good company. Who could ask for more?

Fortunately, the weather had cooperated and the drive over there and home was on clear roads. Today, we have been assaulted with another snowfall, very unusual for us. Thank goodness I didn't have to drive anywhere today!

I see my camera lens is on sale for $300 off and I'm very tempted to purchase it. We'll see. In the meantime, I'm missing not having my own turkey and leftovers, so will take one of mine out of the freezer and cook it up this week.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, however and whoever they spent it with!

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Dec 27 @ 3:42AM  
After reading this blog,I came to realize how solitude life can be.The day after Christmas finds myself alone,,no incoming phone calls out-going.
I sit down below in my den,no tv going and only the glimmer of my six foot fiber optic tree glaring back at myself,,and I think to myself....this is what I have worked my entire life for,,to be in this very moment,,dark,,alone and feeling quiet empty on this day....

Dec 27 @ 6:10AM  
We shared a lot of laughter at my sisters after dinner playing a card game called Cards Against Humanity, I think we had the adult version. My family has a great sense of humor but if we had been on a video, I know whoever would see it would laugh if at nothing else, our own laughters. Especially when the Jesus juice kicked in.

The extended family on Christmas Eve is always nice but this is the first year in awhile where on Christmas Day I got both kids, both grdivas, one of their boyfriends and a guest niece. It was very special. Hosting in my tiny apartment cracks me up not that I have the home in Tampa with a huge kitchen with dining area and a dining room to boot. And yet we all came together in my tiny apartment.

Dec 27 @ 11:37AM  
Just think, Luke, it could be worse. You could be one of the political a-holes on here, so obsessed with politics, the only thing they have to do is spew their ugliness on this site, even on Christmas day. And then attack other people for having the decency to know what is and what is not appropriate.

But, bullies never change. They think by bullying other people they 'win'. Hahahaha. There's nothing quite so attractive as an old, angry white man. Not.

Count your blessings, that you're not one of them.


Dec 27 @ 5:35PM  
I got to spend a couple of hours with my family before heading off to work on Christmas. And my co workers and I managed to have fun despite having to work.

All in all, it wasn't so bad. I would have preferred to have had the night off, but made the best of it.

Dec 27 @ 5:41PM  
..this is what I have worked my entire life for?

I can remember when I was working into my livelihood at the time thinking what was it all for. I also remember wishing for some solitude and am now grateful for it. Sometimes I miss a human companion but the little chi does just fine. I'm the queen of my Solitude.
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